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 Seeing Singtans nervous expression, Xie Ming tightened her grip around his hand and said," Its gonna be okay."

" Ready?" Anna asked.

Placing the machine on Ming's stomach, Anna slowly started moving it.

Pointing towards the screen, Anna said," Singtan can you see this thing which is equal to the size of your fist?"

Singtan nodded his head.

Anna smiled and said," Well that's your baby."

Singtan frowned and asked," This small?"

Ming chuckled and said," Well it was smaller last time."

Touching the screen with his fingers, Li Singtan asked," Is it fine?"

" Well the development of the foetus looks okay and I think it's healthy too but we have to still wait for the reports." Anna said.

" Can I get a picture of this?" Li Singtan asked.

Anna smiled and said," Yes sure why not."

" An our ba-"

" Shut it Mike. Our baby is much more smaller than this. This is 3 months old foetus. Our baby is only a month old or may be less. You won't be able to see it if you don't look for it properly." Anna said.

Mike pouted his lips and said," Okay."

Passing Singtan the photograph, Anna said," Here is the photograph of your first ultrasound together. I'll give you a minute together. I'll be in my cabin."

After Mike and Anna left, Singtan wrapped his arms around Xie Ming and pulled her closer," I told you she is strong."

Taking the photograph from his hand, Xie Ming said," I can't believe he is growing inside me."

Kissing Xie Ming forehead, Singtan said," Thank you Ming. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for this. Thank you for everything."

Cupping his face, Xie Ming brushed her lips against his and said," Thank you."

Placing his hand on her neck, Li Singtan gently nibbled her lower lips before deepening the kiss.

The nurse who had just entered the room to help Xie Ming clean the gel, cleared her throat to gain her attention.

Xie Ming quickly pushed Singtan away when she saw someone standing near the door.

" Mrs Li I am here to clean the gel but-"

Li Singtan frowned and said," You go outside. I'll do it."

The nurse nodded her head and left.

" That was so embarrassing." Xie Ming said.

Taking the wet towel from the table, Li Singtan chuckled and said," You are already pregnant with my daughter so what is there to be embarrassed of?"

" Shameless." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan laughed and said," Mrs Li don't forget that she is a result of our shamelessness."

Xie Ming pinched his waist and said," How can you even say something like that Li Singtan?"

" What? It's a fact okay. She is a result of our shamelessness and love of course." Singtan said.

Snatching the towel from his hand, Ming quickly wiped off the gel and said," You are going to become a father now Singtan so stop being so shameless."

Li Singtan shrugged his shoulders and said," Well if I stop being shameless

, you are going to suffer and then later you will complain saying that I have grown old or there is no spark in our relationship."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes and said," I will never say that. Now can we please go. Anna is waiting for us."

After fixing her clothes, Singtan said," Okay let's go."


Anna's cabin.

" Dr Anna I have taken an appointment for you from Dr Rubi." The nurse said.

Mike frowned and asked," Who Rubi?"

" The other gynaecologist of our hospital." The nurse said.

" How is she? How are her stats? I want to see her reports first." Mike said.

" Mike she is also very good okay. So don't worry." Anna said.

" But-"

Ignoring Mike, Anna asked the nurse," Where are Mrs Li's report?"

" Here." The nurse said before passing her the reports.

" Hmm you can go and please ask Dr Rubi to wait for me." Anna said.

Sitting beside Anna, Mike asked," How are the reports?"

" Everything seems fine." Anna said.

Just then Ming and Singtan entered the cabin.

" What took you both so long?" Mike asked.

" Sit down." Anna said.

Placing the reports on the table, Anna said," Well everything seems fine. The foetus is healthy and is developing normally but still you have to careful. Continue eating fresh and leafy vegetable and please don't take any kind of stress. It's not good for you as well as the baby."

Singtan sighed in relief and asked," Any other instructions?"

" Well don't be too rough while making love. Singtan you've to be very careful about this." Anna said.

Singtan nodded his head and said," I'll keep that in mind."

" Anna there is nothing to be worried about right?" Ming asked.

Anna smiled and said," No Ming but still you've to careful."

After talking to Anna about the do's and don'ts, Singtan and Ming left the hospital.


Inside the car.

Li Singtan called Father Xie and said," Father."

Father Xie who was feeling very restless for the entire morning asked," Singtan how was it? What did the doctor say? Is Ming okay? And the baby?"

Singtan smiled and said," Everything is fine. The baby is healthy and so is Ming."

Father Xie sighed in relief and said," Oh Thank God. I'll visit you all today in the evening. Take good care of her."

Singtan nodded his head and said," I will." before hanging up the call.

" Call mother and-"

Li Singtan shook his head and said," They are waiting for us in the mansion. We will tell them once we reach home."