Zixin and Yumi dropped the matter when Kathy sighed and finally agreed to hire an assistant.

"You both are like seriously meant for each other."

Wrapping his arms around Yumi's shoulder, Zixin grinned. "I know right? We are just perfect for each other. Please come to our wedding and don't forget to get an expensive gift for us."

Kathy and Yumi widened their eyes in shock and shouted, "WHAT?"

Kathy gasped and excitedly squealed, "Ahh I am so happy for you guys."

Looking at Zixin, Yumi pursed her lips and raised her eyebrows. From where the hell did marriage pop in? They had just reconciled and here he was inviting people for their wedding which did not even exist. Where was the surprise, the proposal speech and a romantic set up? Yumi was feeling sour and sweet at the same time.

The thought about marrying Zixin and becoming his wife for the rest of her life was making her feel giddy and happy but the thought about not getting a romantic proposal was making her feel sour.

"What? You don't wanna get married?" Zixin asked.

When Yumi frowned, Zixin cupped her face and said, "Please don't tell me that you don't because if you do that, I'll freak out and jump out of the window."

"Tch how dramatic." Kathy murmured. Turning towards Yumi, Kathy added, "If I had been in your place, I would've never ever forgiven this freak who did not even bother to contact you even for once."

Zixin gritted his teeth and snapped, "Hey, stop polluting my Yumi's mind okay? She is not vicious and cruel like you. My baby has a very pure heart and she doesn't really need your advice."

Kathy chuckled and helplessly shook her head. "Just look at you acting like a small wronged kid in front of Yumi. I am telling you Yumi, do not get deceived by his fake kind nature. This man is pure evil."

Yumi chuckled and nodded her head. "I know."

Placing his head on her shoulder, Zixin asked, "But you still love me right?"

When Yumi smiled and nodded her head, Kathy took a deep breath and said, "I am seriously very happy for you guys. You know Yumi I have seen this man literally go crazy each time he watched your shows, interviews and magazines. Though he couldn't be with you physically, his heart and mind was always occupied by you. There wasn't a single day in the last three years when he didn't mention you or talk about you. There were times when he totally freaked out but whenever I told him to think about you, he would calm down within a few seconds. I am not praising him because he is my friend but because I have personally seen him go crazy about you. I just hope you both live a very blissful life. I give you both my blessings."

"Thank you much Kathy." Turning towards Zixin, Yumi gave him a peck on his cheeks and smiled, "I love you."

"Oh God, stop with the PDA please." Kathy groaned in frustration.

After talking for a while, Kathy left because she had a few things to settle down.

"She is nice." Yumi really liked Kathy a lot. She had a really nice positive vibe around her which made Yumi feel at peace.

"Hmm, she is great. She has been there for me whenever I needed help. She is a really nice friend." Zixin was very thankful to Kathy for being there for him whenever he needed any kind of help. She had made things much easier for him and had supported him a lot.

"So is she a childhood friend?" Yumi asked.

Zixin nodded his head and explained, "She is, though we lost contact when I moved to country S but she was still there and very supportive when I returned back. Though she also has lots of problems in her life, she still tries to keep a positive attitude."

"Problems? What kind of problems?" Yumi asked.

"It's actually a family problem. Her father married his mistress when Kathy was eighteen. Her mother tried to commit suicide by running in front of the a speeding car but ended up falling into camotose. Her father refused to pay for her mother's medical expenses so since then, Kathy has been working hard to earn money for her mother's medical expenses. She had it rough for a few years but later when dad gave her a job in the company, things became a lot easier for her. Then I took over the company and she got a promotion. Though everything is okay now but she is always super stressed for her mother. The doctors say that she might not wake up at all but Kathy still insists on trying." Zixin explained.

"I never thought it was so rough for her." Yumi said.

Caressing her arm, Zixin added, "Kathy is a strong woman and I know she will pass this."

Yumi smiled and nodded her head. "I hope so."


Inside a park.

Wearing a pair of black pants, a grey hoodie and a pair of while sneakers, Yushen was patiently waiting for Jennifer's arrival.

Looking at the two movie tickets in his hand, Yushen took a deep breath. He knew that Jennifer was coming only to give him his shirt but Yushen was planning to trick her to go to the theatres with him.

Just then, Jennifer arrived and called him out, "Boss."

Yushen quickly got up and smiled at her. Coincidentally, Jennifer was also wearing a pair of blank pants, white sneakers and a pink colour hoodie.

Their outfits were at a perfect sync and Yushen couldn't wish for anything else.

"Good afternoon boss I-"

Cutting her off, Yushen said, "Didn't I tell you that outside the office, you are Jennifer and I am just Yushen. How hard is it to call me out by my name?"

"Boss- oh I mean-ummm how can I call you out like that? I mean wouldn't it sound a bit awkward?" Jeniffer asked.