Walking towards them, Lui Songpa asked again," And why are you running? Did you see a ghost?

"Yufan vigorously shook his head and said," Actually I-"

" Oh oh oh are you joining our clan?" Lui Songpa asked excitedly.

Sebastian could not take care it anymore and said," Yufan why are behaving like this? Mr Li is waiting for us. We have to go."

Glaring at Sebastian, Yufan murmured," We are not going inside Seb it's dangerous."

" Dude did you forget who you are?" Sebastian asked.

"Idiot Li Singtan is my brother-in-law." Yufan said.

" So what if he is yo-" Sebastian widened his eyes in shock and asked," Fu*k. Oh my Yufan what do we do now? Ahh I think he is going to kill me."

" Why will he kill you idiot?" Yufan asked.

" Because I am the reason why his innocent and clean brother-in-law is not the clean and innocent brother-in-law he thinks he has." Sebastian said.

" What the hell are you talking? Argghh I don't know about you but I am seriously dead." Yufan said.

Grabbing Yufans hand, Sebastian said," You know what should we do in situations like this?"

" What?" Yufan asked.

"We should run." Sebastian said but before he could even take a step, Songpa caught his wrist," What are you both whispering? I want to whisper too."

Yufan scratched his forehead and said," Hey friend we have to leave okay. Can you please leave his hand?

"Songpa frowned and said," I want to whisper too."

Sebastian gulped in nervousness and whispered to Yufan," Man his grip his too tight. I think my wrist will break."

" See you both are whispering something again. Whisper with me also." Songpa said.

Moving closer towards Songpa, Sebastian whispered," Man your grip is too tight. Can you leave my wrist?

"Songpa chuckled and whispered back,"No."

" Songpa what are you doing here?" Zechan asked.

" Ohhh Zechan come here we are playing whisper whisper." Songpa said.

Zechan rolled his eyes and said," I don't want to."

Turning towards Sebastian, he asked," And who are you?"

Waving his other hand, Sebastian said," I am Seb-Oucccchhhh Dude."

" Ohh I am SEBISTA for stepping in your foot." Yufan said glaring at Sebastian.

" Ohh I did not expect that I would see Mr Xie here." Zechan said.

Extending his hands towards Zechan, Yufan said," Haha you know me. Sebista he knows me."

Zechan raised his eyebrows and asked," I believe you are here to meet Boss?"

" Oh no no I was taking a walk with him." Yufan said.

Zechan laughed and said," Hahah Mr Xie is very funny. Well this isn't a garden but if you want a tour, I can give you one afterwards but first please follow me. Let me take you to boss."

Yufan and Sebastian had no choice but to follow Zechan.

On the way, Sebastian asked," Dude what do we do now?"

" Seb can you see it." Yufan said pointing towards the ceiling." What?"

" My funeral." Yufan said wiping the beads of sweat away.


Inside the room.

When Sebastian and Yufan entered the room, Yufan gulped in fear and said," Seb act along me."

When Mike saw Yufan, he asked," Now kid what are you doing here?"

Yufan laughed and said," Ohh hi Mike bro, this Seb is new in the country so when he said he wanted to go somewhere I decided to drop him there. But who would've thought that he would be meeting you all. Hahah since you people are here. I can leave Seb here. Okay bye have a great day." before turning around all ready to dash out of the room.

"Stand right there." Singtan said.

Yufan froze. " Since you are already here, why don't you join us?" Singtan asked.

" Singtan that is not a good idea. You know what we have to discuss today." Yutang said.

Ignoring Yutang, Singtan said," Come inside Mr Wu and Yufan."

Looking at each other for few second, Yufan and Sebastian sat on the couch.

After pouring some wine for both of them, Singtan said," Please help yourself."

Picking up the glass, Yufan gulped the whole content in one go and said," Haha I am done I guess. Ohhh I remember I have a very important meeting today. I have to leave."

Singtan chuckled and asked," What's the hurry Smith?"

"Pttfff." Sebastian spat out the entire wine content from his mouth.

" What?" Yutang and Mike shouted.

Yufan gulped in fear and said," Haha brother-in-law how much wine did you really drink? Did you forget my name too? Sister is going to kill you if I tell her this."

" Singtan will you please tell us what is happening clearly?" Yutang asked.

Pointing towards Yufan, Li Singtan said," Well why don't you ask Smith about this."

Seeing Yufans dazed expression, Singtan asked," What? You thought I would never know?"

" You are Smith?" Mike asked Yufan.

Yufan nodded and shook his head at the same time and said," May be yes. May be no."

" My little sister is dating Smith?" Yutang shouted.

Pointing towards Sebastian, Yufan said," It is all his fault. He is the one-"

" Hey dude how can you sacrifice me like that? Do you even love me anymore?" Sebastian asked.

Turning towards Li Singtan, Sebastian said," Listen to me Mr Li it isn't my fault. He willingly became my partner and I swear I did not force him. Please please don't kill me. My finace is pregnant. What will happen to her and my baby if I die?"

Yufan widened his eyes in shock and asked," Dina is pregnant?"

Sebastian shrugged his shoulders and said," Well after what we did last night may be she is already pregnant."