Simon's Villa.

Simon angrily gritted his teeth when he saw the news about Yixi and Yutang getting married at the marriage bureau in the presence of their family and friends.

Passing Simon the phone, the subordinate said," Sir it's him."

Taking the phone from his hand, Simon gestured the subordinate to leave.

" You fool. Don't you have brains? I gave you one simple task and look what you have done. Which era are you still living in? Do you think those old tricks that people use to play to distract their enemies still works? Did you forget who the woman is? Did you forget what her family background is? Did you forget how tough her mother was? How can you be so petty and sly? I can't believe I am helping someone like you." The man from the other side yelled.

" It's my mistake. I am sorry." Simon said.

" Go to hell with your sorry. I wanted you to create a conflict between Yang Yutang and An Yixi so that Yutang would be distracted. Then I would do something to distract the Zhangs and when the Li family would be alone with no one to back them up, I would have attacked them. But now what happened? We have an additional powerful family to deal with. All thanks to you and your petty brains." The man said.

Simon frowned and asked," Why didn't you come out and deal with them by yourself? Why are you hiding?

" I have my reasons. You are such a useless ass. Now there is nothing that we can do." The man said.

Simon sighed and said," I'll think about it."

" What happened to that man who is that little Li's biological father?" The man asked.

"Before we could catch him, Li Singtans men caught him." Simon said.

" Great great. That man was my last hope with the help of which I could harm the Li's and now that is gone too. You are good for nothing Simon no wonder Go Jefrey left your side." The man said before hanging up the call.

Smashing the phone on the floor, Simon screamed in frustration.

" Get the car ready." Simon shouted before walking out of the villa.


Linda's apartment.

Linda was getting ready for work when someone dashed into her apartment.

" Who is it?" Linda shouted.

Making his way to the couch, Simon sat down and asked," Who else can it be other than your father?"

Linda rolled her eyes and said," Get out of here I am already running late."

" Sit down we need to talk." Simon said.

Kind frowned and said," I am running late I need to leave." before walking towards the door but before she step out, two fault built men blocked her way and pushed her inside.

" You are not leaving until you agree to what I say." Simon said.

Linda frowned and said," You can't do this. This is illegal."

Simon chuckled and said," Don't you say whatever I do is illegal. Sit down and don't compel me to use force on you."

" What do you want?" Linda asked.

" I want you to destroys Yang Enterprise." Simon said.

Linda laughed and said," Are you drunk early in the morning? Or have to started taking drugs?"

Simon frowned and said," I am serious Linda."

" And what makes you think that I'll do it?" Linda asked.

" I am your father and-"

" I am not going to betray my boss only because you are my father. Did you understand? Now get the hell out of here." Linda shouted.

Simon smirked and said," I knew you wouldn't agree so easily. Now don't blame me for what happens next."

" Do whatever you want but I am not doing anything to Yang Enterprise and Yang Yutang." Linda said in a very firm tone.

" You are just like a mother, stubborn and firm. Both of you won't agree to what I say until I use some force." Gesturing some men to enter the apartment.

Linda narrowed her eyes and said," What are you trying to do? Get the hell out of here."

" Now I am asking you for the last time darling will you do as I say or not?" Simon asked.

Linda smirked and said," Never."

A man suddenly grabbed Linda's hand and started dragging her towards the bedroom.

Linda widened her eyes in shock and shouted," Are you serious? How can you even think about doing something like this to your daughter? Leave me. Leave my hand."

After struggling for quite some time, Linda managed to jerk the man's hand off.

Simon chuckled and said," There is no where you can go. Either agree to what I say or my men will do whatever they want with you."

" How can someone like you be my father?" Linda shouted before rushing towards the door.

Simon gestured his men to catch her but before they could even touch her hair, a tall man pulled her into his embrace.

When Linda dashed into a firm chest, she found the mans touch every familiar.

Lifting her head up when Linda saw who it was, she burst into tears. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she murmured," Save me please."

Wrapping his arms around her, Robbin said," It's okay I am here now."

" I think Mr Robbin entered the wrong apartment." Simon said.

Robbin smirked and said," You are messing up with a wrong woman Simon."

Simon chuckled an said," Mr Ro-oh I am so sorry you are Chen Yichan now right? So Mr Chen I did not know you had such a close relationship with my daughter."

Robbin shook his head and said," And I still cannot believe that a filthy man like you can have such a lovely daughter."

" I want to talk to my daughter privately so can Mr Chen please step out?" Simon asked.

" Go on don't bother me. I am not listening anyway." Robbin said.

Simon frowned and asked," Linda I am asking you for one last time are you helping me or not?"

Lifting Linda's chin, Robbin asked," Do you want you help him?"

Linda shook her head before burying her head on his chest.

Robbin smirked and said," She doesn't want to help you. So get the hell out of here."

Simon gestured his men to move forward.

Robbin chuckled and said," Is Mr Simon sure about this? So you really want to this? Well not that I mind." before taking his phone out.

Simon thought for a while and said," Stop I am leaving."

" Good otherwise I don't mind putting up a good fight with you." Robbin said.

" I'll talk to Linda later about this." Simon said before stepping out of the apartment.

" As if I'll give to another chance to do that." Robbin said before slamming the door shut.

Hugging her tightly, Robbin said," It's fine. He is gone."

" I was feeling so scared what if- How can a father do something like that to his own daughter?" Linda said before bursting into tears.

" Sshhh I am here nothing will happen now. I won't let him harm you." Robbin said.