" What is it again dad?" Yufan asked.

" When are you planning to tell me about the new flat that you bought in Flexi compound?" Father Xie asked.

" Well-"

" You know Yufan I don't mind you buying new properties. The price of the flats in Flexi compound is quite high. It must have cost you a fortune to buy that right?" Father Xie asked.

Yufan slowly nodded his head.

" Ahh so yesterday I was checking the accounts and surprisingly you have not been using the money that you are earning from Xie Enterprise. It stays there untouched." Father Xie said.

Loosening his tie, Yufan said," Woah it's quite hot today right?"

" So out is curiosity I want to ask you something." Father Xie said.

Giving him a weak smile. Yufan said," Yes dad go on."

" Where did the money come from?" Father Xie asked.

" What money?" Yufan asked.

" The money that you spend everyday. The money that you bought the flat with. It did not fall from the sky did it?" Father Xie asked.

" Dad I have a really important meeting. So can we talk about this some other time?" Yufan said.

Before father Xie could say anything, Yufan quickly dashed out of the mansion.

After he left, Father Xie took a deep breath to calm himself down. He had many speculations and questions in his mind about Yufan and Sebastian. Thinking for a while Father Xie picked up his phone and called Singtan.


Li Mansion.

Singtan had just stepped out of the washroom when he received a call from father Xie.

" Good morning Father." Singtan said.

" Good morning. How is Ming?" Father Xie asked.

Wiping his hair with a towel, Singtan said,"Ming is fine."

" Oh that's great." Father Xie said.

" Dad do you want to talk about something else?" Singtan asked.

Clearing his throat, Father Xie said," Right I want to talk to you about Yufan."

Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," What about him?"

" Well I want you to find out what Yufan is doing apart from managing Xie Enterprise." Father Xie said.

Singtan smiled and asked," And why do wanna know that?"

Father Xie sighed and said," Now see Yufan is not using the money which he gets from Xie Enterprise. That money stays untouched and he has also bought a flat in Flexi compound. Now that's good that he is investing in properties rather than wasting money here and there but the main question is where is he getting the money from? Are you understanding what I am trying to say?"

Singtan smiled and said," I am father, I am. I'll have someone investigate this matter."

" Yufan is young and is prone to fall for foolish things. I just don't want that." Father Xie said.

" I understand your concern. I'll give you the report as soon as possible." Singtan said.

" You are the only one I can rely on Singtan. Thank you so much." Father Xie said before hanging up the call.

Keeping the phone on the table, Singtan chuckled and murmured," Now this is gonna be fun."



" Ming where is Singtan?" Mother Li asked.

" He will be down in a minute." Ming said.

" When are you both leaving?" Grandpa Li asked.

Placing the cup on the table, Father Li said," It is in the evening."

" We will leave after attending Mike and Anna's wedding." Mother Li said.

Xie Ming slapped her forehead and said," Oh my God I almost forgot about that."

" I am very happy for them." Grandma Li said.

Mother Li smiled and said," Yutang and Mike are also settled now. It's time for us to play with our grand children."

" Good morning everyone." Quin said cheerfully.

Father Li raised his eyebrows and said," Someone is not angry anymore."

Quin chuckled and said," Yeah I am all fine now."

" Where is Ben and Rose?" Mother Li asked.

" Ahh Rose is helping Ben get ready. When are we leaving?" Quin asked.

" In an hour." Father Li said.


Zhang Mansion.

" Muchan is this a joke?" Mother Zhang shouted.

Mike shook his head and said," No I am getting a married after an hour in the marriage registration office. Be there on time."

Mother Zhang frowned and said," What is up with you? Why are you in a rush to get married? You are my only son and the future heir of Zhang Biotechs. How can you get married in a rush like this? We can have a grand wedding and-"

" Mom I don't want a grand wedding. I am getting married with Anna and that is the only thing that I care about." Mike said.

" But-"

" Let him do what he wants." A hoarse voice echoed throughout the room.

" But dad this is not right." Mother Zhang said.

Walking towards them, Grandpa Zhang said," Young people like to do things in a speedy way. If both of them are happy then what are you worried about."

Mike smiled and said," See old man understands me so well."

" To remind you young man I haven't seen my granddaughter-in-law yet." Grandpa Zhang said.

" Well you can see her today at the Marriage bureau." Mike said.

Grandpa Zhang nodded his head and said," I'll see you then."

Mike nodded his head and said," Mom don't worry about anything. Just come there and give us your blessings okay." Before walking towards the door.

" Wait young man atleast tell your old man what is the reason behind your rush?" Grandpa Zhang asked.

Mike smiled and asked," Don't you want your first great grandchild to be Zhang when it is born?"

Mother Zhang widened her eyes in shock and asked," What? What did you say?"

Mike chuckled and said," I'll see you after an hour."

Grandpa Zhang's lips curled upwards. Turning towards mother Zhang, he said," He never fails to make me proud."