\"What? He does realise that we are his kids as well right? I mean why would you be jealous of his kids? We are a part of him too. Oh mom, I think you married a very dangerous man.\"

Ming chuckled and smacked Yushen's head. \"You talk too much and stop saying weird things about my husband. He is the sweetest and cutest man in the whole world.\"

Dramatically clutching into his chest, Yushen scrunched his face. \"Oh my poor lonely heart. I thought I was the cutest and sweetest man in your life mom.\"

\"Well, you are the sweetest and cutest too but your dad is my forever favourite.\"

Yushen frowned and pouted his lips, \"What a bully.\"

\"Why are you so late? Did something happen? How many times do I have to tell you not to worry your mom? If you have any problem, come to me and-\"

Cutting Singtan off, Ming snapped, \"Relax Singtan, we were just having a normal mother-son conversation.\"

\"Exactly, Geez dad you get hyped up so fast.\" When Singtan glared at him, Yushen gulped in fear and slowly shifted towards his mother, the only person who had the ability and power to save him from his father's dangerous wrath.

Ming sighed and helplessly shook her head. \"Oh come on Singtan, stop glaring at my son.\"

\"The noodles will turn soggy if you don't eat them fast.\" Singtan reminded Ming.

\"Alright, I won't disturb you both. I'll go and sleep now.\" Giving Ming and Singtan a hug, Yushen left.

\"You are unbelievable Mr Li.\" Ming helplessly shook her head and left.

\"You know I am like this only for you right?\" Singtan shouted before rushing after her.


Glazed Resort.

Inside the room.

Lying in each other's embrace, Mian couldn't stop staring at the ring and no matter how many times she caressed, touched and kissed the ring, it never felt enough. She could do that all day long.

\"How long are you planning to stare at the ring?\" Zian asked. He had been noticing it since a really long time and the ring was actually stealing his limelight.

Raising her hand up, Mian sighed, \"Ahhh I can't get enough of this. It feels so perfect in my hand. It's like, this ring was meant for me.\"

Zian chuckled and planted a kiss on her cheeks. \"Silly.\"

\"Hey, I am silly because I love you a lot okay?\"

Zian vigorously nodded his head and snuggled closer. \"Yes yes , I love you too.\"

Pulling away, Mian sat you straight and excitedly clapped her hands together. \"Okay, where do we have the wedding?\"

\"Where do you wanna get married?\" Zian asked. Seeing her happy and excited made him feel so happy. That smile on her face was worth more than a million dollar business deal.

Mian pouted her lips and started thinking. \"Hmmm, I have to think about that. Oh, can we get married together? I mean you, me, Yumi and Zixin. Let's have a destination wedding together. That would be so awesome. We will have so much fun together.\"

\"You are willing to share our wedding day with someone? Like are you sure? Don't you want it to be special?\" Zian asked.

\"I share my birthday with my future husband so I don't mind sharing my wedding day with my best friend. Like if she wants to otherwise it's fine.\" Mian said.

Cupping her face, Zian smiled. \"We will do everything that you want to.\"

Pouncing into his embrace, Mian gave him a peck on his lips. \"I love you.\"


Next day.


\"Dude, why are you grinning so much?\" Liang asked.

Zixin vigorously shook his head but he couldn't stop grinning. Well, he woke up beside his beloved Yumi this morning so his mood was exceptionally good and fluffy.

Liang snorted and frowned. \"You people surely know how to flaunt your love in front of a single person. Okay now tell me, why did you call me over early in the morning?\"

\"Ya right.\" Taking out a blue file from the table, Zixin gave it to Liang.

Liang frowned and asked, \"What is this?\"

\"Open it.\" Zixin instructed.

When Liang started reading the content, he widened his eyes in shock and gave Zixin a confused look. \"Dude, when? How? Oh my God this is awesome.\"

\"Ssshhh don't make noise, Yumi cannot know because it's supposed to be a surprise.\" After making sure Yumi wasn't round, Zixin explained, \"Okay since I cannot go out for a few days, I want you to help Kathy deal with a few things here.\"

\"Wait, who is Kathy?\" Liang asked.

\"She is the COO of the company and a very good friend of mine. She is new here and I don't want to burden her with all the work. I was supposed to deal with a few things with her but now I can't. Yumi won't even let me go to the washroom alone so I need your help.\" Zixin has many things to deal with but Yumi was and is his always top-priority. There were many things he had to make up for so he had no time to deal with official matters.

Liang nodded his head and readily agreed. \"Yeah I guess I can help you out.\"

\"Thank you so much man, you are an angel.\" Taking out his phone, he tried calling Kathy but the call did not go through.

\"Oh damn, I think she is already with the clients. Hey, can you go the Hiltop and check on her?\" Zixin asked.

Liang frowned and asked, \"Are you mad? I don't even know how she looks.\"

\"Fair skin, brown eyes and black hair.\" Zixin explained.

Liang smiled and nodded his head. \"Ahhh thank you so much Zixin. Your description of her is exactly like many women look here. I will definitely find her out with ease now.\"

\"Oh come on, she looks a bit different so you will recognise her. There is a reservation under my name so you'll find out the room number easily.\"