Singtan frowned and said," Quin is your dad and you are a Li okay. Don't listen to him. You believe uncle Singtan right?"

Ben nodded his head.

Kissing Ben's cheeks, Singtan said," Let's go inside and eat some ice cream."

Ben cheekily smiled and said," Ben wants chocolate ice cream."

Li Singtan smiled and said," Okay okay let's go now."


After giving Ben some ice cream, Singtan took out his phone and called Han Zihao.

" I want to see the CCTV footage of the entire hallway by tomorrow." Li Singtan said.

" Okay sir anything else?" Han Zihao asked.

" Arrange few more bodyguards for Ben. I want his kindergarten to be fully guarded too." Li Singtan said before hanging up the call.

After eating, Ben poked Li Singtan and said," Uncle Singtan I am done."

Singtan smiled and said," Now look at you. Who is going to wipe your face?"

Taking a tissue paper, Singtan carefully wiped Ben's mouth and said," See now you look perfect."

Ben chuckled and said," Ben wants to have more ice cream."

Li Singtan shook his head and said," No Ben too much ice cream is not good for your health."

"I like ice cream." Ben said.

Li Singtan chuckled and said," You are sounding just like your aunt Ming. Come let's go and find her."

Just then Quin arrived and said," Big Brother."

Passing Ben to him, Singtan said," Don't leave him alone. I'll talk to you after we reach home. You should learn how to take care of your son Quin."

Quin nodded his head and said," You don't worry bro. I'll take care of him."


After looking for Ming for quite sometime, Singtan sighed when he saw Mike carrying Anna out of the hall.

" What happened?" Singtan asked.

" I don't know what they did but she is very drunk and Yixi too. Ahh forget about them even mother Li was so drunk. Father took her home just now." Mike said.

Singtan frowned and asked," Where is Ming?"

" I guess I saw her with uncle Xie. I have to take Anna home so I am leaving." Mike said before walking out of the hall with Anna.

Li Singtan sighed and started looking for his wife. It was almost the end of the banquet but he had not seen her.

Li Singtan frowned deeper when he saw Ling leaning against Yufan with her eyes closed and Sebastian holding Dina.

" Where is your sister?" Li Singtan asked.

Yufan pointed towards a direction and said," Brother-in-law I am taking Ling to our place. Can you please tell Bro Yutang about this?"

Singtan nodded his head before heading towards Ming.

" Ming." Li Singtan said

Xie Ming smiled and said," There you are. I was looking for you."

" Why did you people drink so much today? Wait you did not drink right?" Li Singtan asked.

" Of course not but I was so tempted too." Xie Ming said.

" Good. I think we should go home." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," I am feeling very tired."

" Let's meet father and uncle Chen before leaving." Singtan said.

After meeting Father Xie and uncle Chen, Li Singtan and Xie Ming headed home.

After everyone left, Father Xie and uncle Chen headed home too.


Inside the car.

" What happened Chuang?" Uncle Chen asked.

Father Xie sighed and said," The old man told me that his blood is thicker than mine. Do you think he was trying to say that Yufan is already-"

" Are you crazy? Stop over thinking alright. Our Yufan is innocent and naive. There is no way he will ever get involved in all of that." Uncle Chen said.

" But I still can't stop worrying about this Seini. Jenny never wanted this. You know that she is reason why I never stepped into that world right?" Father Xie said.

" I know. Yufan is your son so he will definitely follow your footsteps. Okay why don't you talk to him about this?" Uncle Chen said.

" Yeah I think I should." Father Xie said.


Xie Mansion.

After arriving home, father Xie decided to talk to Yufan first before heading towards his room.

Yufan had just tucked his drunk girlfriend under the quilt when Father Xie knocked at his door.

" Can I talk to you for a second son?" Father Xie asked.

Yufan smiled and said," Ya sure that. Umm why don't we go to the terrace?"

" Okay. I'll ask someone to get us some coffee too." Father Xie said.



Taking a sip from his black coffee, after Xie said," You were very young when your mom died Yufan. So I guess you don't remember much about her right?"

Yufan smiled and said," I never missed her much dad because elder sister did everything for me that mom used to do."

Father Xie sighed and said," Ming made things easier for me. After your mom died I had no idea how would I raise you, Yurin and Ming all by myself but when I saw Ming taking care of you and Yurin just like your mom did, I thought that if a fourteen year old can do it, why can't I."

" Dad you miss mom don't you?" Yufan asked.

" Yes I do. She is the only woman that I had loved in my entire life." Father Xie said.

Pausing for a while, Father Xie continued," Yufan do you know why our family is not involved in any kind of illegal things? It's not that I am scared or I don't like it. It's because your mother never liked it. She is the only reason why I never stepped foot into that world."

" Why?" Yufan asked.

" Your Grandpa Go is an active member of the underworld. He is into many illegal things since a very young age. When your mother was just 10, she lost her mother. Your grandpa's rivals killed her. Since then your mother hated being a part of that world. There were times when she forced her father to leave everything and lead a simple life. But your grandfather never listened to her." Father Xie said.