After arriving outside the farmhouse, Yufan said," Alright guys stay alert and stay together. We have to get Seb out of here alive."

The men nodded their head and started walking towards the farmhouse.

Yufan frowned when he sensed something different.

" Wait." Yufan shouted.

" Let's try something different." Yufan said before elaborating his plan to everyone.

When Yufan stepped inside the farmhouse along with few other men, he saw Sebastian lying on the floor covered in blood.

Quickly rushing towards him, Yufan said," Sebastian wake up."

Suddenly a laughed echoed throughout the living area," Oh look who Silbester has sent to save his beloved son. A kid."

Ignoring the man, Yufan kept on patting Sebastian's cheeks trying to wake him up.

" There is no point doing that kid. He will also die. Just like his father." The man said.

" Let me take him to the hospital." Yufan said.

The man chuckled and said," Why do you think I'll let you do that?"

Yufan frowned and asked," What kind of uncle are you? How can you treat your nephew like this?"

George smirked and said," Anything for the clan kid. Silbester was nothing in comparison to me. He was stupid and naive. He did not know anything but still my father gave him everything."

" Listen to me I don't care about your clan or anything else. I just want to take Seb to the hospital and nothing else." Yufan said.

George chuckled. Taking his gun out, George pointed it toward Yufan expecting a shocked reaction from him. But to his surprise, Yufan stood there with an expressionless face.

Yufan smirked and said," You seriously thought that would scare me?"

George frowned and asked," Who exactly are you?"

" Did you think that Silbester would send a random naive boy to save his son?" Yufan asked.


A loud gunshot echoed throughout the living area and then


The man standing beside George fell done on the floor.

Yufan gulped when he saw a man being shot right in front his eyes. Quickly composing himself, Yufan smirked and said," You are the one who is naive and stupid George not uncle Sil."



Another man was shot dead.

George panicked and asked," How? Where? You did not take out your gun? Who?"

" Let me take him out of here otherwise you'll be next." Yufan said.

George laughed and said," I really underestimated you young boy." Before shouting," NOW."

In less than a second, several men wearing black suit entered the farmhouse and surrounded them.

Silbester's men, who were hiding quickly came out and surrounded Yufan and Sebastian, pointing their guns at George and his men.

Taking out his gun, Yufan said in a very low voice," One of you take Sebastian inside a room and keep him safe."

" But you-"

" Don't worry about me. It's important to keep Sebastian safe." Yufan said.

A man quickly followed Yufans orders and took Sebastian inside.

George chuckled and said," Do you think taking him inside will help? Now I have to take all the trouble to kill you and your men before killing him. Hey little boy why don't you just hand him over to me and the I-"






Several gunshots were fired all together from Yufans side before George could even complete his sentence.

" Spread out." Yufan shouted.

Pointing his gun towards a man, Yufan gulped in nervousness before firing a shot.


The shot landed straight into the man's forehead.

Seeing the man fall on the ground, Yufan froze when he realised that even after killing a man he felt nothing. Instead of feeling sad or guilty, he actually enjoyed it.

Quickly composing himself, Yufan fired five bullets back to back each landing straight on the targets forehead.

Within almost twenty minutes, Yufans men were able to kill all of them. Though his men had received few injuries too but they weren't that severe.

Roaming his eyes around the corpse lying in front of him, Yufan frowned when he could not find George anywhere.

Yufan widened his eyes when realisation hit him. Quickly rushing towards the room where they had kept Sebastian when Yufan dashed inside, he saw George standing in front of Sebastian pointing his gun towards at him.