Flexi compound.

" Don't you have sense Sebastian." Yufan shouted.

Shielding himself with a pillow, Sebastian was standing behind the couch ready to run," I did not do that on purpose."

" You- Why did you tell dad about the flat?" Yufan shouted.

" I did not do that on purpose either. Everything is a trap. I was trapped." Sebastian said.

" Trap? You think I'll believe whatever you will tell me? Sebastian Wu you need a good beating." Yufan said before rushing towards him.

" Aaaahhhhh." Sebastian screamed before running towards the kitchen.


Inside the kitchen.

Dina was cooking breakfast when Sebastian and Yufan entered the kitchen one after another.

" Baby save me." Sebastian shouted before standing behind Dina using her as his shield.

" Dina you step aside I am going to kill him today." Yufan said.

" Hey do you want to make me a widow?" Dina asked.

Yufan frowned and said." What widow? You both aren't even married."

Dina rolled her eyes and said," I'll be a widow without even getting married and that is the worst thing that could ever happen to me."

" Dina you don't know what he did. He- arrrgg." Yufan groaned.

" Did He something very bad?" Dina asked.

Yufan nodded his head.

" Okay." Dina said before stepping aside.

" Hey babe what are you-"

" Just don't hit him there. I don't want you to harm our future babies. And after you both are done, come out for breakfast." Dina said before walking out of the kitchen.

After Dina left, Yufan started throwing punches all over Sebastian's body.

" Ouch man What the-ouch." Sebastian cries echoed throughout the kitchen.

After beating him to his heart content, Yufan gave him a glass of water and said," You deserve it."

" You are such a meanie." Sebastian said before gulping down the entire content of the glass.

" I am not going home for few days. You've no idea how many questions dad asked me today. And it's all because of you." Yufan said.

Sebastian sighed and said," It wasn't on purpose you know."

" I know." Yufan said.

" Why don't you call Ling over and spend some quality time with her." Sebastian said.

" Hmm I was planning to that. Oh by the way we have to leave in an hour, Mike Bro is getting married and he wants you and Dina to be there too." Yufan said.

Sebastian nodded his head and said," Alright."

" How is the situation in Canada?" Yufan asked.

" My men are following Mrs Chen everywhere. They are waiting for Robbin to reach there." Sebastian said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Thats good. We can't let Mo Junjop take her away first."

" The chance of him taking her away before we do is less. I am sure that by now Junjop knows where she is but by the time his men fly there, she will already be on her way to country S." Sebastian said.

" I hope everything works accordingly." Yufan said.


Zhang Mansion.

When Mike arrived at the mansion, Anna was still sleeping.

Sitting beside her, Mike stroked her cheeks and said," Hey lazy bones wake up."

Jerking his hands off, Anna groaned and said," Let me sleep."

Mike chuckled and said," If you wanna be late for our wedding then it's fine, let's sleep together."

Anna quickly opened her eyes and asked," Oh my God why didn't you wake me up Mike?"

" I had gone to the ancestral mansion to invite Mom and grandpa for the wedding." Mike said.

Anna widened her eyes in shock and asked," Y-you did not tell them earlier?"

Mike shook his head and said," Nope but don't worry they are very happy."

Touching her stomach, Anna asked," Did you tell them about-"

" Yes I did. Grandpa was-"

" Wait I have never seen your grandpa." Anna said.

" You'll see him today. Now stop thinking and go and get ready. We have 45 mins." Mike said.

" Only 45 minutes?" Anna shouted.

" Well 44 now." Mike said.

Quickly getting down from the bed, Anna rushed towards the washroom.

" Anna don't rush like that. Be careful." Mike said.


Yang Mansion.

After Yixi and Yutangs wedding, mother and father Yang left for their vacation the very next day.

" It's just for few days bro." Ling said.

Placing a bread on Lings plate, Yutang asked," Why do you want to stay outside?"

Ling sighed and said," I have nothing to do and-"

" Listen to me Ling and I know you want spend sometime with Yufan and I am fine with it. But I have to see you everyday it's important. So why don't you call him over and stay here with him? Well I don't have a problem with that." Yutang said.

" Sister-in-law please." Ling said.

Yixi chuckled and said," Don't drag me into this."

Ling pouted her lips and said," I thought you were in my side."

Yixi sighed and said," Alright Yutang let her go. She is an adult and moreover if Yufan comes and stays here it will be awkward for him and you as well. So let her be."

Yutang frowned and said," But-"

" Yutang." Yixi said.

" Fine but only for sometime." Yutang said.

Ling excitedly clapped her hands and said," Yes thank you sister-in-law you are great. I'll go pack my things."

" We are leaving in 30 minutes for Mike and Anna's wedding. So make it fast." Yutang said.

Ling nodded her head and said," Okay." before rushing towards her room.



Ottawa, Canada.

A woman dressed in a simple floral print cotton dress was coming out of the library.

" Have a good day Ms Flora." The guard greeted her with a bright smile on his face.

The woman smiled and said," You too."

" Who is she?" A man standing next to the guard asked.

" Are you new here?" the guard asked.

The second guard nodded his head," I joined yesterday."

" Well she is Ms Flora and she is the head librarian. She is one of the sweetest and the best person I have ever known. She is sweet to everyone and is very caring. Once my mom was really very sick and I was out of cash. One day I casually told Ms Flora about it and she gave me money for her treatment. She also visited my mom. After some days when I wanted to return the money back, she refused to take it saying that my mother reminded her of her friend and that is reason why she helped me. Even now she visits my mom. They have become good friends actually."

" She sounds very kind." The second guard said.

" Not just sound man, she is very kind."