Xie Ming chuckled and said," No."

Kissing her neck, Li Singtan said," You look beautiful tonight. Actually you look beautiful everyday."

Fixing his tie, Xie Ming said," And you are looking very handsome."

Kissing her forehead, Li Singtan said," Let's go."


Banquet Venue.

Many luxurious cars started entering the hotel at sharp 6 pm.

The reporters quickly started snapping pictures and asking various questions to the famous faces of the business world.

When Father Xie and uncle Chen entered the hall, the reporters quickly surrounded them and stared bombarding then with different kind of questions.

Reporter 1: Mr Xie What is the main purpose of this banquet?

Father Xie smiled and said," This banquet is for my son's success and my daughters marriage."

Reporter 2: The scandal which broke out yesterday. What do you have to say about that?

Father Xie chuckled and said," What can I say I about that? They both are adults and know what is good them. I really don't have any problem. Ling is a very sweet girl and I would love to have her as my daughter-in-law."

Reporter 3: First the Li's and now the Yangs is this just a coincidence or- ?

" Well you can just say that we are quite lucky. Well now please excuse me. I've guests to attend. Please enjoy the banquet." Father Xie said before walking inside.

As uncle Chen was about to follow Father Xie, the reporters stopped him.

Reporter 1: Mr Chen What do have to say about your nephew, Mr Chen Siquan who has been recently removed from the CEO position?

Uncle Chen sighed and said," Well Chen Enterprise is a very big company with more than one thousand employees. If the company doesn't run properly or make profits, the company along with the employees are going to suffer. So for the betterment of the company, the board of directors decided to change the CEO."

Reporter 2: Mr Chen Siquan has not been seen after that day. Where is he?

" Well he is an adult. So I don't think that I am obliged to keep a track of him." Uncle Chen said.

Reporter 3: What do you have to say about the connection between the Xie's, Li's, Yang's, Zhang's and the Chen's?

Uncle Chen smiled and said," All I can say is that we are a one big family. Now please excuse me and enjoy the party."

As the reporters were busy writing notes, Mike and Anna entered the mansion hand in hand.

When Anna saw so many reporters rushing towards them, she tightened her grip around Mike's hand.

Mike chuckled and said," You don't have to nervous."

" I am not nervous." Anna said.

Reporter 1: Mr Zhang who is this beautiful lady beside you?

Kissing Anna's hand, Mike said," Well she is our childhood friend and my future wife Anna."

Reporter 2: Mr Zhang just returned from aboard and is working in a hospital instead of helping his mother and grandpa run the company. Why?

Mike shrugged his shoulders and said," Well because Anna is also working in that hospital and I don't want to leave her alone."

Reporter 3: When is Mr Zhang planning to take over Zhang Biotech?

" I think my grandpa and mom are handling it quite well. So not anytime soon." Mike said.

Reporter 4: What do you have to tell about this banquet and the Xies?

Mike smiled and said," This banquet is lovely and the Xie's are wonderful people. I am really very fond of them. Now please let me escort my would be wife inside."

The reports smiled and stepped aside.

Just then Yutang and Yixi followed by Yufan and Ling entered the hall.

Reporter 1: Mr Yufan what do you have to say about the scandal that broke out yesterday?

Yufan smiled and said," Well I was about to announce our relationship officially today but some of you were so impatient and ruined my plan. But still yes we are dating and this isn't a business conspiracy. I genuinely and truly love Ms Yang Ling."

Reporter 2: Ms Ling what do you have to say?

Ling smiled and said," Well even I am very serious about this relationship and Yufan is the best that I can have. I also genuinely love and care about him."

Yufan laughed and said," Now since everything is clear I just want to say that in future whenever you upload photos of us please use a nice lovey dovey kind of caption."

The reporters laughed and nodded their heads.

Reporter 1: Mr Yang why do you have to say about the Mr Xie Yufan and your younger sister?

Yutang smiled and said," I am happy that my sister is with someone so capable and talented."

Reporter 2: So you have no objection with their relationship?

" They have my blessings." Yutang said.

Reporter 3: Mr Yang when are you planning to marry Ms An?

Yutang chuckled and said," I can do it right here in front of you all if she agrees to."

Reporter 3: Ms An what do have to say?

Yixi giggled and said," Not until he gives me grand proposal. What? Don't look at me like that. My best friends husband gifted her the worlds most expensive ring. Mr Li has increased my expectations."

The reporters burst into laughter. After asking them few more questions, they let them go.

After waiting for quite sometime, the most awaited couple arrived, Mr and Mrs Li.

Li Singtan was wearing a dark brown suit which was obviously chosen by his beloved wife and Xie Ming wearing a backless deep V neck golden colour gown. She had tied her hair into a bun and had applied very little makeup. She was wearing a simple diamond necklace and earrings.

The reporters quickly surrounded them and started asking them various questions

Reporter 1: Mr Li what do you have to say about this banquet?

Li Singtan smiled and said," Well since it's my father-in-laws banquet so it has to be wonderful."

Reporter 2: What do you have to say about the scandal that broke out yesterday?

Li Singtan chuckled and said," It's not a new thing for you reporters to do something like that. You people didn't even spare the kids but anyway I understand that it's your job. But Ling and Yufan look great together. Yufan is my brother-in-law while Ling is my little sister. They are perfect for each other.

Reporter 3 awkwardly cleared his throat and asked: What does Mr Li have to say about Mr Yufan successfully winning the deal back in US?

" My brother-in-law is great just like my wife. He is a wonderful businessman with a sharp mind and I am sure that he will do wonders in the business world." Li Singtan said.

Reporter 4: Mrs Li what do you have to say about Mr Li's comment on your brother?

Xie Ming smiled and said," Well Singtan is correct. Yufan is a wonderful and intelligent boy and I am very sure that Xie Enterprise will flourish under his guidance.

Reporter 4: Does Mrs Li want Xie Enterprise to surpass Li Corporation?

Xie Ming chuckled and said," Well I would be happy if that happens and I know that Mr Li will also be happy. Right Mr Li?"

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes Yes of course. If my company shuts down someday, I don't mind working in my father-in-law's company as a normal employee."

Report 5 laughed and said: It's been quite sometime since you both got married. No good news yet?

Li Singtan laughed and said," I am ready to share my wife with anyone yet. I am a very possessive person."

Xie Ming and Li Singtan decided not to publicly expose Ming's pregnancy to avoid any kind of danger.

" Now please let us go in and enjoy the banquet." Li Singtan said before escorting Xie Ming inisde.

After everyone arrived, the banquet started.

As father Xie was about to give his speech, an old man wearing a dark blue suit entered the hall with few men neatly dressed in black suit.

After seeing who the man was, Yutang and Mike widened their eyes in shock while Singtan could not help but smile.

Father Xie on the other hand narrowed his eyes and rushed towards the person.