Yufan gulped in fear and said," Oh no no Elder sister this-this is a new perfume that I am using."

Xie Ming frowned and asked," New perfume? What kind of rubbish perfume are you using? It is smelling like blood."

When the strong iron-like familiar smell entered his nostrils, Li Singtans lips curled upwards. How could he not recognise this smell?

Placing his hands on Ming's shoulder, Singtan said," Youngsters like to use different things Ming."

" Stop using this perfume Yufan. It's not good at all." Ming said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," I'll do as you say."

Pulling Yufans cheeks, Ming said," Aww my cute little brother is so cute."

" Ming come here." Yixi said.

After Ming left, Singtan smiled and Yufan and asked," Where did you take Daisy that night?"

Scratching his forehead, Yufan said," Ehh I took her to the police station."

Singtan nodded his head and said," Good. And are you planning to announce your relationship with Ling tomorrow at the banquet?"

Yufan nodded his head and said," Yes brother-in-law."

Li Singtan patted his shoulder and said," Good. Come let's sit down."

Handing him a glass of wine, Ling said," Dina and I will be staying here tonight. Actually everyone is staying here tonight."

Yufan nodded his head and said," Okay then I'll inform Sebastian about this."

After talking to each other for quite sometime, Yutang and Mike reluctantly felt the mansion. They wanted to stay but Yixi and Anna forced them to leave because they were planning to have a girls night.

After sometime Yufan also decided to leave.


Outside the mansion.

" I'll see you tomorrow then." Yufan said before pulling Ling into his embrace.

Snuggling her head against his chest, Ling frowned and said," Sister-in-law was right I too don't like this perfume."

Yufan chuckled and said," I'll make sure not to wear it ever again."

" Good." Ling said.

" Babe I am planning to announce our relationship tomorrow at the banquet." Yufan said.

Ling smiled and said," That's a good idea."

" I've to lay my claim on you before someone else takes you away from me right?" Yufan said.

Ling chuckled and said," No one is going to take me away from you."

" I love you." Yufan said.

" I love you too."


Somewhere in country S.

" Nah this isn't look good. Pass me another one." The old man said.

The subordinate sighed before passing the a dark brown suit.

The old man cheekily smiled and said," This looks good. What do you think?"

The subordinate nodded his head and said," This looks great sir."

" I have to look handsome tomorrow." The old man said.

The subordinate inwardly rolled his eyes and thought' We are crashing a party tomorrow and he wants to look good.'

" Did you buys gifts for them?" The old man asked.

" Yes Sir."

" Did you buy something for the Li guy too?" The old man asked.

" Yes Sir."

" And what about the pregnancy products?" The old man asked.

" Everything's is ready sir."

The old man smiled and said," Good."


Li Mansion.

As the girls were busy talking amongst themselves, Li Singtan entered the room saying," Ming has to rest."

Xie Ming sighed and said," I want to stay a little longer."

Li Singtan shook his head and said," No it's almost past eleven. You've to sleep."

Ming knew their was no point arguing with this stubborn man. Stretching her hand towards him, Ming said," I don't want to walk."

Scooping her into his arms, Singtan said," You girls should also sleep fast. You don't want to appear with eye bags tomorrow at the banquet right?"

After Singtan left, Anna asked," Will you all judge me if I say that I am jealous of Ming?"

Yixi chuckled and said," She is very lucky. Like even Yutang dotes on me and loves me a lot but there is something different about Mr Li."

" Yeah that's true." Anna said.

" Brother Singtan is very sweet." Ling said.

Anna smiled and asked," Ling how are you and Yufan doing?"

Ling smiled and said," We are doing fine."

" So did anything happen yesterday?" Yixi asked.

Ling shook her head and said," No nothing."

Yixi rolled her eyes and said," Then why is you stay over last night?"

" We just-"

" Don't tell me you don't find my little boy attractive? With his perfect features and body I doubt how you resist him. Don't you want to feel his abs and body and his chest and back and his-"

" Okay Yixi stop polluting her mind." Anna shouted.


Next day

The banquet was scheduled at 6 in the evening.

The banquet was being held in a five star hotel which was owned by the Xie's. All the prominent and influential people of country S were invited. All the members of the Xie family, the employees of Xie Enterprise, all the shareholders and business partners were invited too.

All the preparations for the banquet were made with special care and consideration. Only a few very trustworthy and prominent media companies were allowed to enter the banquet hall.

The news about the Yangs, Li's and Zhangs attending the banquet immediately spread like wildfire. Though everyone knew how close these families were but on the other hand it was very difficult to spot them togther. So the media company decided to send their best experienced reporters to avoid any kind of mistake.


Li Mansion.

After getting ready, Xie Ming stood in front of the mirror to check herself out.

Wrapping his hands around her waist, Li Singtan asked," What are you thinking?"

Xie Ming pouted her lips and said," After few months I won't be able to wear these kinds of gown."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Yes this little fellow will start showing herself up."

" Singtan what if I gain lots and lots of weight after giving birth?" Xie Ming asked.

" Mmm I will stop lifting you up." Li Singtan said.

Hitting him with her elbow, Xie Ming said," You-"

Li Singtan laughed and said," Dong worry. You are not gonna gain weight. I'll make sure you won't."

" Do you think everything will be okay. I mean the baby-"

" Sshh don't think about that now. Let's take things as they come alright?" Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming sighed and nodded her head.

" Did I tell you that you are looking beautiful?" Li Singtan asked.