\"You are such a pain in the ass man.\" Liang cursed before getting up and leaving the room.

Just then Yumi entered the room with two bowls in her hand. Placing it on the table, Yumi asked, \"Was that Liang?\"

Zixin nodded his head and said, \"Yes, he was here to see me.\"

Sitting beside him, Yumi scooped a spoonful of porridge and started feeding Zixin. \"When are uncle and aunty coming?\"

Grinning from ear to ear, Zixin happily ate the plain and bland porridge Yumi was feeding him. \"They will be here by afternoon.\"

\"I already told dad about it, he will pick them up from the airport along with mom.\" Yumi had already called Singtan early in the morning and informed him about the arrival of Zixin's parents.

\"Okay.\" Pausing for a while, Zixin asked, \"Yumi.\"


\"We are okay right?\" Zixin asked.

Placing the bowl down, Yumi asked, \"What do you mean?\"

\" I mean, everything is okay between us right?\" Zixin asked. Though he knew things were already stable between them, he still wanted to hear it from her.

\"And what makes you think that everything is okay? How do you know that there is no one else in my life?\" Yumi asked.

Zixin frowned and asked, \"What do you mean?\"

Yumi shrugged her shoulders and answered, \"I mean, you were away for three long years and for the whole time we were not together, you never called or messaged me. So what makes you think that I don't have any other man by my side? I mean three long years is enough for anyone to fall out of love and fall in love with someone else, isn't it?\"

After hearing everything that Yumi said, Zixin's expression turned extremely dark and he pursed his lips. He could feel his blood boil, his ears and eyes started turning hit. Though he knew the possibility of whatever she had said was almost negligible, that thought of Yumi having some other man beside her was making him angry. How could she say something like that so casually?

\"Did you see that man beside me on the set?\" Yumi asked. Without waiting for his reply, she added, \"His name is Jasson and he has been asking me out for a really long time now. In fact I had even agreed to go on a date with him.\"

Zixin widened his eyes in shock and shouted, \"What? A date? Are you out of your mind? How can you date just anyone? I bet he isn't handsome too.\"

Yumi raised her eyebrows and asked, \"Do you even know who Jasson is? He is a very famous actor and girls literally drool at his handsome appearance. You just called a handsome face not handsome.\"

Gritting his teeth, Zixin frowned deeper. \"I bet he is not more handsome than me.\"

\"Well-\" Before Yumi could say anything, Zixin grabbed her hand and pulled her towards himself. He then quickly pinned her down. With his huge body hovering her small one, Yumi almost melted his embrace.

With their face just a few inches apart from each other, Yumi could feel his breath on her lips.

\"What did you say? Who is more handsome?\" Zixin asked.

When Yumi did not say anything but started biting her lower lips instead, Zixin gulped in neverouness. Her lips were as tempting and juicy like they were before.

It wasn't like they hadn't shared a kiss in the past. Zixin wouldn't have hesitated even for a second before ravishing her lips but things were a little different now. He didn't know whether Yumi would want to kiss him or not. He had no idea how she would feel. Was she ready to accept him again? If he kissed her, would she feel he is taking advantage of her?

Many questions were revolving around his head which were forcing him to hold back the strong urge which was brewing in his heart to kiss the woman he loved.

Unlike Zixin, Yumi was feeling more and more upset by every passing second when he did not kiss her.

She wanted him to take the initiative, she wanted him to kiss her. Only she knew how much she had craved for his kisses and how difficult it was to stay without him for three long years.

She purposely told him misleading things because she wanted to tease him and make him feel jealous but who would've thought things would turn out this way.

Pressing their foreheads together, Zixin sighed. \"I know I am wrong but trust me babe, I also didn't wish any of it to happen and neither did I enjoy a single moment that I spent without you. These three long years without you has felt like a decade. There wasn't a single day when I did not think about you Yumi. If you think that I actually enjoyed my life without you then you are wrong. I have suffered a lot too but I know it's my fault and I am willing to compensate but please babe for God's sake don't mention any other man in front of me. You can thrash me and beat me black and blue. If you want, you can even ground me at home for as long as you want, curse me. In fact you can do whatever you want, you have always had the liberty to make decisions in our relationship. You are my lady boss, remember?\"

Pausing for a while, Zixin continued, \"The thought about you being with someone else makes me go crazy and I completely lose my cool. I just cannot, I can't even imagine you being with someone else other than me. You and I have always belonged to each other. We are meant to be together Yumi.\"

Holding back her tears, Yumi buried her face on his neck and murmured, \"I missed you a lot Zixin. You have no idea how tough it has been without. There were times when I wanted to see you, hug you and be with you so bad but couldn't. At that time, I felt so helpless and useless.\"