Soon Yufan and Ling arrived at the mansion.

" Yichan this is Yufan." Uncle Chen said.

Yufan froze when he saw who actually Uncle Chen's son was.

Robbin raised his eyebrows and said," It's nice meeting you Mr S-"

" Ahhh elder brother Yichan. I finally got to meet you." Yufan shouted before jumping into Robbins embrace.

" Mr Robbin you better keep your mouth shut otherwise you are never getting your consignment back." Yufan whispered.

Robbin frowned and murmured," What a bully huh."

Grabbing Lings hand, Yufan said," This is my girlfriend Yang Ling."

" Ah you are a Yang? I did not know that Yutang had such a beautiful sister." Robbin said.

" Alright boys come. Let's have dinner." Father Xie said.


When Ming saw all her favourite food on the table, her mouth started watering.

" Don't even think." Li Singtan said before passing her a bowl of plain soup.

Ming frowned and said," I don't want this." Pointing towards the fried chicken, she said," I want that."

" Ming it's not good for your health. You've to eat healthy things now. Remember what Anna said?" Singtan said.

Ming shook her head and said," Nono I want chicken wings."

" Ming listen to Singtan." Father Xie said.

" Just for few days darling. After that you can eat whatever you want." Singtan said.

" One piece please?" Ming said.

Singtan shook his head and said," No Ming."

Looking at him with teary eyes, Ming said," You don't love me anymore."

Singtan sighed and said," Okay fine only one piece."

Smiling cheekily, Ming said," I love you."

Placing a fried chicken wing on her plate, Singtan said," Eat."

Robbin laughed and said." I had heard about this but today I saw it with my own eyes. Mr Li is really a wife slave."

Singtan glared at Robbin and said," Eat quietly otherwise I will throw you out."

" Sorry Boss." Robbin said.

" So Yichan you will be staying with us right?" Father Xie asked.

Robbin nodded his head and said," Yes Uncle Xie."

" Good good." Father Xie said.

Placing one more chicken piece in Xie Ming's plate, Li Singtan said," Robbin why don't you ask Yufan to show you around? I mean his workplace and other places."

Robbin smiled and said," Yes that's a great idea. I hope Yufan will not mind showing me his workplace."

Giving them a weak smile, Yufan said," Of course."

" You've to attend the board meeting with me tomorrow. You've tolearn things quickly so that I can handover everything to you and relax like Chuang." Uncle Chen said.

After dinner Singtan, Robbin and Yufan headed towards the study room while Ming and Ling were busy talking with Uncle Chen and father Xie.


Inside the study room.

" So Mr Smith." Robbin said.

Yufan glared at him and said," Yufan. Call me Yufan when we are at home."

Robbin grinned and asked," Does your father know about-"

" No he doesn't and if he finds out, you are dead." Yufan said in a very threatening tone.

Singtan smiled and asked," Will you kill me too if I tell father Xie?"

Yufan vigorously shook his head and said," Nono brother-in-law you are my mentor. How can I do something like that?"

Robbin frowned and said," Hey I am you brother."

" You shut up." Yufan said.

Robbin sighed and said," Okay let's make a deal. If you return my consignment, I'll keep my mouth shut forever."

Yufan smirked and said," If you don't keep your mouth shut, you'll lose your consignment forever."

" What consignment?" Li Singtan asked.

" He was trying to illegally smuggle gold bars from our territory. So we confiscated it and-"

Robbin gasped and said," Lier lier your pants on fire. I wasn't doing it illegally. It was a clean work."

" Stop lying Robbin bro." Yufan said.

" You are the one who is lying Smith." Robbin said.

Li Singtan frowned and said," Alright now stop both of you. I want to discuss something very important with you both."

" What is it brother-in-law?" Yufan asked.

" I want you both to use all your sources and find out the whereabouts about a man." Singtan said.

Robbin nodded his head and said," Okay. What is the name of that man?"

" Mo Junjop." Li Singtan said.

Robbin widened his eyes in shock and asked," What did you say?"

" The mans name is Mo Junjop." Li Singtan said.

Seeing Robbins shocked expression, Yufan asked," Do you know him?"

" I know him very well." Robbin said.

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," How?"

" Because he is the one who raised me. He is my maternal grandfather. But he died several years ago." Robbin said.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," No he is not. He is still alive and is helping Simon behind the shadows."

" Singtan he is a very dangerous man. If he is really alive and is helping Simon, we have to be very careful." Robbin said.