Pausing for a while, Yumi continued, \"It's all your fault, you made me cry and broke my heart too. And now you aren't even kissing me. How can you be so-mmmmmm...\"

Pressing his lips against hers, Zixin intertwined their hands together and deepened the kiss.

Yumi closed her eyes and hooked her arms around his neck. Interlocking her fingers on his silky hair, Yumi kissed him back with the same passion and longing.

Yumi moaned when his Zixin pushed his tongue inside her mouth and she moaned louder when his wet tongue met hers. The kiss was more passionate and strong than all the kisses they had shared in the past.

Zixin was sucking her lips and nibbling her lips like there was no tomorrow. Yumi tried very hard to keep up with him but Zixins kisses were making her dizzy and all she could do was give in and let him do what he wanted to.

Placing arms in her waist, Zixin slowly took his hands upwards and cupped her breast, earning another moan from Yumi.

Pulling away, Zixin buried his head in her neck.

Arching her neck to the other side, Yumi let out a soft moan when Zixin started nibbling her skin.

When Zixin's hand started wandering all over her body, Yumi bit her lower lip and tried to stop him. She knew where this was leading to but no matter how much she wanted it to happen, they couldn't. At least not until Zixin fully recovered.

Placing her hand on his shoulder Yumi murmured, \"Zixin we can't.\"

Stopping mid-way Zixin pulled away and pursed his lips. \"I am sorry I-\" Thinking that maybe he had crossed his line, Zixin felt very angry for losing control. How could he not think about her and just give in?

When Yumi realised that he had taken it in a wrong way, she cupped his face and explained, \"Don't get me wrong okay? I am just concerned about your injury. You haven't fully recovered yet and if we do it then-\"

When Yumi blushed and buried her face on his neck, Zixin chuckled. His Yumi was still the most adorable and sweetest.

Giving her several pecks all over her face, Zixin smiled. \"Wait, until I recover and then-\" inching closer, Zixin whispered, \"I'll fulfil all your wishes.\"

Blushing harder, Yumi pushed him away. \"Get off me, what if someone comes in?\"

\"Hmm you didn't say that when we were kissing.\"

\"Zixin, let me go. Ahh our food will turn cold.\" Yumi said.

After giving her a peck on her lips, Zixin flipped to the other side.

Getting up, Yumi fixed her clothes and picked up the bowl from the table.

Scooping a spoonful of porridge, Yumi asked, \"So when are you planning to explain about your so-called fiancé.\"


Chen Enterprise.

Inside the CEO's office.

\"Boss, you called me?\" Andrew Tame asked.

\"On what account did you not let Lui Huiling sit for the interview?\" Huang asked.

Andrew thought for a while and asked, \"Boss are you talking about the interviewee for the finance department?\"


\"Sir she was late for the interview so-\"

\"So what if she was late? Can't you wait for a minute or two for the candidates? What if they had some problem or were stuck in traffic? How can you arrogantly send them away?\" Huang shouted.

Andrew pursed his lips and lowered his head. \"I am sorry sir.\"

Huang took a deep breath and ordered, \"You will interview her today along with your head and then take her in too. Is that clear?\"

Andrew nodded his head and said, \"Okay boss and I had also sent back a few other candidates yesterday. What should I do? Should I call them back too?\"

When Huang nodded his head, Andrew got up and nodded his head.

\"You can leave.\" Huang instructed before calling his assistant inside.

The assistant quickly rushed inside and asked, \"Boss, you want something.\"

\"Tell me when Huiling arrives and make sure the interview goes smoothly. Ask the HR department to be gentle with her.\" Huang instructed. How could he let Huiling face any kind of problem or feel uncomfortable in his company? So he had to take sure that everything goes smoothly.


Country C

With vitals attached all over his body, a man was lying on the bed in an unconscious state.

\"How long is this going to take?\" Pulos asked.

Checking the reports, the doctor said, \"He was shot thrice and had lost a lot of blood so he is lucky that he survived. Otherwise losing so much blood at this age is very fatal. I cannot say exactly when he will wake up but his condition is already stable so he should be up within a few days.\"

Pulos nodded his head and asked, \"Is there anything else you need? I don't care about anything else but I want him alive.\"

The doctor sighed and nodded his head. \"We have tried our best. We can just hope for the best now.\"

Pulos nodded his head and made his way towards the unconscious man. Placing his hand on his, he greeted his teeth and said, \"Don't worry uncle, I'll not let them go.\"


Country S

Wu base.

Taking the reports from his subordinate's hand, Ashton gestured him to start.

\"Alvin Churos' parents died when he was fifteen in a car accident and since then, he has always been alone.\" The subordinate explained.

Ashton fronwed and asked, \"Alone? Doesn't he have a sister?\"

\"Elsa Churos is Alvin's adopted sister whom he brought home a few years ago.\"

Ashton raised his eyebrows and asked, \"What? His adoptive sister?\"

The subordinate nodded his head and added, \"Yes boss, rumours say that Alvin takes special care of his adoptive sister and they are pretty close. Some even say that they share an abnormal relationship.\"

Thinking for quite some time, Ashton sighed. After visiting Alvin last night, Ashton couldn't take Elsa's image out of his head. Though he knew it was none of his business to intervene between whatever the siblings had in between them, something from within was forcing him to dig deeper and find out more about them.