Wiping her tears away, Yulin pounced into Uncle Chen's embrace.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, uncle Chen said," It's alright don't cry anymore."

" I am sorry." Yulin said.





The number of gunshots started increasing rapidly.

" Can you both please stop and get and passport." Robbin shouted.

Pulling herself back, Yulin said," It's inside my wardrobe."

After retrieving the passport, Uncle Chen asked," How do we go out?"

" Alright both of you stay behind me. Don't leave my side no mater what." Robbin said.

" Pass me a gun." Yulin said.

" Yulin you-"

" Seini you stay behind me. Yichan ask your men to cover Seini." Yulin said.

Passing a gun to his mother, Robbin asked," Are you sure you'll be fine?"

Taking the gun from his hand, Yulin said," Did you forget who my dad is?"

Robbin grinned and said," Alright let's proceed."


Outside the apartment.

Mo Junjops men arrived soon after Robbin and Uncle Chen entered the apartment.

When Junjops subordinate saw a large number of men standing outside the apartment, he immediately understood that they had arrived a bit late.

Taking his phone out, he called Mo Junjop.

" Sir young master is already here to take Madam." The subordinate said.

" Huh that brat. Do anything you have to. I want Yulin here by tomorrow." Mo Junjop said.

" Sir you mean-"

Mo Junjop smirked and said," I don't mind if you kill him but I want her alive."

" Yes Sir." The subordinate said before gesturing his men to attack them.

When Uncle Chen stepped out of the apartment, few men quickly surrounded him forming a human wall around him.

Passing Uncle Chen a small revolver, Robbin said," Just in case if someone tried to attack you, don't hesitate to shoot him."

Taking the revolver in his hand, Uncle Chen slowly nodded his head.

" How many?" Robbin asked.

" 10 to 12." A man said.

Robbin chuckled and said," Now that a small number."

" Alright let's move now." Yulin said.

When they reached downstairs, the sound of gunshots kept on increasing.





" I'll take care of things here. Mom move towards the car along with Dad and ask the chauffeur to take you to the airport. I'll meet you both there." Robbin said.

Uncle Chen widened his eyes in shock and said," We are not leaving you alone here."

" Seini is right. Let's end this together." Yulin said.

" They are grandpas men and they are here for you and not for father or me. You have to get out of here first." Robbin said.

Gesturing his men to take them away, Robbin said," Be good and leave. I'll meet you at the airport."

Cupping Robbin face, Yulin said," I know you are angry with me but I'll explain everything to you later. Be careful okay?"

Robbin nodded his head and said," There are many unanswered questions in my mind. I'll definitely come back."

" We need to leave." A man said.

After Uncle Chen and Yulin boarded the car and drove off, Robbin heaved a sigh of relief and said," Alright boys let's end this."



After reaching the airport, Uncle Chen and Yulin were restlessly waiting for Robbins arrival.

" Why is he taking so long?" Yulin asked.

Uncle Chen took a deep breath and said," It's fine he will come back. Don't worry."

" Seini I-"

Pulling her into his embrace, Uncle Chen said," Sshhh don't say anything now. We will talk about this after we reach home. I am very happy that you are by my side now. No more running away from each other. Let's forget everything that happened and start a new happy life."

Burying her face in his chest, Yulin nodded her head.

After waiting for almost 3 hours, Robbin arrived with his men at the airport.

Yulin panicked when she saw his wounded arm. Quickly rushing towards him, Yulin asked," What happened?"

" Eh it's nothing I just got shot." Robbin said.

" Are you fine?" Uncle Chen asked.

Robbin nodded his head and said," The doctor said it's nothing so serious. So you guys chill. Let's go our plane is ready."

Uncle Chen and Yulin nodded their head.

" Boys bring the special gift along with you." Robbin said.

" What gift?" Uncle Chen asked.

When Yulin saw two bulky men dragging a half conscious man, she widened her eyes in shock and said," Isn't he Rumbas?"

Robbin grinned and said," Yes he is."

" Who is Rumbas?" Uncle Chen asked.

" You can say that he is grandpa's right hand. Now Grandpas right hand is in my hand." Robbin said.

" We are taking him with us?" Uncle Chen said.

Robbin nodded his head and said," Alright now let's leave."


Country S.

Sebastian, Yufan and Dina were in their way to the marriage Bureau office when Sebastian received a call from his friend.

" Thanks dude I'll never forget this favour of yours. I'll see you soon." Sebastian said before hanging up the call.

" What is it?" Yufan asked.

Sebastian smiled and said," It's done."

Yufan grinned and said," The real game is about to begin. It's gonna be fun."


Marriage Bureau.

When Mike and Anna arrived at the marriage bureau, everyone had already arrived.

When Mother Zhang saw Anna, she quickly rushed towards her and gave her a tight hug," I am so happy today. Thankyou so much darling."

Hugging her back, Anna said," You don't have to thank me mother."

Looking at her stomach, Mother Zhang asked," How big?"

Anna chuckled and said," Four weeks."

Mother Zhang smiled and said," I cannot tell you how happy I am."

" Where is grandpa?" Mike asked.

" He is sitting inside with elder Li." Mother Zhang said.

" Okay let's go inside." Mike said before wrapping his arms around Anna's waist.

" An." Ming shouted before rushing towards her. But before she could take a step, Singtan grabbed her waist and said," Slowly Ming. Anna is going to vanish."

Giving Anna a hug, Ming said," I am very happy for you."

Anna chuckled and said," I am happy for myself too."

" It's almost time guys. We should rush inside." Singtan said.