Taking out a brown envelope from his pocket, the man got up from his chair and said," Can Mrs Li help me pass this to your Grandfather-in-law?"

Han Zihao moved forward and took the envelope from the man's hand.

" It's was nice meeting to Mrs Li and I am sure we will meet in the future as well." The man said.

" Lady Boss lets leave." Han Zihao said before guiding Xie Ming outside.

After Xie Ming left, the man took out his phone from his pocket and called someone.

" Sir I gave the envelope to Mrs Li." The man said.

Mo Junjop smiled and said," Good. How did she react?"

" Normal. No change in expression nothing. The target is quite strong." The man said.

" I thought she would at least panic. Anyway since the target is strong, we have to plan things accordingly. Where are you going now?" Mo Junjop asked.

" Next target." The man said.

" I want you to question the youngest Li's wife first followed by that Yang's wife and then Zhang's woman." Mo Junjop said.

" Okay Sir." The man said before hanging up the call.

After talking to the man, Mo Junjop threw the phone away and took a deep breath.

He had purposely sent his most trusted man to check on Xie Ming because he wanted to know how strong Li Singtans woman is. When he heard that Li Singtans wife was from a very clean family, he thought it would easy to scare her away but he was wrong. Mo Junjop knew that the only weakness the Li's had were there wife's. Whether it was Li Mosen, Li Zhehan or Li Singtan everyone treasured there wife's and Mo Junjop wanted to take advantage of that. He also wanted to see how deep the water was for the Yangs and the Zhang's as well.


After coming out of the cafe, Han Zihao said," Lady Boss that-"

" It's fine Mr assistant I am not scared or anything like that. I am just feeling a bit tired." Xie Ming said.

Han Zihao nodded his head and said," Okay lady boss we can head home now."

" let me help Ben pick up some clothes first." Xie Ming said.

" I'll accompany you." Han Zihao said before guiding her towards the store.


Wu clan base.

When Simon arrived for the meeting, Li Singtan and they others were sitting in some other room while Sebastian was waiting for Simon in the waiting room.

" Do you think he will suspect?" Mike asked.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," With his short brains? Nope."

" Switch it on." Yutang said.

Yufan nodded his head.


Inside the waiting room.

When Simon entered the room, Sebastian said," You are thirty seconds late Mr Simon."

Simon smiled and said," I am very sorry for being late. I hope I did not keep Mr Wu waiting for long."

Sebastian smiled and said," Of course you did but anyway take a seat."

Simon nodded his head.

" So why did you want to meet me?" Sebastian asked.

" Well I've offended Mr Wu in any way?" Simon asked.

Sebastian laughed and said," I did not even know about your existence before."

" Then would you please tell me why did Mr Wu is taking so much interest in the small business that I run in his territory?" Simon asked.

Sebastian chuckled and said," Well first of all I don't like your face. Second of all you were running those businesses illegally."

" What about the legal once?" Simon asked.

Sebastian pouted his lips and said," I destroyed them too because I don't like you face. Isn't that reason enough?"

Simon gritted his teeth. Giving Sebastian a very fake smile, Simon said," Of course. But don't you think you are being petty? I mean for someone like you who runs a organisation as big as the Wu clan, it's a shame that you are after an ordinary person like me or does Mr Wu take me as a threat?"

Sebastian laughed and said," Threat? You really think too highly of yourself. Even a simple toilet cleaner of my base is more dangerous and threatening than you."

Simon frowned and asked," Then why?"

" You are lucky that I decided to give you some face and not touch the properties that you've in US." Sebastian said.

Pausing for a while, Sebastian said," But if you give me a tini tiny information about someone, I may spare your properties."

" What information?" Simon asked.

" I want to know how are you related to Mo Junjop." Sebastian asked.

Simon frowned and asked," How do you-"

Sebastian shook his head and said," There is nothing I don't know Mr Simon. So why don't to tell me something about that man and then I'll show some mercy on you." Sebastian said.

Simon took a deep breath and said," I don't know Mo Junjop."

" Mr Simon I hate lies." Sebastian said.

Taking out his phone from his pocket, Sebastian said," Your destruction is just one call away. You know that right?"

" I don't know him personally but he calls me sometimes." Simon said.

Sebastian raised his eyebrows and asked," Why?"

" He is working with me. I mean I am working with him. He wants to destroy the Li's and so do I. So we are working together." Simon said.

" Interesting." Sebastian said.

" I told you everything that I know now please-"

Sebastian shook his head and said," I want to know everything that you know about Mo Junjop. Each and every detail. How you both met and what are his future plans. Everything."

" After I tell you everything, will you leave me and my business alone?" Simon asked.

Sebastian smirked and said," Yes I will but I want the truth."

Simon sighed and said," I met Mo Junjop few years back. I think Mr Wu knows who Mo Junjop is right? He is a one time famous gangster of country M. Few years back due to certain circumstances he had to fake his own death and move out of the country. After staying in abroad for quite sometime he has decided to make a comeback. He wants to destroy the Li family. Why he wants to do that is still unknown to me as well. Mo Junjop is slowly creating his own organisation again."

" Where is he now?" Sebastian asked.

" He is hiding but last time when I asked him he told me that he is in country S." Simon said.

Sebastian nodded his head and asked," He had a daughter too right?"

Simon nodded his head and said," Yes he did."

" What happened to her?" Sebastian asked.

" She is dead." Simon said.

" Alright you can go now." Sebastian said.

Simon got up and said," I have bought some presents for Mr Wu and his friend Mr Smith. I hope you both will like it."

Sebastian smiled and said," Thankyou for your precious gifts Mr Simon or I can say bribe."

" So my business-"

" I'll think about it." Sebastian said.

" You-"

Sebastian raised his eyebrows and said," What? Oh sorry didn't I tell that it wasn't me but my friend who targeted you? So it's up to Smith. Anyway don't worry I'll surely drop two or three good words about Mr Simon in front of him. Have a good day."

Simon gritted his teeth and said," You tricked me."

Sebastian chuckled and said," Isn't this what you always do? I am just following your footsteps."