Turning her head towards Robbin, Linda asked," How sure are you about me? I mean what if someone who is more beautiful then me comes and then spreads her legs in front of you?"

Robin chuckled and said," Then I'll tell her that 'I am sorry sister but my key to that door has already been booked by someone very special'."

Linda burst into laughter when she heard this," Hahaha You-you are so funny Robbin."

Robbin smiled and said," Atleast I can make you laugh."

" So how many doors did your key unlock till date? Okay forget about that just give me number for the last two years." Linda asked.

Robbin cleared his throat and said," Ohh look that tree looks so beautiful."

Linda raised her eyebrows and asked," How many?"

" Do you think it will rain today?" Robbin asked.

" Do that one more time and then I'll make sure that your key never works again." Linda said.

Robbin pouted his lips and said," Okay fine I'll tell you but you have to promise me that you'll not get angry."

Linda nodded her head and said," I'll guess. Ummmmm 100?"

Robbin shook his head.

" 150?"

" 300?"

" 400?"

Linda widened her eyes in shock and asked," Now don't tell me it's more than that?"

Robbin gulped in fear and said," Can we not talk about this?"

" I want to know." Linda said.

" Okay fine I'll tell you but you should understand that back then I hadn't met you." Robbin said.

" Just tell me the number." Linda said.

Robbin cleared his throat and said," Seven hundred a-"

" What? What did you say? Seven hundred? Are you even a normal human being?" Linda shouted.

Scratching his forehead, Robbin said," Actually it's seven hundred and ninety."

" Including me?" Linda asked.

Robbin shook his head and said," No excluding you. How can I include you in that list? You are special."

Linda helplessly shook her head and said," I don't know what to do with you."

Holding her hand, Robbin said," Don't do anything now. Take your time but don't leave me please."

Running her hands through his hair, Linda smiled and asked," So everyone is your sister now right?"

Robbin nodded his head," If you want to check then I have the contracts ready."

" You are unbelievable." Linda said before moving closer to him.

Robbin froze when Linda placed her head on his shoulders.

" The sky is beautiful isn't it?" Linda asked.

Robbin smiled and said," Not as beautiful as you."


Li Mansion.

" I am so happy for big sister and Singtan bro." Rose said.

Quin nodded his head and said," Yeah. This baby will bring lots and lots of happiness to this family."

Walking towards Quin, Rose hugged him from behind and said," Quin let's have a baby too."

" I think Ben is enough for us. We won't be able to handle one more." Quin said.

" Why do you always say that?" Rose asked.

Turning towards her, Quin asked," Say what?"

" That Ben is enough and you don't want to have another child." Rose said.

" Darling because Ben is seriously enough." Quin said.

Rose sighed and said," I know what you mean but don't you want a child of your own?"

Quin frowned and asked," What do you mean?"

Rose thought for a while and said," I mean a child which belongs to you and has the Li family blo-"

" So What you mean is that Ben doesn't belong to me?" Quin asked.

Rose shook her head and said," That is not what I meant."

Pushing her away, Quin said," Then please explain what do you mean by that."

" What I mean is that we need a child which belongs to both of-"

Quin mockingly laughed and said," So What you mean is that Ben doesn't belong to me? Ben is just your son and he is no one to me? Wow Rose Thank you for telling me that."

Rose shook her head and said," Quin you are taking me in a wrong way."

" You know from the day we got married or even before that how hard I have been trying to become the worlds best dad for Ben? I take care of every little thing that he needs that he wants. And here today you are telling me that Ben is not really my son." Quin shouted.

" I-"

Grabbing her shoulders, Quin said," How can you even think of something like that? All my efforts and my unconditional love for Ben is nothing in front of you because Ben doesn't have my blood flowing in his veins? Seriously Rose I had higher expectations from you."

" Quin I am-"

Grabbing the car keys, Quin started walking towards the door. Stopping in front the door, Quin said," Ben is my son. I don't care about the fucking blood or whatsoever. Nobody can change this fact. Not even you. I am seriously surprised that even your thinking is the same like everybody else. I am really very disappointed with you today." before leaving the room.

Rushing after him, Rose shouted," Quin wait."



Everyone was present at the Li Mansion and were enjoying their evening tea happily talking to each other when Quin rushed downstairs.

" Quin please." Rose shouted.

Singtan frowned when he saw Rose rushing after Quin.

" Qui-" But before Singtan could stop him, Quin left the mansion.

Rose stopped when she saw everyone sitting in the living room.

" What happened Rose?" Mother Li asked.

Rose shook her head before running upstairs.