" We can't let that little life suffer because of our conflicts right? It isn't the baby's fault after all." Xie Ming said.

Father took a deep breath and asked," Where is she now?"

" She is in Flexi compound." Singtan said.

" I want to see her." Father Xie said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Okay I'll someone to take you there."

" I want to go now." Father Xie said.

" Okay." Li Singtan said.

After asking someone to take father Xie there, Li Singtan wrapped his arms around Xie Ming's shoulder and said," Don't worry. Everything will be okay."

Xie Minh sighed and said," I hope so."


Somewhere is country S.

Grandpa Go was busy cleaning his gun when a subordinate entered his room and said," Sir there is man who wants to see you."

" Who is it?" Grandpa Go asked.

" He is saying that he is an old friend of yours." the subordinate said.

Grandpa Go smiled and said," Send him in."

After sometime when Grandpa Go heard footsteps inside the room, he asked," Well I knew you would come but who would've thought that you would need me so fast."

Sitting beside Grandpa Go, the man said," I don't understand why God forces me to see your ugly face over and over again."

Grandpa Go frowned and said," This is not how to ask for favours Mosen."

Grandpa Li rolled his eyes and said," Shut up."

" What do you want to drink?" Grandpa Go asked.

" Mo Junjops blood." Grandpa Li said.

Grandpa Go laughed and said," Isn't it so strange. You two were best friends when you were in college and now you both want to drink each other's blood. Seriously a woman surely has the potential to turn friends into foes."

Grandpa Li frowned and said," Don't involve her in all this."

" It all started with her so she is destined to be involved in this chaos." Grandpa Go said.

Grandpa Li pursed his lips but could not say anything.

Grandpa Go chuckled and said," Look at you. This is the first time the great Li Mosen doesn't have anything to fire back."

" I don't have time for your shit. You know why I am here right?" Grandpa Li said.

" Of course I am. Are you feeling so helpless now that you want my help Mosen? Don't you trust your little grandson or I can say my grandson-in-law?" Grandpa Go asked.

" He can never know Junjops real motive because he doesn't know the truth." Grandpa Li said.

Grandpa Go chuckled and said," Well why don't you tell him then? Oh oh I know you did my tell him because you don't want to embarrass yourself."

Grandpa Li frowned said," Listen to me Jeffrey, I did not come after you when you wanted to kill my grandson but this time

If you don't help me find him, I'll tell Ming everything about you. Also I'll forbid you to visit my great-grandchild."

Grandpa Go raised his eyebrows and said," You never blackmail your helper."

" Well guess what? I am different." Grandpa Li said.

" Alright alright. There is no point arguing with you. I'll do as you say." Grandpa Go said.

" So do you know where that bastard is?" Grandpa Li asked.

Grandpa Go nodded his head and said," He is in country S but-"

" But What?" Grandpa Li asked.

" He is hiding and also planning something really big." Grandpa Go said.

" Tell me something I don't know." Grandpa Li said.

Grandpa Go sighed and said," He is trying to track his daughter first."

" Why does he need his daughter? As far as I know Junjop never cared for her." Grandpa Li said.

Grandpa Go nodded his head and said," It's strange but I think he is planning to do something dirty again. He lacks fund Mosen and he knows that he needs money to fight against the Li clan."

" So you think-"

" Yes. That is the reason why he is looking for his daughter." Grandpa Go said.

Grandpa Li sighed and said," I don't understand how can someone be so cruel and heartless."

Grandpa Go chuckled and said," Ahh Mosen don't say that. Wasn't he your only lovey dovey best friend."

" Shut up." Grandpa Li shouted.

Grandpa Go chuckled and said," I still can't believe you did such a sly thing back then."

Grandpa Li frowned and said," I did not do anything. It was all a misunderstanding."

" Pttfff yeah right." Grandpa Go said.

Grandpa Li rolled his eyes and said," I think he will try to contact to. So let me know what he says."

" Why do you think I'll support you?" Garndpa Go asked.

Getting up from the seat, Grandpa Li smiled and said," I know you want to see your great-grandchild's face. I know you want to play with your great-grandchild. But if you don't want to then it's fine. Go ahead and support him." before walking out of the room.

" This bastard." Grandpa Go murmured after Grandpa Li left.


After boarding his car, Grandpa Li sighed and asked the driver to head towards the mansion.

All Grandpa Li wanted was a peaceful life where all the members of his family would live peacefully but sometimes no matter how hard to try, the silly mistakes that you make in the past comes back looking for you and completely ruin the pleasant peaceful life that you are leading. But there was nothing Grandpa Li could do. So he decided to face Mo Junjop by himself.