After entering a very famous kids store, Xie Ming started selecting clothes for Ben.

" I think blue will look cute on you Ben." Xie Ming said.

Ben cheekily smiled and said," Ben looks cute in every colour."

Xie Ming laughed and pulled his cheeks," Look at you praising yourself. You are becoming just like your uncle Singtan."

" I want to become like uncle Singtan when I grow up." Ben said.

Xie Ming smiled and asked," Why do you want to become like him?"

" Uncle Singtan is cool, handsome and smart." Ben said.

Xie Ming chuckled and said," Yes he is."

Han Zihao who was standing at a distance frowned when he saw a man wearing a black pant and red shirt moving towards his lady boss and Ben.

The bodyguard who was standing beside Ming and Ben stepped forward and said," Stay right there."

The man chuckled and said," I mean no harm. I just want to talk to Mrs Li."

" Step aside young man and don't make me use force on you." The bodyguard said in a very threatening tone.

Xie Ming who happened to hear everything asked," What's wrong?"

Two other men came forward and stood beside Xie Ming and Ben forming a human wall around them.

The man smiled and said," You people are too much. I just want to talk to the lady and-"

" You want to die don't you." Han Zihao said.

The man chuckled and said," People from the Li clan are really very short tempered."

Han Zihao frowned and asked," Who are you?"

" That doesn't matter. I just want to talk to Mrs Li for a while. I mean no harm but if you all don't listen to me then I don't mind-" pointing towards the entrance, the man continued," using force too."

When Han Zihao followed his gaze, he raised his eyebrows when he saw several men wearing causal wears standing outside the entry gate. If a normal person would see them, they would think that they are ordinary people but Han Zihao and the other guards knew they were more then just ordinary men.

Seeing Han Zihao's tensed expression, Xie Ming somewhat understood what the problem was.

" What do you want to talk about?" Xie Ming asked.

The man smiled and said," Mrs Li is more intelligent than the people of the Li clan."

Xie Ming narrowed her eyes and said," Cut the crap and tell me what do you want?"

Pointing towards Ben, the man said," Why don't we go somewhere else and talk? We don't want to scare little Li right?"

Thinking for a while, Xie Ming said," Okay."

" But lady boss-"

" It's fine Mr assistant. I'll take the guards with me." Xie Ming said.

Ruffling Ben's hair, Ming said," Ben go with aunty and try wearing these clothes alright. I'll be back in a minute."

Ben nodded his head and left along with a female attendant.

" The Li family really treasures little Li though it doesn't have the Li family blood running in his veins." The man said.

Xie Ming narrowed her eyes and said," People like you will never understand these things. Now I don't have all the time in the world."

" Let's go to the nearby cafe." The man said.

Han Zihao frowned and said," You-"

" Its okay Mr assistant I'll be alright. Ask someone to keep an eye on Ben and you can follow us along with some bodyguards." Xie Ming said.

The man chuckled and said," Are you scared that I'll harm you and your baby?"

Xie Ming froze when she heard the man's words. No one other then her friend and family knew about her pregnancy. This man wasn't really an ordinary man.

" After you." The man said.

Han Zihao protectively started walking behind Xie Ming along with the other body guards not allowing the man to come anywhere near his lady boss.


Nearby cafe.

Xie Ming and the man sat in a table while Han Zihao dragged a chair and sat right behind Xie Ming. Few guards were standing outside the cafe while others were inside ready to attack if the man dares to even touch their lady boss.

" I feel so wronged today. I just wanted to talk to Mrs Li and here you people are treating me like a terrorist." The man said.

Xie Ming smiled and said," There is nothing I can do about it. You know how Li Singtan is right?"

The man smiled and said," Of course who doesn't know how Mr Li is. He is quite famous in the business world as well as the underworld. It must have been very difficult for you Mrs Li. I mean the Xie family is very clean unlike the Li family whose hands are tainted with blood. I wonder why you agreed to marry someone like Li Singtan?"

Xie Ming smirked and asked," So you only wanted to know why I married Singtan?"

The man chuckled and said," Of course not. I am here to warn Mrs Li."

Xie Ming raised her eyebrows and asked," Warn? About what?"

" The Li Family has countless number of enemies and they are hungry to take their revenge on them and my master happens to be one of them." The man said.

" Come to the point please." Xie Ming said.

The man smiled and said," Mrs Li seems to be in a hurry."

" I need to shop." Xie Ming said.

" Did Mr Li tell you about his connections in the underworld?" The man asked.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Yes he did."

The man raised his eyebrows and asked," But did he tell you what is his post in the underworld or rather what people refer him as?"

Xie Ming smiled and said," No he didn't but why don't you tell me?"

The man chuckled and said," He is the King of the underworld."

Xie Ming raised her eyebrows and chose not to say anything.

" Shocked right?" The man asked.

When Xie Ming did not say anything, the man continued," He has countless number of enemies and a woman like you who belongs to such a clean background would not want to be a part of his dirty deeds right? You don't want to risk your life and your baby's life because of this right?"

Xie Ming helplessly shook her head and asked," Are you related to Simon in any way? I think you are because you sound like him."

The man frowned and said," I am just saying this for your welfare."

" What welfare? Don't give me that well wisher shit because I am not buying it. Aren't to same as my husband? I mean aren't you into the same business that my husband is into? Aren't your hands tainted with blood too? Don't you have enemies?" Xie Ming asked.

" I-"

" Yes you do. So you've no right to talk about my husband that way. You are making my handsome husband sound like a rapist or a murderer." Xie Ming said.

" So you don't care about his real identity at all? You aren't worried about his enemies to harm you or your baby?" The man asked.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Didn't just say that he is the king of the underworld? If he really is then think, will it be easy to defeat the king? Will it be easy for his enemies to pull him down? Well if it was that easy then you wouldn't be here trying to scare me."

When Xie Ming did not get any reply from him, she laughed and said," What you don't wanna say anything now? Oh my God did I scare you?"

Han Zihao who was sitting behind Xie Ming could not control his laughter after seeing Xie Ming's badass attitude.

Getting up from her seat, Xie Ming said," If that was all that you wanted to say then thankyou for wasting my time. And I am not scared because my king knows how to protect his queen and his future heir but still thank you for your concern. It's good to know that my husbands enemies care about me so much. I am touched."