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 Li Mansion.

" Oh my God I cannot believe this." Yixi shouted.

Anna chuckled and said," Even I was shocked when I heard about my pregnancy."

Ming chuckled and said," You very well know what my reaction was."

Yixi pouted her lips and said," Even I want to have a baby."

" Well why don't you tell this thing to Yutang." Ming said.

" Mike has gone crazy after I told him about my pregnancy." Anna said.

Ming laughed and said," You all know how Singtan is right?"

Anna chuckled and said," Mike isn't as bad as Singtan. Atleast he allows me to walk sometimes."

Ming helplessly shook her head and said," I don't know what to do with him."

" Well you have to endure it for 6 months more." Yixi said.

Caressing her stomach, Ming said," An what do want? A girl or a boy?"

Anna smiled and said," I want a sweet little girl."

" And I want a boy." Ming said.

" I want twins." Yixi said.

Ming pinched Yixi's arm and said," You are not even pregnant."

Yixi pouted her lips and said," I will talk to Yutang about this tonight."

" Well instead of talking, if you do stuffs that would be more helpful." Anna said.

" Hey do you both remember how you got pregnant?" Yixi asked.

" What kind of question is that?" Ming asked.

" Well I mean which position." Yixi asked.

" Oh my God Yixi stop it." Anna said.

" Yes. How will we know that?" Ming asked.

Yixi sighed and said," If you both tell me, I can try that out with Yutang and-"

" Babies happen when they are suppose to happen. So don't stress over it." Anna said.

Yixi sighed and nodded her head.


Inside the car.

After finishing their short meeting, Yufan and Sebastian left while Singtan, Mike and Yutang headed towards the Li Mansion in Singtans car.

" Singtan did you get the invitation?" Yutang asked.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes I got one."

" So What are you gonna do now?" Yutang asked.

" Ming wants me to accompany her." Singtan said.

Mike chuckled and asked," Can I join you guys? How can I miss something so interesting?"

Singtan narrowed his eyes and said," No you can't."

" I wonder how she will react after knowing that her husband is the weird cap guy." Yutang said.

" Singtan what if she hates you after knowing that?" Mike asked.

" Yeah what if she demands for a divorce?" Yutang said.

" What if she-"

Singtan frowned as he said," If you both don't shut up, I'll throw you out of the car."

Patting his shoulder, Yutang said," Don't worry man the reunion is still one and a half month away."

Singtan sighed and said," I am still thinking about ways to tell her but-"

" There is also Yixi by the way. She was telling me that this time she is determined to see the weird cap guys face." Yutang said.

" Forget about that for now Yutang and tell us how long are you gonna take?" Mike asked.

" What do you mean?" Yutang asked.

Mike chuckled and said," Singtan and I are going to become fathers really soon. Now what about you?"

Yutang shook his head and said," Well I am not careless like you both. You both did not become fathers by choice right? I am taking all the measures that I can. No rush."

" You should try hard so that our kids can grow up together just like we did." Singtan said.

" Yeah Singtan is right." Mike said.

Yutang helplessly shook his head and said," I am in no rush. We will take our time."


Flexi compound.

After Sebastian and Yufan arrived at Flexi compound, Sebastian received a call from US.

" Hmm we will head over very soon." Sebastian said.

" What is it?" Yufan asked.

Sebastian's expression darkened as he said," It's him again."

Yufan frowned as he said," Wasn't the last lesson enough for him to back off?"

Sebastian sighed as he said," May be he thought that since we have shifted to country S, we are no more powerful in US."

Yufan smirked as he said," Well then its time to show him that nothing has changed."

" We have to fly back to US." Sebastian said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Let's leave after brother Robbin comes back."

" What about Ling and Dina?" Sebastian asked.

Yufan shook his head and said," I don't wanna involve Ling in all this."

" Dina will never leave my side. So I have to take her." Sebastian said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," I know. I'll send Ling back to the Yang Mansion a day before we leave."

Sebastian nodded his head and said," Alright let's head upstairs."


New York.

A man in his late twenties was standing in front of a big glass window, with a wine glass in his hand thinking about different ways to get his one and only enemy down.

" Whatever you are thinking will never happen." Another man who was sitting on the couch said.

Jarred smiled and said," It will and this is right time to take some action.

Harred frowned as he said," You are a fool if you are thinking that you can overshadow the Wu clan."

Placing the glass on the table, Jarred asked," Seriously Harred why do you fear them so much?"

" You know how Smith is right? You know how Sebastian Wu is? They are two cold hearted merciless people who won't bat an eye before killing anyone who tries to snatch away their power or try to threaten them. And you my brother are trying to do both." Harred said.

" I know what I am doing. I am the incharge so you don't have to tell me what to do." Jarred said.

Slamming his hand in the table, Harred said," Just because you were born just two fucking minutes before me, that doesn't make you the incharge."

" I know what I am doing. You don't have to tell me. If you have any problem then feel free to leave the clan." Jarred said.

Staring at Jarred for a while, Harred said," Fine I am leaving because I don't wanna die. If not Sebastian Wu, Smith is going to kill you. You are underestimating that dangerous man and don't forget what he had done last year. We still haven't recovered from that blow and here you want to receive another one. Stop inciting trouble."

" Just get the hell out of here." Jarred said.

Picking up his coat, Harred left.