Simon raised his eyebrows and asked," Why?"

The subordinate shook his head and said," Nobody knows sir. But it is said that it was Smith who decided to shift the main base here."

" Smith? The mastermind behind the Wu clan?" Simon asked.

The subordinate nodded his head and said," Yes Sir."

" Alright since they have given us a chance we should grab it. Arrange some gifts for them." Simon said.

The subordinate nodded his head and left.

It was very important for Simon to convince Smith to help him stabilise his business once again. Simon knew that the Wu clan was ruled by two people, Sebastian Wu and Smith. Sebastian Wu did everything that Smith asked him to. So Simon decided to convince Smith first.


Li Mansion.

After returning to the bedroom, Singtan frowned when he did not see Xie Ming on the bed.

" Ming." Singtan shouted.

Wiping her face with a towel, Ming came out of the washroom.

Rushing towards her, Singtan asked," Are you Okay? Do you want to go to the hospital?"

Ming shook her head and said," I am fine. You were right I shouldn't have eaten that fried chicken."

Rubbing her back, Singtan said," It's fine. Just for few more months and all this will be gone."

" Hmm I hope so." Xie Ming said.

" Come let's sleep." Li Singtan said before guiding her towards the bed.

Placing her head on his firm chest, Xie Ming asked," Singtan do you want to accompany me for our college reunion?"

Singtan cleared his throat and said," Yes of course."

Xie Ming smiled and said," Good. I'll introduce you to everyone."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," By now the whole of country S knows that I am your husband."

" I have friends who are not from country S." Xie Ming said.

" Alright alright the reunion is still two months away. So don't stress over it." Singtan said.

Ming widened her eyes in shock and said," Oh my God What will I wear? I mean my baby bump will be evident by then right? How will I wear a gown?"

Singtan chuckled and said," Well you can wear my clothes."

Pinching his waist, Ming said," Stop it Singtan I am serious."

Caressing her stomach, Singtan said," Well you both will look beautiful no matter what you wear but if you are still so concerned about this then I'll ask Rose to design something for you Okay?"

" And What will you wear?" Xie Ming asked.

" Anything will do." Li Singtan said.

" Ask Rose to design some kind of a matching outfit for both of us." Ming said.

Singtan nodded his head in agreement.

Snuggling against his chest, Ming said," I wonder if that weird cap guy will attend the reunion or not. If he does, this time Yixi and I will surely see his weird face."

" Why do you think that his face is weird?" Singtan asked.

Xie Ming thought for a while and said," Why would he hide his face if he it wasn't weird?"

" May be he wanted to keep a low profile." Singtan said in a very defensive tone.

Xie Ming frowned and asked," Why are you defending him?"

" I am not defending anyone. It's just that you should not judge a person because of his behaviour or whatever. May be he is a good guy who likes to keep a low profile." Singtan said.

Xie Ming chuckled and said," Ya may be. But he was really very weird. You know one day I was going to my class along with Yixi and that weird cap guy was sitting on a bench reading something. Then suddenly he tore a page from the book and covered his already covered face with that piece of paper. Now you tell me would a normal person do something like that?"

Li Singtan pursed his lips thinking about what exactly had happened that day.

Singtan knew the exact time when Xie Ming would enter her classroom. So Singtan used to sit outside her classroom for hours eagerly waiting to see her beautiful face. But that particular morning something weird and gross happened. Singtan woke up with a big red pimple filled with puss on his right cheek. It was the first and last pimple he had ever received. At first Singtan thought about not going to see Xie Ming that day but later he could not control himself and headed towards her classroom.

When he was sitting on the bench pretending to read a book just to see her, Xie Ming arrived along with Yixi. After seeing her beautiful rosy face, Singtan lost all his senses. Dropping the book down, he kept on staring at him completely forgetting about his puss filled pimple.

As he was busy admiring her beauty, Singtan froze when Ming suddenly turned towards him. Not wanting her to see his miserable face, Singtan tore a piece of paper from his book and covered his face with it.

Clearing his throat, Li Singtan said," May be he had his reasons. Now don't talk much and sleep."

" Look at you. You should be on my side Singtan but you are defending that weird guy." Ming complained.

" Okay okay. The weird cap guys is weird and studip and dumb. You were right. Happy now?" Singtan asked.

" Hmm very happy." Xie Ming said before closing her eyes.

Li Singtan sighed and helplessly shook his head. Thinking about all the possible reactions that he would get from her when he tells her the truth along with some proof.