Xie Ming got up and said," I'll go see her."

Mother Li nodded her head.

After Ming left, Mother Li said," Singtan go after your brother."

" Its rare for Quin to get this angry." Grandma Li said.

Father Li nodded her head and said," Yeah May be they had a fight."

" Leaving the house like this is not a solution." Mother Li said.

Singtan sighed and said," Alright now you all don't have to worry. I'll see what I can do." before walking out of the mansion.



When Quin came out of the mansion, all his anger and frustration dissipated when he saw little Ben along with a maid playing with small pebbles, giggling and laughing from time to time.

Walking towards him, Quin asked," Ben what are you doing?"

" Daddy I am playing with little stones." Ben said.

Ruffling Ben's hair, Quin said," Okay now get up and let's go out."

Ben excitedly got up and asked," Only Ben and daddy?"

Quin chuckled and nodded his head," Yes only Ben and Daddy."

Dusting the dirt away from his clothes, Ben said," Lets go daddy."

Picking him up in his arms, Quin started walking towards the car.

" Quin where are you going?" Singtan asked.

" I am taking Ben out with him. So ask her not to worry about Ben." Quin said before boarding his car.

After the car drove out of the mansion, Singtan helplessly shook his head and entered the mansion.


Inside the car.

" So champ where do you wanna go?" Quin asked.

Ben thought for a while and said," Ben wants to eat ice cream, pastry and chocolate milkshake."

Quin chuckled and said," Your mom is going to kill me if I feed you with all these things in one go but Ben it is your lucky day today because I am angry with your mom. So we father son duo can break her rules."

Ben pouted his lips and said," Daddy is angry with mommy? I don't like when daddy and mommy fight."

Quin took a deep breath and said," We did not fight we just had an argument."

" We can take mommy's favourite pineapple pastry to make her happy." Ben said.

Quin nodded his head and said," Yes we can."


Li Mansion.

" Rose stop crying. Quin is going to be alright." Ming said.

" I have never seen him so angry." Rose said.

Rubbing her back, Ming said," It's fine. I don't think Quin is someone who stays angry for a very long time."

" It was my fault elder sister." Rose said.

Ming sighed and said," It's alright. Everything is going to be okay"

Just then Singtan entered the room and said," Quin has taken Ben along with him. He has asked you not worry about Ben."

Rose took a deep breath and nodded her head.

Walking towards Rose, Singtan patted her head and said," It's fine he will be alright after sometime. Now stop crying."

Wiping her tears away, Rose smiled and nodded her head.

By the time Ben and Quin arrived at the mansion it was almost past ten. Quin had called Singtan and told him not to wait for them for dinner as they will be arriving late.

Rose was waiting for them in the living room. When she saw Quin enter the mansion carrying Ben who was fast asleep in his arms, she rushed towards them and said," I was waiting for you both."

Ignoring her, Quin started walking towards Ben's room. After placing him on the bed, Quin took out Ben's nightwear and helped him change.

Rose entered the room and sat beside them quietly observing Quins action.

After tucking Ben into the quilt, Quin said," No matter what you think or say, Ben is my son and will always remain so." before getting up from the bed and walking towards the door.

Quin quickly got and hugged him from behind," I am sorry. I am really very sorry. I did not mean th- I am very sorry." before bursting into tears.

Quin sighed. Turning over, he wiped her tears away and said," Alright now stop crying like a baby. You will wake Ben up."

" I am sorry." Rose said.

Pulling her into his embrace, Quin said," It's okay. Ben and I bought your favourite pastry."

" You Both has lots and lots of fun without me didn't you?" Rose asked.

Quin chuckled and said," Yes we did. You keep nagging both of us when you are there."

Hitting him on his chest, Rose said," I don't nag."

Lifting her chin up, Quin kissed her lips and said," Yes you do."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Rose deepened the kiss.

Breaking of the kiss, Quin lifted her in his arms and started walking outside.

" Where are we going?" Rose asked.

Quin chuckled and said," Well if you want to do it in front of a 3 year old kid then its fine but I am worried that you'll wake my son up with all the lewd noises that you make."

" Hey I don't make any noise." Rose said.

" Ahh Quin faster faster yeah right there-Ouch." Quin yelled in pain when Rose pinched his arms.

" Shameless." Rose said.

" You are one who makes all those lewd noises and now I am shameless?" Quin said.

" Shut up." Rose said.