" Alright you don't have to worry about it. I'll take care of it." Singtan said.

Patting Singtans shoulder, Grandpa Li said," I know it's hard for you people to handle all this. If I had never stepped into this mess then-"

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Stop blaming yourself and get ready to play with your great-grandchild. Keep yourself fit because once she is born, you have to run after her and take of her."

" It's a girl?" Grandpa Li asked with a huge smile on his face.

" I hope it is." Li Singtan said.

Grandpa Li frowned and said," I need a granddaughter. I am done playing with my son and grandsons. You boys are boring."

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and said," Your boring grandson is helping you clean your mess alright. Atleast appreciate it."

Waving his hands, Grandpa Li said," Yaya whatever."

Li Singtan helplessly shook his head and left.


Xie Mansion.

After helping Linda settle down, Robbin packed his things and rushed towards the Xie Mansion.

" Ahh look Yichan is here." Father Xie said.

Robbin smiled and said," It's nice to meet you Mr Xie."

" Oh no call me uncle Xie." Father Xie said.

" Yichan you arrived early." Uncle Chen said.

Robbin nodded his head and said," I wanted to talk to you."

Father Xie stood up and said," Why don't you both go to the terrace and spend some time together."

Uncle Chen nodded his head and said," Come Yichan let's go."



Passing him a glass of red wine, uncle Chen said," I am glad you came."

" I wanted to come." Robbin said.

Uncle Chen sighed and asked," Do you still blame me for what happened years ago?"

" I blame both of you for what happened years ago. You both ruined my childhood." Robbin said.

" It's not your mothers fault Yichan. It was me who couldn't keep you both safe." Uncle Chen said.

Robbin laughed and said," Look at you still trying to cover up for her."

" I will never blame Yulin for what happened years ago." Uncle Chen said.

Robbin smirked and said," What if I say that she is still alive hiding somewhere like a coward?"

Uncle Chen froze.

" Yulin is-"

" After grandfather died I assigned a bunch of men to look for mother because a part of me always said that she is alive. One of my men saw her somewhere in Australia yesterday. They are trying to track her down." Robbin said.

Gulping down the entire content of the glass, uncle Chen said," If they track them down, I'll go with you to bring her back."

" You still want to be with her?" Robbin asked.

" What kind of a question is that?" Uncle Chen said.

" After whatever she did you still are willing to forgive her?" Robbin asked.

" She isn't doing this by choice son. Your mother loves you and me." Uncle said.

Robbin laughed and asked," What if she already has a new family? What if she married someone else?"

Uncle Chen smiled and said," That is her personal choice but I will still love her till my last breath."

Smashing the glass in the floor, Robbin shouted," Are you serious? Can you even hear yourself? You are fool to say that. She doesn't love you nor me. She is hiding from us. All these years I know you've suffered alot and I've suffered too because of her. But what did she do? Tell me dad what did she do? What did she do?" Robbin said before kneeling on the ground and bursting into tears.

Uncle Chen quickly hugged him and said," It's okay son. I am here with you now. We will take things as they come."

Hugging him back, Robbin asked," Where were you when I needed you the most? Where were you when I was brutally tortured by grandpa Mo? Where were you when Grandpa Mo forced me to kill innocent people and animals? Where were you?"

" I am sorry." Uncle Chen said.


The father and son pair came down after Robbin stopped crying.

When father Xie saw their swollen eyes, he could roughly guess what might've happened.

" Everything Okay?" He asked.

Uncle Chen nodded his head and said," I hope so."

" Ahh look Singtan and Ming are here." Father Xie said.

When Robbin saw Singtan he grinned and greeted him," Good to see you brother-in-law."

Flicking his forehead, Singtan said," Shut up."

" Do you both know each other?" Father Xie asked.

Before Singtan could say anything, Robbin said,"We are childhood friends."

Ming smiled and said," I did not know that."

" Oh you might be sister-in-law right?" Robbin asked.

Ming nodded her head and said," It's good to meet you. I did not know that uncle Chen was hiding a son all along."