" What the hell are you doing here?" Father Xie asked.

The old man shook his head and said," Tch Tch Xie this is not how to greet your father-in-law. Where are your manners?"

Father Xie glared at him and said," You are not invited here. Please get out of here."

" If my daughter was alive she would've never behaved like this." The old man said.

Father Xie gritted his teeth and said," Jenny never liked you."

The old man smiled and said," My daughter never liked what I did but she loved me and even you know that."

" You- Don't create a scene here. Go away and I'll talk to you later." Father Xie said.

The old man smiled and said," Not before I meet my grandchildren and my grandson-in-law and of course my further granddaughter-in-law."

" You are not going anywhere near them. I won't allow you to do that." Father Xie said.

Taking a wine glass from a waiter, the old man chuckled and said," What are you afraid of? Is not like I am going to kill you. I wholeheartedly accepted you as my son-in-law back then unlike you."

Taking a sip, the old man smiled and said," And you still have the cheek to say that you don't like what I do when your son-in-law is- I don't think I have to remind you Chuang."

" Just get out of here before Ming or Yufan see you." Father Xie said.

Pointing his glass towards Yufan, the old man chuckled and said," Let me tell you one thing Chuang, my blood is thicker than yours."

Father Xie narrowed his eyes and asked," What do-"

" Grandpa Go." Xie Ming shouted before rushing towards him.

Passing the glass to one of his men, Grandpa Go pushed father Xie aside and embraced Xie Ming," Ahhh my little pumpkin."

" Oh my God I cannot believe this. I thought that I would never see you again." Xie Ming said before wrapping her arms around her grandpas chest.

Patting her head, Grandpa Go said," I am

sorry pumpkin. I was very busy settling few things but when I heard that I am going to become a great-Grandpa I quickly left everything and rushed here."

Xie Ming chuckled and asked," Did dad tell you?"

Giving father Xie a meaningful smile, Grandpa Go said," Yes. In fact he was the one who invited me to this banquet to give you and Yufan a surprise."

" Ahh Grandpa I missed you so much." Xie Ming said.

" I missed you too dear." Grandpa Go said.

" Popsy." Yufan shouted before rushing towards Grandpa Go.

Upon seeing his grandson, Grandpa Go cheekily smiled and said," Here comes my little hero."

" Oh my God after so many years. I thought you would never come." Yufan said before giving his popsy a tight hug.

" I had to come. There are many things that you still have to learn from your grandpa." Grandpa Go said.

" Yufan already knows everything so you don't have to teach him anything." Father Xie said in a very cold tone.

Grandpa Go smiled and said," Of course our Yufan knows everything. Doesn't he?"

Giving him a weak smile, Yufan nodded his head.

" Ahh where is my grandson-in-law?" Grandpa Go asked.

" Wait Grandpa let me call him." Xie Ming said before walking towards Singtan.


Mike and Yutang were still never shocked after seeing everything that was happening.

" Mike pinch me." Yutang said.

" Will you shut up for a second and let me breath." Mike said.

" Go Jefry is Uncle Xies father-in-law. No wonder he stopped attacking Singtan." Yutang said.

" I never thought Ming's mother had such a dangerous background." Mike said.

Just then Ming grabbed Li Singtans hand and said," Singtan come and meet my grandpa."

Singtan smiled and followed her.


" Yufan why don't you bring my future granddaughter-in-law too?" Grandpa Go said.

Yufan cheekily smiled and said," Ohh Yes Yes I'll be right back." before rushing towards Ling.

After Yufan left, Father Xie frowned and asked," What the hell are you trying to do?"

Grandpa Go chuckled and said," I am just trying to interact with my grandchildren."

" Didn't I ask you to stay away from them? I don't like you being with them. Even Jenne-"

" Now don't give me that shit Chuang. My daughter was not cunning like you. Atleast she use to visit me along with the kids sometimes." Grandpa Go said.

Father Xie rolled his eyes and said," Fine but only this time. From tomorrow onwards you are going meet them or talk to them specially Yufan."

" Grandpa Go this is my husband Li Singtan." Xie Ming said excitedly.

Li Singtan and Grandpa Go kept on staring at each other for quite sometime.

Extending his hands towards him, Li Singtan said," It's nice meeting you GRANDPA GO."

Grandpa Go smiled and said," It's nice meeting you too GRANDSON-IN-LAW. I hope you are taking good care of my little pumpkin."

Li Singtan smiled and said," Yes I am. You don't have to worry about her."

" I am her grandpa so I cannot stop worrying about her specially when she married to someone as great as you." Grandpa Go said.