Patting Yufans shoulder, Father Xie said," I know young people like you love to try new things but Yufan I don't want you to enter that world. I don't want you to be a part of it. I want our Xie family name to be out of that mess for every generation to come. We have to to do this for your mother. Do you understand?"

Giving father Xie a weak smiled, Yufan nodded his head.

" Okay now it's getting quite late. We should go down." Father Xie said.

" Dad you go down. I'll stay here for sometime." Yufan said.

Father Xie smiled and left.

Placing cup on floor, Yufan took deep breath.

How will he ever tell his father that he was already a part of it?

How will he tell him and he was already someone whom everyone feared in US?

How will he tell him and he was the one who was solely responsible for each and every mission that the Wu clan executed after Silbester Wu died?

How would his father react if he would know that his son was the mastermind behind the Wu clan?

How will he tell him that he was Smith?


4 years back.

Yufan was 17 years old when he went to US to complete his further studies. Yufan wanted to work hard and help his father to run their company. He wanted to become one of the top businessman in the world. But who would've thought that his life would turn upside down and he would become one of the most feared gangster of US at very young age.

When he first stepped inside the college, he saw a boy standing near the gate, talking to himself.

" This way? Oh no no may be this way?" The boy said.

Yufan chuckled and asked," Hey what are you looking for?"

The boy smiled and said," Ehh I am looking for my department."

" Which department are you from?" Yufan asked.

" Business management." The boy said.

" Oh cool we are in the same department so why don't we find it together?" Yufan said.

The boy smiled and said," Sounds great man."

Extending his hand towards him, Yufan said," My name is Xie Yufan."

" My is Sebastian Wu but you can call me Seb." Sebastian said.

Walking towards their department, Sebastian asked," So you are from?"

" Oh I am from country S and you?" Yufan asked.

" I am from US itself. So staying in doms?"Sebastian asked.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Yeah."

" I am staying in doms too. Which room?" Sebastian asked.

" Room no.26 A." Yufan said.

" Oh cool I am 25 A."Sebastian said.

After that Yufan and Sebastian became very good friends. They used to study together, eat together, drink together.

One day Yufan was studying in the library when Sebastian came and snatched his book away from him and said," Dude let's go."

" Where?" Yufan asked.

" I am taking you to my farmhouse for the weekend." Sebastian said.

Yufan scratched his forehead and said," I've lots of assignments to complete so why don't you go alone?"

Sebastian rolled his eyes and said," Stop being a bore Yufan and let's go."

After denying two three times, Yufan finally gave up and followed Sebastian to his farmhouse. But who knew that a short weekend visit to Sebastian's farm house would be turning point of his life.

When they arrived at Sebastian's farmhouse, a middled aged man approached them.

" So this is the friend you were talking about?" The man asked.

Sebastian nodded his head and said," Yes this is my friend Yufan and" turning towards Yufan, Sebastian said," Yufan this is my father Silbester Wu."

Yufan smiled and said," It's nice meeting you sir."

Silbester smiled and said," You don't have to be so formal son. I have heard many things about you from Seb."

" Okay now lets go inside." Sebastian said.

" Seb you go and practice first. I'll take Yufan inside." Silbester said.

Sebastian shook his head and said," I'll practice later."

" No you are going now." Silbester said.

Yufan raised his eyebrows and asked," What practice?"

" Shooting practice." Sebastian said.

Yufan widened his eyes in shock and asked," You know how to use a gun?"

Sebastian smiled and said," Yes I do."

" Yufan you've never used a gun before?" Silbester asked.

Yufan shook his head and said," No uncle."

Silbester grabbed Yufan's hand and said," Let's go uncle will teach you."

Taking Yufan towards the shooting area, Silbester gave him a gun and said," Here this will be best for you. Now do you see that board with different red circles and that red dot in the centre?"

Yufan nodded his head.

" That red dot is known as the bulls eyes. If you hit that then superb but the first two first around it are also considered goo." Silbester said.

Yufan kept on staring at the gun in his hand. This was a first time he was seeing a gun in reality. But what surprised him was that holding it did not feel weird.

" Okay now Yufan follow your uncle." Silbester said.

Yufan nodded his head and started imitating Silbester's actions.



Silbester raised his eyebrows when he saw where Yufans bullet had landed.

" Boy are you sure you've never used a gun before?" Silbester asked.




Without saying anything, Yufan shot three more bullets which landed almost close to the bulls eyes.

Silbester smirked and said," Looks like I've found my lucky charm."

After that day Yufan started accompanying Sebastian to his farm house every weekend where Yufan would practice shooting along with his uncle Silbester.

After a year, under Silbester's guidance Yufan's shooting skills improved a lot.

" That is awesome buddy." Silbester said.

Placing his gun down, Yufan said," It's nothing in front of your skills uncle."

" Ahh boy you've surpassed this old man long time back." Silbester said.

As Yufan was about to say something, a man stepped forward and whispered something in Silbester's ears turning his expression very cold.

" Yufan I'll join you in a minute." Silbester said before walking out along with the man.

After spending almost more than a year with the father and son duo, Yufan had a rough idea about what they did. But he did not mind. They were good to him and imposed no harm and that was what mattered to Yufan.

After practising for sometime when Yufan entered the farmhouse, he saw Silbester planning something along with men.

Taking two three steps towards them, when Yufan saw a model placed on the table which looked like a base camp he asked," What is this?"

Silbester smiled and said," This is a base camp."

Yufan kept on staring at the model and did not say anything.

" Sir we have to do something. We have to attack them first." A man said.