A man standing beside Silbester said," Sir why don't we attack them from the east?"

Yufan frowned and said," Attacking from east is very risky. It is just few metres away from the main building. You will lose many men if you attack from there."

Silbester raised his eyebrows and asked," So Yufan what should we do?"

Yufan widened his eyes in shock when he realised what he had said. Quickly getting up from the floor, Yufan said," Well it was just a suggestion. I mean don't mind me. Please you guys continue I'll go fetch Sebastian."

" No it's fine. Tell me what should we do?" Silbester asked.

Yufan scratched his forehead and said," Well if you attack from the west, it would be much safer because the resting lounge is closer to that place. So it will easy for you all."

" He is right sir." A man said.

Silbester smiled and said," Alright then prepare for the mission."

After that Silbester started taking Yufans suggestion for each and every mission he was executed.

Everything was going good until one day when Silbester Wu met with an accident.

After hearing the news, Yufan rushed to the hospital.

At the entrance, Yufan met Sebastian who was in a hurry.

" Seb how is uncle?" Yufan asked.

Sebastian shook his and said," He is not in a very good condition. He chased me out saying that I should go to the farmhouse and secure a red colour file which is inside his study as soon as possible. He said that it's very important."

Yufan pursed his lips and said," Alright you go but stay safe okay?"

Sebastian nodded his head and left.

When Yufan entered the hospital, a man stopped him and said," Mr Yufan master wants to see you immediately. He says he has very less time left."

Yufan sighed and followed the man.

When Yufan entered the room, he saw Silbester sleeping on the bed with different kinds of tubes attached to his body.

Sitting beside him, Yufan said," Uncle Sil."

Silbester slowly opened his eyes and smiled at Yufan," I was waiting for you buddy."

Holding his hand, Yufan said," Don't worry I am right here and nothing will happen to you."

Silbester smiled and said," Nah my times up."

" Don't say that." Yufan said.

" In the past I was always worried about Seb being alone after I die but now since he has you by his side, I can die peacefully. You know Yufan you have a thing that Seb doesn't have. When I look into your eyes, I can see it. Your eyes are fearless." Silbester said.

Pausing for a while, Silbester said," When I saw you holding a gun for the first time, I was shocked when you did not freak out. You were holding it as if your hands were just meant to do that. Your brain is as sharp as knife. You've every quality that a gangster should've."

Yufan widened his eyes in shock and said," I am not a gangster. I can never be. I am-"

" I know it's hard for you to accept it but that is true. You've everything that a gangster should've." Silbester said.

Taking off a tube from his hand, Silbester said," Listen to me Yufan whatever happened today is not a accident. Somebody wanted to kill me and I am very sure that it's my step-brother George. After I die he will definitely go after Sebastian because he is the sole heir of Wu clan now. I want you to protect Sebastian. Keep him safe."

" But why me?" Yufan asked.

" Because I know only you can." Silbester said.

" I am sorry uncle Sil but I am not a gangster and I don't think I'll ever be. I belong from a family which is far away from all of this and I don't want to be a part of it too. I am sorry but-" Before could say anything, Uncle Sil patted his head and said," Time will show you where you belong my son. Time will show you." before closing his eyes forever.

Yufan froze. Shaking his shoulder, Yufan tried to wake Silbester up but he did not respond.

Coming out of the room, Yufan leaned against the wall in daze.

Just then a man stepped out of the room and said," Silbester Sir asked me to give this to you before he died."

Passing Yufan a black colour box, the man said," I'll inform Sebastian about this."

When Yufan opened the box, tears started rolling down his cheeks when he saw what was inside. It was the gun with which Yufan had practiced shooting with Silbester for the first time.

As Yufan was busy remembering the good times he had spent with Silbester, the man dashed into the hospital and said," Sebastian has been captured."

Yufan narrowed his eyes and asked," Where?"

" Inside the farmhouse." The man said.

" Who?" Yufan asked in a very cold tone.

" George Wu." The man said.

Taking the gun out of the box, Yufan said," Let's go."