Simon's Villa.

Simon was peacefully sipping wine in his living area, when a subordinate came rushing towards him and said," Sir we have some update about Yang Yutang and An Yixi."

" Isn't my daughter coming back today?" Simon asked.

The subordinate nodded his head.

" Now what were you telling about Mr Yang and Ms An?" Simon aksed.

" Sir Ms An is going to London to attend an event with her brother while Mr Yang also has to go country G for a business meeting." The subordinate said.

Simon smirked and said," Interesting. Now let's see how deep their love is."

" And Sir about the Wu clan. They finally agreed to meet us but they did not confirm a date." The subordinate said.

" Alright." Simon said.

" Daaadddyyy." A woman's sharp nasal voice echoed throughout the villa.

Simon's face brightened at the sight of his beloved daughter," Ahh my princess is here."

Running towards Simon, the woman wrapped her arms around Simon's waist and said," Ahhhh daddy I did it."

" Hahaha I knew my daughter would definitely succeed." Simon said.

The woman was Simon's youngest daughter, Kiara.

Kiara had a whitish complexion. She had her nose, eyebrows and navel pierced. She had a deadlocks in her hair which were dyed blue. Her nails were sharp, big and ugly. In short her whole appearance was ugly, weird and crazy.

" Ahh you don't know daddy how difficult it was." Kiara said before crashing on the couch.

Simon smiled and said," You are the only daughter I am proud. If daddy dies someday you can easily handle our business."

" When are you dying daddy?" Kiara asked.

Simon frowned and asked," Princess you want your daddy to die soon?"

Kiara chuckled and said," I was joking daddy."

Simon smiled and said," Don't worry princess daddy is not dying anything time soon."

" Oh ya what how is my baby?" Kiara asked.

" He is fine." Simon said.

Kiara narrowed her eyes and asked," You did not talk to me him about me didn't you?"

" He is smitten by his wife right now. He will not listen to me." Simon said.

" Then kill her. What's the big deal?" Kiara said.

Simon chuckled and said," Do you think it's so easy to kill the future Li patriarch?"

Kiara frowned and said," Do anything I don't care. You know how my I fancy Li Singtan right?"

" How can you fancy our enemy princess?" Simon asked.

" I don't care do something as soon as possible." Kiara said before walking towards her room.


Yang mansion.

" Come one Yutang. I am just going away for few days." Yixi said.

Yutang pouted his lips and said," I am going to miss you."

" Yes we both will miss each other." Yixi said.

Yutang sighed and said," Even I am going to country G for a day may be."

" That is good then." Yixi said.

Pulling her closer, Yutang said," Why do I feel like something bad is going to happen? Why do I feel like I am going to lose you."

Yixi giggled and said," Because you are over thinking."

" Hmm. I love you." Yutang said.

" I love you too. Oh did you decide what we are gonna wear for our college reunion?" Yixi asked.

" I haven't thought about it. Why don't you choose something for us?" Yutang asked.

Yixi nodded her head and said," I'll do that after I come back. Ohh will your best friend attend the banquet too?"

Yuntan thought for a while and said," Yeah may be."

" This time I want you to introduce me to him. I want to see his damn face." Yixi said.

Yutang sighed and said," Don't Get shocked after that."

" He is that ugly?" Yixi asked.

Yutang nodded his head and said," Yes very ugly."


Flexi compound.

After buying the groceries, Yufan and Ling returned to their apartment.

After placing the bags on the table, Yufan pulled Ling into his embrace and said," I love you."

Ling frowned and asked," What is wrong with you today Yufan? You are behaving so weird."

" What weird?" Yufan asked.

" You were behaving weird. You were also behaving double weird in the grocery store as well. What are you up to?" Ling asked.

Yufan shrugged his shoulders and said," It's not my fault. You are very sexy and attractive and-"

" What is going on between you and the word attractive? This is the I don't know may be 30th time you are calling me attractive." Ling said.

Yufan sighed and said," Alright I don't want you to feel that you are not attractive or I am not attracted toward you and-"

" Wait now who told you that?" Ling asked.

" Dina told me that you told her that may be I don't find you attractive. That is why I haven't done anything with you yet." Yufan said.

Ling chuckled and said," Yufan she is playing with you. I never told her anything like that."

" You didn't?" Yufan asked.

Ling shook her head and said," No I didn't. I know I am very attractive and beautiful. Back in high school and college there were tons who were ready to die for me." before walking towards their room.

Yufan raised his eyebrows. Grabbing her hand, Yufan asked," What did you say?"

" Well I said many boys would- Aahhhh." Ling screamed when Yufan lifted her up in his shoulder.

Placing her on the bed, Yufan pinned her down and said," How dare you talk about other men in front of me?"

" Yufan I am hungry." Ling said.

Yufan chuckled and said," So am I." before crashing their lips together.

Wrapping her hands around his neck, Ling pulled him closer and deepened the kiss.

Letting go her lips, Yufan moved further downwards. Starting from her neck all the way to her cleavage.

When his cold lips met her warm skin, Ling shivered in pleasure.

Lifting up her top, Yufan started running his hands on her waist and stomach.

Ling bit her lower lip in order to control the lewd noises that her body was forcing her to make.

Looking into her eyes, Yufan said," I so badly want to have you right now but I know you aren't ready for this."

Ling frowned and asked," What if I say I am ready for this?"

Yufan sighed and said," I don't want you take decisions which you may- Ouch." Yufan screamed when Ling suddenly kicked him.

Getting down from the bed, Ling fixed her hair and said," You know you are right. I will regret this. We both will regret this."

" Ling-"

" Yufan why don't you drop me home? And I don't want us to stay here and do things which we may regret later." Ling said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," You are right. What if we get carried away and-"

Without waiting for him to complete his sentence, Ling grabbed her bag and dashed out of the room.

" Babe lets have dinner together and then I will-" BAM.

" What happened to her all of a sudden?" Yufan murmured before rushing towards Ling.