" Don't show me your stupid expression." Grandpa Li said.

" Why do you think is he doing this?" Father Li asked.

" Well he practically wants to take revenge for what I did several years ago." Grandpa Li said.

Father Li sighed and said," Dad you surely know how to make enemies."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," I know right."

Grandpa Li frowned and said," If you both don't stop talking, I'll throw you out of the house."

Li Singtan sighed and said," Alright open it. Let's see what he wants to say."

Grandpa Li nodded his head and opened the envelope which was given to Rose.

When Grandpa Li took out a burnt photograph from the envelope, Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," What is this now?"

Look at the half burnt photograph, Grandpa Li said," This is a very old photograph of Mo Junjop and me."

" That's it? I mean this envelope has nothing else other than the burnt photograph?" Father Li asked.

Taking the envelope from Grandpa Li's hand, Li Singtan said," Let me see it."

Taking out of small piece of note from the envelope, Li Singtan chuckled and said," Well I think you should read this."

Taking the note from Singtans hand, Grandpa Li said," It better be something funny boy."

Grandpa Li raised his eyebrows when he read the note which said: I'll TAKE BACK WHAT BELONGED TO ME SOON.

Crushing the note, Grandpa Li said," Well I don't remember having anything that belongs to him."

Father Li who was busy staring at the half burnt photograph, raised his eyebrows and asked," Dad who is this woman standing beside you? Her face is burnt so-"

Grandpa Li frowned and said," No one."

" If you don't tell me how will I-"

" This woman has nothing to do with Mo Junjop. Do you understand?" Grandpa Li yelled.

" Okay fine but why are you getting angry?" Father Li asked.

Grandpa Li frowned deeper and said," Because you two are irritating me."

Li Singtan sighed and said," Alright now let's not waste our time and open the second envelope."

Picking the second envelope up, Grandpa Li opened it and took out a letter from inside.

When Grandpa Li started reading the letter, his expression turned dark.

" What is it?" Father Li asked.

Passing the letter to Father Li, Grandpa Li said," Get rid of him as soon as possible. If you can't then I'll hunt him down like I did several years ago and then kill him." before dashing out of the study room.

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," What happened to him all of a sudden?"

Passing the letter to Singtan, Father Li said," Well why don't you read it on your own."

Taking the letter from father Li's hand, Li Singtan read the letter which said:

"Greetings old Li. It's been several years but you are still the same. Whether it is your appearance or character. Everything is still the same. By now I guess you know that I am alive. I must say that you've trained your grandson very well. I am really very impressed. But no matter how skilled he is, he will never be able to catch hold of me just like you. The show has just began and this time I'll be the one who will receive all the glory and the victory flag. By the way, I saw her few days back. She is as beautiful as before. Too bad things turned out to be this way but I will definitely meet you soon Mosen."

Placing the letter on the table, Li Singtan asked," Who do you think is that woman?"

Father Li shook his head said," Well I don't know. May be she is someone who knows dad and Junjop quite well."

" Wasn't Junjop someone who worked under grandpa?" Singtan asked.

Father Li shook his head and said," Well not exacting. Father and Junjop were high school mates and they also studied in the same college."

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and said," Well grandpa didn't tell me that."

" He doesn't like talking about his college days." Father Li said.

" Das do you think grandpa is hiding something?" Li Singtan asked

Father Li shrugged his shoulders and said," Well may be he is."

" How do I find out?" Li Singtan asked.

Father Li smiled and said," You need to ask the right person about this."

Li Singtan smiled and said,' Thanks Dad."

" If you need any help regarding this, do tell me okay?" Father Li said.

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," I will."

" Alright now go and accompany your wife." Father Li said before walking out of the study room.

Looking at the letter for a while, Li Singtan placed it back into the envelope.

Pulling out his phone from his pocket, Singtan called Han Zihao and said," Cancel all my meetings for the next two days. If there is any important document that needs my signature, bring it home."

Han Zihao sighed and said," Okay Sir."