Without wasting even a second, Yufan pointed his gun towards George and shot him straight on his forehead.

When Yufan saw George's figure falling on the ground, he breathed and sigh of relief. Leaning against the wall, Yufan closed his eyes to control his overwhelming feelings.

" Yufan you are bleeding." A man said who had just entered the room.

" It's fine. Just take Seb to the hospital. I'll meet you there." Yufan said.

The man nodded his head. Gesturing few men to carry Sebastian out, the man left after patting Yufans shoulder.

Looking at George for sometime, Yufan placed his gun inside his pocket before staring at his hands.

He actually killed so many men in a single sitting but was feeling nothing. The farmhouse was now covered with human blood. But Yufan was feeling nothing.

A normal person like him should freak out after seeing all this but why wasn't he feeling anything?

The strong smell of gunpowder mixed with blood did not irritate him at all. Everything felt so familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time.

" Clean this mess." Yufan said before walking out of the farmhouse.

After reaching the hospital, the doctor told him that Sebastian had been shot twice. One on the shoulder while the other one on his left leg.

" Though he is out of danger, he is still weak. He has to rest for almost two months to recover completely." The doctor.

Yufan breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Sebastian was alright.

Just then a nurse arrived and said," Sir you need to treat your wound too."

Yufan nodded his head and followed the nurse.

After sometime when Sebastian was shifted to the room, Yufan sat on the couch thinking about the series of events that had happened.

Next day when Yufan woke up, the doctors were running few test in Sebastian.

" Seb how are feeling?" Yufan asked.

Sebastian nodded his head and said," I am feeling quite better."

Yufan smiled and said," That's good to hear man."

Sebastian lowered his head and said," Yufan I-"

" Don't say anything. It wasn't your fault." Yufan said.

" Sorry did dragging you into this mess bro." Sebastian said.

Yufan smiled and said," We are friends okay. How could I just stand there and see you die? I had to do sometime. So what if I killed a dozen of men including your uncle? Big deal."

Sebastian burst into laughter and said," You sound like a real gangster bro. Oh by the way how is dad?"

Yufan froze when he heard Sebastian's question," Seb uncle Sil is no more."

Sebastian sighed and said," I should've guessed this already when uncle George came looking for me. That old man left me too just like my mom."

Patting his head, Yufan said," Don't worry I am here for you."

Just then a tiny figure entered the room and directly pounced into Sebastian embrace.

Sebastian widened his eyes in shock and said," Dina."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Dina said," Thank God you are safe. You scared the hell out of me. How did you get hurt so badly?"

" His car was hit by a truck." Yufan said.

" Oh right. Yufan this is Dina. Remember I had told you about her?" Sebastian said.

Yufan smiled and nodded his head. Sebastian had told Yufan about his high school crush Dina and how he had chased her for all these years but how she politely kept rejecting him.

" It's nice to meet you Dina." Yufan said.

Dina smiled and said," It's nice to meet you too."

After Silbester's funeral, Yufan and Sebastian started living together in an apartment which was very close to their college.

As Sebastian had to rest for almost two months, Yufan took charge of the Wu clan on his behalf while Dina took care of Sebastian.

The Wu clan unexpectedly did quite well under Yufans supervision. The missions that were executed were a huge success. The resources of the Wu clan increased too.

After two months when the doctor confirmed that Sebastian had fully recovered, Yufan asked," So any progress?"

Sebastian smiled and said," Yeah she likes me too."

Yufan chuckled and said," I am happy for you too. Okay so since you are all fine, why don't I update you everything about the clan and then you take charge of everything."

" Yufan I don't wanna take charge. I heard how you handled things when I was recovering and even if I take charge of everything now, I won't be able to handle everything so well. I don't have a sharp brain like yours." Sebastian said.

Yufan chuckled and said," So you admit that you are dumb?"

Sebastian rolled his eyes and said," Don't joke bro. I am trying to be serious here." Pausing for a while, Sebastian continued," I wanted to ask you something. Would you like to take charge of Wu clan along with me? I mean we will make the best team. With your intelligence and game plan, we can actually rule over the whole underworld."

Yufan thought for a while and said," Okay."

Sebastian cheekily smiled and asked," Really?"

Yufan smiled and nodded his head. Since he had already entered into that messy world and killed hundred of people by then, what was the point turning back?

After that day there was no turning back. Yufan and Sebastian together started making a name in the underworld. In order to keep his identity secret, Yufan started addressing himself as SMITH.

After two years, Sebastian Wu and Smith became the two new youngsters whom everything feared.



Looking at the night sky, Yufan sighed.

Yufan never regretted being a part of the underworld. Though he knew that his father would probably kick him out of the house if he learns about it, but there was nothing that Yufan could do.

Back then he could not leave the Wu clan because the feeling of holding a gun felt so right and pleasing.

Thinking for a while Yufan decided take things as they come.

Even if father Xie kicked him out of the house, he still that an apartment in Flexi compound where he could live a peaceful life along with Ling.


Li Mansion.

" Ming wake up and change your clothes." Singtan said.

Ming shook her head and said," I am very tired to even move my pinky."

Singtan sighed and said," It will be uncomfortable for you sleep like this."

" Singtan baby says he needs to sleep. So stop disturbing us." Ming said.

" Ming is you wake up and change your clothes right now, I'll get you caramel ice cream right now." Singtan said.

Quickly getting up from the bed, Ming dashed into the washroom before saying," Get a bigger bowl."

Helplessly shaking his head, Singtan headed downstairs.



When Singtan arrived downstairs, he saw Quin sitting on the couch with a wine glass in his hand.

" Didn't you drink enough wine in the banquet?" Singtan said.

Quin sighed and said," I needed one."

Taking the glass from his hand, Singtan asked," What is it Quin?"

Quin sighed and said," He came looking for me yesterday."

" Who?" Singtan asked.

" Ben's biological father." Quin said.