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 " Babe when did you come back? And why didn't you tell me?" Yutang asked before rushing towards her.

Taking out the yellow envelope from her bag, Yixi took her photos and placed them on the table.

Placing the glass on the table, Yixi asked," What do you think should I do after seeing this?"

Picking up the photographs, Yutang panicked and said," Yixi this-"

Yixi chuckled and said," I can break up with you after seeing this you know."

Yutang widened his eyes in shock and said," Yixi I can explain. This is not as it looks. This woman was pregnant and I-"

" You were seeing a pregnant woman? Gosh you are creepy." Yixi said.

" Yixi I am not seeing anyone. This is a lie. Please babe don't believe it. Trust me. I love you a lot and I won't be able to live without you." Yutang said.

Yixi laughed and said," Everyone says the same thing when they are caught cheating."

" Yixi-"

Yixi shook her head and said," No Yutang I have taken a decision and nothing is going to change that."

Kneeling in front of here, Yutang joined his hands together and said," Please No no don't leave me please. I did not do anything please."

" I am sorry but my decision is not going to change." Yixi said in a very firm tone.

Hugging her waist, Yutang burst into tears and said," Nono please I won't let you go. Please Yixi don't leave me. I won't be able to live without you."

Running her hands through his hair, Yixi said," What can you do now? You've no other choice but to marry me."

" No no please don't leave me." Yutang said.

Yixi frowned and said," What? You don't want to marry me? Listen to me Mr Yang there is no way I am losing to that ugly woman."

Raising his head up, Yutang asked in a choked up voice," What?"

Wiping his tears away, Yixi chuckled and said," Look at you crying like a baby."

" You really want to marry me?" Yutang asked.

Pushing him away, Yixi picked up her bag and started walking towards the door.

Yutang panicked and asked," Where at you going Yixi?"

Yixi rolled her eyes and said," I am going to the marriage bureau. If you want to be my groom then follow me otherwise I'll find someone else." before walking out of the room.

Yutang widened his eyes in shock. He could not believe what he had heard.

Quickly wiping his tears off, Yutang ran outside.

" Yixi wait." Yutang shouted.

The employees widened their eyes in shock when they saw their boss rushing after their future lady boss.


Outside Yang Enterprise.

As soon as Yixi boarded the car, she received a call from a very weird number.

After Yutang boarded the car, Yixi gestured the chauffeur to start the car.

" Where to Madam?" The chauffeur asked.

" Marriage Bureau." Yixi said before picking up the call.

" Ahh I thought Miss An wouldn't receive my call." The man said.

Yixi chuckled and said," Why wouldn't I? You did such a huge favour for me. How can I ignore you?"

" I hope Ms An loved the photos." The man said.

" They were lovely. Do you have more of them?" Yixi asked.

The man chuckled and said," If Ms An wants more then I can send them."

" Ohh please do. I would love to collect them and later show it to my kids and tell them how stupid their father was to fall for such sly tricks." Yixi said.

When the man did not say anything, Yixi laughed and said," What? Why aren't you saying anything now? Oh don't tell me you thought I'll throw tantrums and demand him for an explanation or you know even worse break this relationship. And after that Yutang will become miserable and then you can easily have your way. Mr whatever your name is, you are forgetting who my father is. I've seen my mother receiving countless number of envelopes when I was young. So your silly tricks are not gonna work here."

" You-"

Yixi laughed and said," Even if this wasn't really a trick and Yutang is seriously cheating on me, I'll make sure he doesn't do that again. Thank you for you kind gesture but I really don't appreciate it." before hanging up the call.

" Yixi I-" Yutang said.

Flicking his forehead, Yixi said," Will you stop crying Yutang. You serious want to look ugly in our wedding photograph? I'll seriously annul the marriage if that happens."

" You really want to marry me?" Yutang asked.

Yixi rolled here eyes. Pointing towards the chauffeur, Yixi said," Ask me that question on more time and I'll marry him instead."

Yutang vigorously shook his head and said," Nono But the photos I-"

Ignoring Yutang, Yixi said," Drive faster."


Outside the marriage bureau.

When they arrived outside the marriage bureau, Yutang widened his eyes in shock when he saw father and mother Yang standing outside along with father and mother Li and father An.

" They-"

Yixi chuckled and said," What? You thought I'll marry you without any living proof? What if you marry me and then run back to your pregnant mistress? I cannot take a chance." before hoping out of the car.

When Mother Yang saw Yixi, she quickly rushed towards her and gave her a tight hug," Ahhh Yixi I am so happy today."

Hugging her back, Yixi smiled and said," I am happy too."

Patting her head, Mother Li said," I am so proud of you darling."

Yixi smiled and nodded her head.

Soon Father Xie and uncle Chen arrived along with Ling and Yufan.

" Ahh sister-in-law I am so happy for you and brother." Ling said.

" Where is brother Yutang?" Yufan asked.

Yixi chuckled and said," He is still inside the car."

Mother Li laughed and said," I think that boy is still in shock."

Father An chuckled and said," All thanks to my daughter."