Yang Enterprise.

" Boss Mr Philip is here." Yutang's assistant said.

" Bring him in." Yutang said.

The assistant quickly escorted Philip inside the office.

" Good Morning Mr Yang." Philip said.

Yutang smiled and said," Good morning. Please sit down."

" How is your wife and daughter?" Yutang asked.

Philip smiled and said," Both of them are fine."

" Alright Philip you will be joining the finance department and you will be working under the head of the finance department." Yutang said.

Philip nodded his head and said," Okay Sir."

" Also you can shift to your new apartment anytime you like but I would suggest you to do it before your wife gets discharged from the hospital." Yutang said.

" I understand sir." Philip said.

Yutang chuckled and said," Alright now you don't have to be so formal and welcome to Yang Enterprise. It's an honour to have you here."

Philip smiled and said," It's an honour to work for you sir."

" Take Mr Philip to the finance department." Yutang said.

The assistant nodded his head and said," Yes Sir."


Finance department.

" Mr Philip you've to wait for sometime. The head of the finance department is in a meeting right now." The assistant said.

" No problem." Philip said.

After waiting for almost thirty minutes, a young lady approached him and asked," You are Philip right?"

Philip nodded his head.

" Okay follow me." The young woman said.

After entering the office, the young woman gestured Philip to sit down and said," I am the head of finance department and my name is Linda."

Philip widened his eyes in shock and said," You are-"

Linda chuckled and asked," Don't tell me you were expecting to meet a fat old man with a huge belly."

Philip lowered his head.

" Shouldn't be happy that I am not a old man but a young woman?" Linda asked.

Philip nodded his head.

" Okay so you'll be working directly under me. Don't worry everyone is very nice and harmonious in our department. You'll not face any kind of problem." Linda said.

" Okay." Philip said.

" I heard that you are a exceptionally good at finance." Linda said.

Philip smiled and said," I just know few things here and there."

Linda chuckled and said," Alright I hope you'll like working with me Philip."

" I'll surely love it ma'am." Philip said.


Flexi compound.

Ling and Dina were busy preparing dinner while Yufan and Sebastian were discussing some business.

" So had fun last night?" Ling asked.

Dina sighed and said," Ahh don't ask. I literally had to beg Seb to stop. He is a beast in bed."

Ling chuckled and said," I believe you. Your neck is covered with marks."

Dina laughed and said," Yeah he loves marking me. Anyway Ling how is Yufan in bed?"

Ling blushed and said," We haven't-"

" Ahh how can you both resist each other. Both of you look so tempting. When Seb and I are alone we cannot keep our hands, legs and mouths away from each other. You people are really very great." Dina said.

Ling smiled and said," We want to take it slow."

" Have you ever tried seducing him?" Dina asked.

" No." Ling said.

" You wanna try?" Dina asked.

Ling cleared her throat and said," I don't know how to."

" Gosh Ling you are so innocent. Don't worry your friend Dina will teach you everything in no time." Dina said winking at Ling.


Outside Li Mansion.

Caressing her cheeks, Yufan said," I'll pick you up in the evening."

Ling smiled and nodded her head.

Sebastian flicked Dina's forehead and said," I'll do the same."

Pinching his waist, Dina asked," Can't you be gentle and caring like Yufan?"

Sebastian smiled and asked," You know I love you right?"

Dina rolled her eyes and said," You and your stupid cheesy lines."

Ling chuckled and said," Dina let's go."

Glaring at Sebastian, Dina said" You are sleeping on the floor today."

After Dina and Ling entered the mansion, Sebastian asked," Are we going to our new base?"

Yufan nodded his head and said," Yes we are and I have a surprise for both of us."


Inside the Li Mansion.

When Ling entered the mansion alone with Dina, everyone was sitting in the living room.

" Hi everyone." Ling said excitedly.

Mother Li stood up excitedly and said," Ahh look my baby is here."

Rushing towards mother Li, Ling gave her a tight hug and said," Ahh I missed you much mom."

" I missed you too." Mother Li said.

Smiling at Ming, Ling said," Sister-in-law."

Giving her a tight hug, Ming said," I still cannot believe you are actually dating my brother. Oh my God I am so happy for both of you." before bursting into tears.

Anna chuckled and said," Don't worry Ling that isn't your fault. Her hormones are here and there right now."

Ling chuckled and said," I am going to become an aunt soon."

Yixi got up and said," We all are gonna be aunt very soon."

" And I am gonna be a grandma soon." Mother Li said.

Dina who was standing beside them couldn't help but smile after seeing their happy faces.

" Oh right I forgot." Ling said.

Grabbing Dina's hand, Ling said," This is my friend Dina. Actually she is Yufans friend first. She just arrived come US yesterday and she is attending tomorrow's banquet too."

Mother Li smiled and said," Well then it's good that you brought her here. Even she can chose an outfit with us."

Just then Rose arrived carrying a beautiful gown in her hand.

" Big sister this will look very beautiful on you." Rose said excitedly.

" Ling this is Rose you know her right?" Mother Li asked.

" Yes of course I remember sister Rose." Ling said.

Mother Li smiled and said," Well she is your brother Quins wife."

Ling widened her eyes in shock and asked," Why wasn't I invited in brother Quins wedding?"

Rose chuckled and said", Because we did not have one."

Pointing towards Dina, Rose asked," Who is this beautiful young lady?"

" She is my friend Dina. She is here to select a dress for the banquet." Ling said.

Rose clapped her hands excitedly and said," Ahhh I just have a perfect dress for you. Wait for me."