Flexi compound.

The man who bought Father Xie said," Sir the last flat."

Father Xie nodded his head and said," Thank you."

The man nodded his head and said," I'll be waiting for you downstairs."

After the man left, Father Xie made his way towards Yurins apartment.

" Mr Xie." Sebastian said.

When Father Xie saw Sebastian standing behind him, he smiled and said," Ah aren't you Yufans friend from US?"

Sebastian nodded his head and said," Yes Sir I am."

" You stay here?" Father Xie asked.

Sebastian nodded. Pointing towards his apartment, he said," I stay over there."

" Oh I see." Father Xie said.

" So are you here to see Yufan?" Sebastian asked.

Father Xie frowned and asked," Yufan is at you place?"

" Oh no. I thought you are here to visit Yufans place." Sebastian said.

" Yufan owns a place here?" Father Xie asked.

Pointing towards Yufans flat, Sebastian said," That one."

" Oh I did not know that." Father Xie said.

Before Sebastian could say anything, a man stepped out of the lift. Passing a small revolver to Sebastian, the man said," Sir you left this in the car."

Sebastian widened his eyes in shock. He gulped in nervousness and turned towards father Xie.

Father Xie frowned and asked," You carry a revolver with you?"

Sebastian shook his head and said," No no uncle Xie I have not even seen a real gun in my life. This is the first time."

" So What is this man trying to say?" Father Xie asked.

Sebastian shook his head and said," I have no idea who this man is." Turning towards the man, Sebastian asked," Who are you?"

The man widened his eyes in shock and said," Sir it's-"

" Zip it man I don't know who you are alright so why don't you go down and find your real boss." Sebastian shouted.

Turning towards Father Xie, Sebastian said," Ehhehe I really don't know who he is."

The man pursed his lips and kept the revolver inside his pocket.

Giving Sebastian a meaningful glare, Father Xie said," Alright young man I have to go now. Take care."

Sebastian nodded his head and said." You too."

After Sebastian saw father Xie enter the last apartment, he smacked the man's head and said," You idiot how many times do I have to tell you not to openly take out our weapons?"

The man lowered his head and said." I am sorry sir. I'll be careful next time."

" Give me my revolver." Sebastian said.

Passing the revolver to Sebastian, the man said," Sir there is a report from US."

" Alright come inside." Sebastian said.


Inside Yurins apartment.

When Father Xie entered the apartment, the nutritionist said," Ms Xie is inside the bedroom."

" How is she doing?" Father Xie asked.

" Initially she was not following my instructions but after talking to Mrs Li, she is behaving and eating healthy things." The nutritionist said.

" How is the baby?" Father Xie asked.

" The reports are normal." The nutritionist said.

" How old is it?"

" Six weeks."

Father Xie sighed and started walking towards the bedroom.


Inside the room.

As father Xie stepped into the room, Yurin said," I never expected you to visit me Father."

Sitting on a chair which was kept beside the bed, Father Xie said," Do not think too highly of yourself."

Yuring smiled and said," So you are also here only for the baby?"

Father Xei sighed and asked," How did you turn out to be this way Yurin? I don't remember raising a daughter like you? Why are you behaving like this? Your mother would be very disappointed if she sees you like this."

" What's the point talking about all this? You all hate me and that's never gonna change right?" Yurin said.

Father Xie frowned and said," Just look at you. You do not even regret your actions."

Yurin chuckled and said," What's the point regretting over those things? My husband is not there with me when I need him the most. I am forced to raise a child all by myself. My life is already every miserable father. There is no room for regrets."

Father Xie sighed and said," I had come here to see whether there is any change in you or not but it seems you are still the same. I do not know what is wrong with you. The only thing I know is that I don't remember raising someone like you. Your brother-in-law and sister are generous enough to give you such a luxurious life without asking anything in return. So be grateful and try to change yourself. Change yourself for your baby."

Before leaving the room. Father Xie said," My grandchild will always have my blessing. I'll never let an innocent soul suffer because of your dirty fate. You don't have to worry about its future. I'll bear its expenses after it is born. We could not change you, may be the baby will."

After father Xie left, Yurin caressed stomach and said," See you are bringing mommy money before you are even born. Imagine what will happen after you are born."


Before coming out of the apartment, Father Xie said," Take cafe of her and if there is anything that you need or want to say do not disturb Mr Li. Here is my card. You can call me anytime you want."

Taking the card from his hand, the nutritionist nodded her head and asked," May I ask how are you related to Ms Xie?"

" I am her father." Father Xie said before walking out of the apartment.