Yufan thought for a while and asked," Isn't he the famous gangster from country M who died in a car crash several years ago?"

Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes he is but it seems like he did not die. But how do you know about him?"

" I have heard of him. He is quite famous in US. I heard that he had an organisation in US as well and he use to smuggle drugs from country M to US through that organisation." Yufan said.

Robbin sighed and said," That old hag is still alive. Great now I have to worry about him too."

" Robbin we need to track your grandpa." Singtan said.

" Singtan it won't be that easy. You don't know how sly and cunning he is. He is a heartless man who did not even spare his daughter and grandson. If he is after you then you've to careful." Robbin said in a very serious tone.

Singtan nodded his head and said," Come to the base tomorrow. Yufan you too. We will discuss this matter together along with Mike and Yutang. Call Sebastian to."

Yufan and Robbin nodded their head in agreement.

" What about Simon? When should I call him for the meeting?" Yufan asked.

Robbin widened his eyes in shock and asked," What even you know Simon?"

Yufan nodded his head.

" Wait how why?" Robbin asked.

Yufan sighed and said," It's a long story."

" Fix a meeting with Simon tomorrow in your base." Singtan said.

Robbin widened his eyes in shock and asked," You've a base in country S?"

Yufan rolled his and said," You talk too much. Shut it man. You are giving me a headache."

" I should know about all this alright. We are a team so-"

" Ptfff who said we are a team?" Yufan asked.

Robbin pouted his lips and asked," Singtan aren't we a team?"

" Right now all of us have to work together and clear this mess." Singtan said.

" Okay brother-in-law." Yufan said.

" Robbin since you are Uncle Chen's son, you are also family. So your safety is equally important. Increase the number of guards around you. Also since you are Junjops grandson it will be easier for us to dig in deeper. I need your full support." Singtan said.

" Don't worry about that. I am in." Robbin said.

" Robbin do you know where your mother is?" Singtan asked.

Robbins expression turned dark. He frowned and said," I got some news about her few days back. She is alive and I am trying to track her down."

Singtan nodded his head and said," You should find her as soon as possible. I believe she knows much more than you do."

" I'll try my best." Robbin said.

After discussing few things with Robbin and Yufan, Singtan left the Xie Mansion along with Ming.


Inside the car.

" Sleep if you want to." Singtan said.

Ming shook her head and said," It's fine."

" Ming what happened?" Singtan asked.

Ming sighed and said," Nothing."

Pulling her into his embrace, Singtan said," I know what is bothering you. Nothing is gonna happen okay. She is gonna be fine. We are following everything that Anna told us. We are taking all the precautions so you don't have to worry."

" Hmm its just-"

" Sshhh don't say or think about anything. And moreover she is a Li okay. And we Li's are very strong." Singtan said.

Xie Ming chuckled and said," Look at you praising yourself."

Singtan smiled and said," I am stating a fact."

" I love you Mr Li." Ming said.

" I love you more."


Outskirts of country S.

A man was standing on the balcony with a photo in his hand.

Staring at the photo, the man smirked and said," You destroyed my empire, now I will destroy your family."

" Sir there is update about the Li family." a man neatly dressed in a black suit said.

The man raised his eyebrows and asked," What?"

" Li Singtans wife Xie Ming is pregnant." The subordinate said.

The man laughed and said," Such a lovely news. I bet the Li family is in cloud nine right now."

" And one more news sir."

" What is it?" The man asked.

The subordinate scratched his forehead and said," It's about young master."

" What happened?" The man asked.

" Chen Siquan added young master under the Chen family register and also declared him as the next heir of Chen Enterprise." The subordinate said.

Mo Junjop kicked and wall and said," That ungrateful brat. He is just like his mother."

" Also sir Madam has been seen in Australia." The subordinate said.

M Junjop smirked and said," I knew she was alive. Track her down and bring her to me."

The subordinate nodded his head and asked," What about young master sir?"

" Let him enjoy some quality time with his father while he can. Eventually he has to die." Mo Junjop said.

Taking out a lighter from his pocket, Mo Junjop burned the photograph and said," Li Mosen your good times are over. I am coming back to take everything that was suppose to be mine from you."