Next day when Yufan woke up he smiled when he saw Ling sleeping in his embrace.

Caressing her cheeks, he kissed her forehead and said," Good morning sweet heart."

Snuggling against his chest, Ling groaned and said," Stop Yufan and let me sleep."

Yufan chuckled as he said," It's almost noon Ling. How long are you planning to sleep?"

Ling quickly got up and said," Oh my God I had to go for shopping with Dina."

Pulling her down, Yufan quickly pinned her down and said," You are not going for shopping but we are going for another round."

Hitting his chest, Ling said," We already did it God knows how many times Yufan. I have to go so get off me."

Yufan shook his head and said," No you can't escape this. I am not letting you off so easily."

Ling sighed and said," Only one round."

Yufan smiled and said," We will see."

Panting heavily, Yufan rolled over and said," You are making me crazy. I just can't get enough of you."

Trying to calm herself down, Ling said," That wasn't just one round."

Pulling her towards him, Yufan said," Sleep for sometime."

Ling was feeling so exhausted that she quickly dozed off you to sleep. They ended up doing it not just once or twice but five times.

As Yufan was about to fall asleep, his phone buzzed. Picking up the call, Yufan asked," What is it?"

" Good morning my dear friend. I know you don't want to leave the little woman who is probably sleeping in your arms right now but your evil brother-in-law had called me." Sebastian said.

" What did he say?" Yufan asked.

" Well Robbin will be back by evening so we have to go for a meeting." Sebastian said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Hmm anything else?"

" We have to fly back tomorrow itself, Jarred is creating a chaos there and I am not liking it. We have stop him." Sebastian said.

" Okay book the tickets. We can leave tomorrow." Yufan said before tightening his grip around Ling.

Sebastian sighed and said," Yufan I know you don't want to take Ling with you but I don't think you should leave her alone here. We don't know how long we will be staying at the States. So I think you should take her along with you."

" I don't know Seb. I don't want to involve her in all but I don't to leave her alone too." Yufan said.

" Don't think so much. I'll book a ticket for her as well." Sebastian said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Ya I think you are right and she can stay with Dina all day."

" Yes they both are catching up quite well lately." Sebastian said.

" Yeah I am glad they are. Anyway I'll see you directly at the base." Yufan said.

Sebastian grinned as he said," Oh no no. I'll wait for you downstairs at 4pm sharp. There are many things that we have to discuss about what happened last night."

" Fine." Yufan said before hanging up the call.

Caressing Lings cheek, Yufan asked," Will you hate me when you'll know who I really am?" before kissing her forehead and dozing off to sleep.

Few minutes later, Ling opened her eyes and kept on staring at Yufan trying to understand the question he had just asked. She did not open her eyes because she did not have an answer.

Shaking her thoughts away, Ling snuggled against his chest once again and dozed off to sleep.


Later in the evening, when Ling woke up Yufan was nowhere to be seen.

She smiled when she saw a glass of juice kept on the side table with a sticky note saying: WAKE UP LAZY CAT AND DRINK THIS DELICIOUS JUICE. I'll BE BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. GO TO DINA'S PLACE AND EAT SOMETHING. I LOVE YOU."

After drinking the juice when Ling got down from the bed, she flinched in pain.

" Damn you Yufan." Ling cursed before walking towards the washroom.


Dina's apartment.

Passing her some coffee, Dina said," Here you go."

Ling smiled and said," Thanks."

Taking a sip from her coffee, Dina said," So spill."

Ling chuckled and said," It was beautiful."

" How many times?" Dina asked.

" Many." Ling said.

Dina chuckled and said," She look at you smiling and-" Dina stopped when she noticed something odd.

" Ling is something wrong?" Dina asked.

Taking a sip from the coffee, Ling said," I don't know Dina but Yufan asked me something and-"

" What did he ask you?" Dina asked.

" He asked me whether I'll hate him after knowing who he really is or not." Ling said.

" And what did you say?" Dina asked.

Ling shook her head and said," Nothing. Actually I think he thought that I was sleeping when he asked me that question. Dina I am feeling very uneasy since then. I want to ask him but-"

Dina smiled and asked," But you can't right?"

Ling nodded her head.

Holding her hand, Dina said," I don't know what exactly Yufan and Sebastian do but I know that it is a very risky thing. Yufan and Sebastian aren't as simple as people think they are. They are feared by all."

Ling widened her eyes in shock and said," You mean-"

Dina nodded her head and said," Yes."

" But Yufan- I cannot believe this." Ling said.

Dina chuckled and said," Well it was difficult for me too but-"

" But what?" Ling asked.

After taking a deep breath, Dina said," But I still pretend like I know nothing."