When Father Xie came out of Yurins apartment, he frowned when he saw the same man who was passing a revolver to Sebastian coming out of his apartment.

Thinking for a while, Father Xie decided to ask Yufan about it later.


Robbins place.

Initially Linda thought that Robbin stayed in an apartment but much to her surprise, he stayed in a villa.

At first she was reluctant to stay there but when Robbin requested her and forced her, Linda had no other choice but to say yes.

As Robbin has promised, he did not stay in the villa. Everyday he would come to the villa to have dinner with her and leave after talking to her for a while. Linda, somehow had got used his presence.

As days passed, Linda started feeling comfortable in his presence. His small little gestures warmed up her heart. He always tried to make her feel at home.

" Here is your coffee." Robbin said before setting beside her.

Taking the coffee from his hand, Linda said," Thanks."

" It's just a coffee Linda." Robbin said.

Linda shook her head and said," Not just for the coffee. For everything."

Robbin chuckled and said," Well I am not doing this for you so I don't think so you you've to thank me."

" What do you mean?" Linda asked.

" I am doing this for myself Linda." Robbin said.

" How so?" Linda asked.

Robbin sighed and said," You don't know fucked up my life is Linda. It's very chaotic. My past is very complicated and there are still many things that is yet to unfold. There are many unanswered questions in my mind. I am looking for the answers since I was child but I never got one till date. I feel suffocated and restless at times and this is the reason why I kept travelling here and there. When I was in a run, I met countless of women and you know what happened next. But things changed after I met you. You won't believe me but after the night that we spent together, I haven't slept with anybody else. I feel like as if that night you took my soul away with you. I know things like this sound very weird when a womaniser like me says it but whether people believe it or not, that is the truth."

" So What you mean is you slept with so many women because you were frustrated for not getting the answer for you questions?" Linda asked.

Robbin shrugged his shoulders and said," May be."

" What about now? The questions are still unanswered right? What do you do now when you feel frustrated?" Linda asked.

After taking a deep breath, Robbin said," I think about you."

Linda's heart felt warm when she heard that. Helplessly shaking her head, Linda said," No wonder woman fall for you so easily. You are a great talker."

Robbin chuckled and asked," Are you saying that you are falling for me too?"

Taking a sip from her coffee, Linda said," I've also had a very chaotic childhood Robbin. Well you already know who my father is so-."

" Exactly How can you be Simon's daughter? I mean just look at you. How can someone so gorgeous, so beautiful, so intelligent and so graceful be that swines daughter?" Robbin asked.

Linda laughed and said," You haven't seen my mother yet."

" I can say that your mother was really very beautiful." Robbin said.

" She was." Linda said.

Pausing for a while, Linda said," You know before she died, she told me to never get involved in all of this. She never liked what dad did. So this is reason why I ran away from home and decided to live a healthy life but who would have thought-"

Robbin sighed and said," We both are quite similar when it comes to our past."

" Yeah atleast I didn't spread my legs in front of strangers to vent out my frustration." Linda said.

" You know I read somewhere that you should not be happy if your are someone's first but you should be happy if you are someone's last because that is what matters." Robbin said.

Linda chuckled but chose not to say anything.

Both of them remained silent for a while until Robbin turned towards Linda and said," Linda."

" Hmmm."

" You are my last."