"Ahhh so you are upset over that? Hmm I forgot." Mian casually replied before extending her hand to fix his tie.

But before she could even touch it, Zian grabbed her hands and frowned. "You forgot? Seriously Mian? You forgot about me?"

Mian chuckled and asked, "Why are you overreacting? Isn't it normal for a FRIEND to forget another FRIEND?"

Zian's already gloomy expression turned gloomier after hearing that. Was he really just a friend? Did Mian take him only as a friend?

Suppressing her urge to laugh, Mian controlled herself and fixed his tie and collar. "Go to work otherwise you'll get late."

Picking up his coat, Mian helped him wear it. "Just so that you don't accuse me for not telling you anything next time, I am going out with an old friend today in the evening so I won't be joining you for dinner."

"Whom?" Zian asked.

"An old friend." Mian answered.

Zian frowned and snapped, "Mi, all your old friends are my old friends too. So if you tell me the name, I'll know."

"Stephen, I am going out for dinner with Stephen." Mian said.

Zian widened his eyes in shock and shouted, "What? Why would you go out with that creepy guy?"

Mian pouted her lips and asked, "Creepy? But I think he is cute."

Zian fronwed and gritted his teeth, "You are not going anywhere." There was no way he would let her go anywhere with someone who always kept staring at her like a creep.

"Why? Why can't I go out with him? He is a friend of mine too. And besides if I can have dinner with you everyday, why can't I have dinner with him once?" Mian asked.

"Because we are different." Zian retorted.

Hooking her arms around his neck, Mian asked, "And how are we different Mr Li? Aren't we just friends? Or is there something you wanna say?"

With Mian's face just a few inches away from his, Zian ears turned super red. He gulped in nervousness and started sweating profoundly. He wanted to say something but his throat felt dry.

When Zian did not say anything, Mian smiled, patted his back and let go of him. "Have a great day at work my FRIEND."

With his super red ears and a frown on his face, Zian dashed out of the room.

At the door, he bumped into his mother.

"What happened? Why are your ears so red?" Ming asked.

Zian shook his head and said, "It's nothing mom, I'll be leavening now." before kissing his mom's forehead and leaving.

Walking inside Zian's room, Ming chuckled and asked, "Now what did you do?"

Mian sighed and pouted her lips. "Aunt Ming, your son is an idiot."

Ming chuckled and helplessly shook her head. "He is just like his father but you know how serious and head over heels he is for you right?"

Mian pouted her lips and nodded her head. "But he has to say it too. How will I know if he doesn't speak out?"

"Give him sometime, he will." Ming knew her son was a retard just like her husband when it came to things like love confessions. She knew how crazy Zian was for Mian but he was shy prolly because he had inherited his fathers 'SHY' genes.

"Ahhh aunt Ming, why isn't he as sensible as you are. I wouldn't have to suffer so much that way." Mian complained. She knew that Zian loved her and she loved him too, they were after all childhood sweethearts but she wanted Zian to take initi and tell her how he felt for her. Well, a romantic proposal never hurts.

Giving Mian a hug, Ming sighed, " Ohhh even I cannot wait for you and Zian to get married."

"I know right? Tch this is too much, if your son doesn't make a move by the end of this week then I'll propose to him, drag him to the marriage bureau and threaten him to sign the marriage certificate with me. Then I'll force him to bed, get pregnant as soon as possible so that he will never be able to leave me in the future." Fisting her hand and punching the air, Mian dramatically narrated her entire plan.

Ming let out a hearty laugh and helplessly shook her head. "You have my full support in that."

"Ah there you are and here I am looking for you everywhere." Walking towards Mian and her mother, Yumi added, "We are supposed to leave for shopping. Linyang is already waiting for us at the mall."

"Linyang is joining us too? Ahh this is gonna be so much fun." Mian excitedly exclaimed. It has been months since she had spent some time with her girl gang.

"Let's leave fast." Yumi said.

Mian nodded her head and said, "I'll go and meet uncle Singtang before leaving." before walking out of the room.

After Mian left, Ming asked Yumi, "Honey are you alright?"

Yumi smiled and nodded her head, "Yes mom I am perfectly fine and you don't have to worry about me."

Holding her daughter's hand, Ming said, "Always remember that you are not alone okay? You have your parents, your siblings and your family with you."

Yumi smiled and nodded her head.

Patting her head, Ming added, "Things which are meant to happen will definitely happen sooner or later. But if it is not meant to happen, no matter how you try, it won't work out. I don't know whether you and Zixin- I won't force you to move on because that is something that has to come from you. It should be you who should take an initiative and move on in life. But I just want to tell you that no one's life stops for anyone. It's good that you still want to wait for him but make sure that you don't invest all your youth and time on someone who doesn't want to return your feelings back. Make sure that you don't regret this later."

Yumi smiled and nodded her head." I understand mom and I'll definitely think about it."


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