Banquet hall.

" So where did you meet each other?" Mike asked.

" Well we are college buddies." Sebastian said.

Taking a sip from his wine, Yutang asked," What do you do Sebastian?"

" I run my father's business." Sebastian said.

" What kind is business?" Mike asked.

Sebastian scratched his forehead and said," Well it's a-"

Yufan who was standing beside them said," It's a real estate business."

" Ya it's a small real estate business." Sebastian said.

" Hmm Interesting." Mike said.

Pointing towards the door, Yufan said," Ohh look Ben is here and mother Li too."

Quickly grabbing the opportunity, Yufan dragged Sebastian along with him saying," Seb you've to meet mother Li. She is so cool."


After talking for quite sometime when Li Singtan and Grandpa Go entered the hall, Grandpa Go said," I'll take my leave now. I'll stay in touch with you."

" Atleast meet Ming and Yufan before leaving." Singtan said.

" It's fine. I cannot stand by your father-in-law's gloomy face anymore. I'll visit them some other day." Grandpa Go said.

" The doors of the Li Mansion will always be open for you. So don't hesitate to visit your granddaughter and great-grandchild." Li Singtan said.

Grandpa Go smiled and nodded his head before leaving.


" Why did you come so late?" Li Singtan asked Quin.

Scratching his forehead, Quin said," I came back late from office."

" Is everything okay?" Singtan asked.

" Ahh Yes Bro. It's just that I was out for so many days so-"

" Hmm I understand. Just don't stress yourself too much Okay." Singtan said.

Quin smiled and said," Yes bro."

After talking to Quin for a while, Singtan started looking for Ming but could not find her.

" Mike did you see Ming?" Singtan asked.

" Ohh all the ladies are together and I don't know what they are doing." Mike said.

Just then Yutang approached Li Singtan and asked," Dude did you see that? Yufan is friends with Sebastian Wu."

Singtan smiled and said," Yes I know."

" Do you think even Yufan-"

Mike shook his head and said," I don't think so. The Xies are clean people."

" Yeah you are right." Yutang said.

" Did the Wu clan accept our invitation?" Singtan asked

Yutang nodded his head and said," Tomorrow."

Singtan smiled and said," Then let's wait for tomorrow. Now excuse me. I have to go look for my wife."


Yufan and Sebastian were standing in a corner discussing few things.

" Bro that Simon guy wants to meet us." Sebastian said.

Yufan smirked and said," Let him wait for a while. What about his business?"

Sebastian chuckled and said," Its over."

Yufan smiled and said," Man you are great."

Sebastian sighed and said," Not as good as you bro. You don't know how grateful I am to you. If that time you hadn't agreed to-"

Yufan patted his shoulder and said," Hey we are bro's right? You don't have to be grateful or anything like that. We are family."

" I know your family is out of all this but I dragged you in this. Your life is at stake because of me." Sebastian said.

Yufan chuckled and said," Both our lives are at stake."

" You know that plane crash was specifically planned for you right?" Sebastian asked.

Yufan nodded his head.

" Fortunately your location was changed in the last minute otherwise-"

" Okay now stop. Everything is over and nothing happened to me right? So there is no point talking about this." Yufan said.

" When are you planning to tell Ling about this?" Sebastian asked.

Yufan shook his head and said," I am not telling her."

" You know you can't always hide it right?" Sebastian asked.

" Yes I know but I don't want to scare her away." Yufan said.

" Dina did not run away." Sebastian said.

Yufan sighed and said," You never told Dina. Did you?"

Sebastian chuckled and said," No I didn't but my chick was smart enough to find out on her own and I feel Ling is also smart."

" When I get a chance I'll tell her." Yufan said.

" She has the right to know." Sebastian said.


As Singtan was busy finding Ming, he bumped into Ben in the hallway.

Picking him up in his arms, Singtan said," Hey champ where are you going."

" Bad uncle in the washroom." Ben said.

" Bad uncle?" Singtan asked.

Ben nodded his head.

" Did he hurt you?" Singtan asked.

Ben shook his head and said," He said Ben not a Li."

Li Singtan pursed his lips and said." Listen to me Ben. Whatever other people say do it listen to them. You are a Li Okay?"

Ben nodded his head and said," He said Ben's Father is someone else."


Few minutes back.

When little Ben came out of the washroom fixing his shirt, a middle aged man approached him and said," Little Li let me help you fix it."

Kneeling on the ground, the middled aged man said," Where are you parents?"

" Mommy said not to talk to strangers." Ben said.

The middled aged man chuckled and said," What else did your mommy tell you? Did she tell you that you are not a Li? Did she tell you that Li Quin is not your father?"

Ben frowned and said," You are lying."

After fixing Ben's shirt, the man said," Here it's done. You can go now and we will meet soon little Li."

Without waiting any longer, little Ben ran out of the washroom with all his might.