Jarred and Harred Hui were twin brothers who were also a part of the underworld. After the death of their father, Roger Hui the two Hui brothers took incharge of the Hui clan. The Hui clan was also a very powerful but when it was still nothing in comparison to the Wu clan.

Jarred Hui considered himself as the leader of the clan and took major decisions without asking Harred Hui. He wanted the Hui clan to dominate the entire US but with the presence of Wu clan, he knew it was not possible. Jarred had tried thousands of ways till date to eliminate the Wu clan but he always ended up getting nothing. Now that the Wu clans main base had been shifted to country S, Jarred thought it was the correct time to take some action. Jarred knew how powerful the Wu clan was. After Silbester Wu died, the Wu clan landed in the hands of Sebastian Wu who was equally ruthless and cold hearted as his father but credit for the success of the Wu clan was not only because of Sebastian Wu. Everyone knew the real master mind behind the Wu clan was Smith. The boy who did not have any background and people almost knew nothing about him, was a double cold hearted and merciless person. Many people tried to find his background and who exactly he was but failed. Jarred did not know the reason behind the sudden shifting of the entire Wu base to country S but he was unwilling to let go the wonderful opportunity of seizing all the powers from the Wu Clan slip from his hands.

Unlike Jarred, Harred was a calm and calculative person who never did anything without giving it a good thought. He knew that they could never win against the Wu clan no matter how powerful they were. He knew that provoking the Wu clan was like playing with fire. Harred was happy with the power that the Hui clan possessed. It was not as great as the Wu clan but it was enough to make peoplfear them. He often told Jarred not to provoke the Wu clan but he never listened.


Country S.

Flexi compound.

When Sebastian and Yufan entered Sebastian's apartment, Dina said," Yufan why don't you go to your apartment and see how Ling is feeling?"

Yufan widened his eyes in shock and asked," What happened to her? Is she sick?"

Dina nodded her head and said," She is very sick."

" Why didn't you call me earlier then? God let me call the doctor." Yufan said.

Dina shook her head and said," You should head over first and then call the doctor later."

Without wasting anytime, Yufan rushed towards his apartment.

After Yufan left, Dina chuckled and said," Yufan gonna get laid tonight."

" Someone is really happy today." Sebastian said before wrapping his arms around her waist.

" Hmm yes I am." Dina said.

Kissing her cheek, Sebastian asked," Missed me?"

Unbuttoning his shirt, Dina said," Very."

Lifting her up, Sebastian wrapped her legs around his waist and headed towards their room.


Yufans apartment.

As soon as Yufan entered the apartment, he quickly rushed towards their room.

" Ling." Yufan said before pushing the door open. He raised his eyebrows when he saw the room beautifully decorated with rose petals and scented candles.

Taking a step inside, Yufan closed the door and said," Ling where are you?"

After few seconds Ling stepped out of the washroom wearing a bathrobe.

Standing there for quite sometime, Ling took a deep breath and murmured," Okay Ling you can do this. Just remember what Dina told you." before walking towards Yufan.

" Ling this-" Placing her finger on his lips, Ling said," Sssshh don't say anything." before taking off her bathrobe.

Yufan widened his eyes in shock when he saw what she was wearing.

Ling was wearing a very sexy lingerie through which he could see everything. Her perfectly rounded breast to her milky white thigh and back.

Brushing his hands down her left arm, Yufan asked," You know the consequences of dressing like this in front of me right?"

Closing the distance between them, Ling wrapped her arms around his neck. Brushing their lips together, Ling said in a low but seductive voice," Make me yours tonight." before biting his lower lips.

Lifting her up, Yufan wrapped her legs around his waist before walking towards the bed.

Placing her down, Yufan quickly took off his suit before pinning her down.

Removing a strand of hair from her face, he asked," Who gave you this lingerie?"

Unbuttoning his shirt, Ling said," Dina."

Kissing her neck, Yufan chuckled and said," I have to thank Dina tomorrow."

Taking off his shirt, Ling wrapped her hands around his neck and said," Let me show you few more things that she taught me so that you can double thank her tomorrow."

After that pants and moans echoed throughout the room. The temperature of the room was gradually increasing when the two bodies that longed for each other finally became one.

The night was long. Yufan and Ling did not stop until they sucked each other dry. They made love until dawn exploring each and every part of their each others body.

After finishing God knows how many rounds, Yufan pulled Ling into his embrace and said," You are beautiful and mine now."

Snuggling against his chest, Ling weakly nodded her head and said," I was already yours."

" You are now officially mine and nobody can take you away from me." Yufan said.

Too exhausted to say anything, Ling slowly nodded her head before dozing off to sleep.

Looking at the frail and beautiful woman sleeping in his arms, Yufan breathed a sigh of relief.

Kissing her forehead, Yufan said," I love you." before closing his eyes.