" What do you mean?" Ling asked.

Passing her his phone, Yufans said," We are trending."

Taking the phone from his hand when Ling saw the photos, widened her eyes in shock and asked," What? How? When? Who?"

Yufan chuckled and said," Alright you don't have to panic. It's just us."

" Business conspiracy? What the fuck is that?" Ling asked.

Cupping Ling's face, Yufan said," Just chill alright. Brother-in-law is working on it."

" Now What do we do Yufan?" Ling asked.

Yufan sighed and said," We can't do anything. I think we have to break this relationship otherwise this will affect our families."

Ling pulled his ears and asked," What did you say? What do you want?"

" Ou ou baby that hurts." Yufan winced in pain.

Letting go his ear, Ling said," Don't you dare talk about breaking this relationship in front of me ever again."

As Yufan was about to say something, his phone buzzed again.

Slapping his forehead, Yufan said," It's Brother Yutang."

Ling chuckled and said," Receive it."

Taking few deep breaths, Yufan received the call," Hello brother Yutang."

" You know why I have called you." Yutang said.

" Ehh it's not really our fault-"

" Did you do anything last night with my little sister?" Yutang asked.

Yufan shook his head and said," Nono nothing."

" Hmm okay. I just wanted to ask that." Yutang said.

" I thought you wanted to ask about the pictures." Yufan said.

" You don't have to worry about it. Singtan and I are working on it. Just don't let Ling go out alone. Oh ya drop her at the Li Mansion after sometime. The ladies want to select outfits for tomorrow's banquet." Yutang said.

" Okay I'll drop her." Yufan said.

" Good." Yutang said before hanging up the call.

" What did brother say?" Ling asked.

" He asked me to drop you at the Li Mansion after sometime." Yufan said before getting down from the bed.

" Why?" Ling asked.

" Don't you need a beautiful outfit for tomorrow's banquet?" Yufan asked.

Ling chuckled and said," Yes I do. Oh even Dina will need one right? I'll take her too."

" Seb and I need to go somewhere so I'll drop you both at the mansion first." Yufan said.


Li Mansion.

Quin, Rose and Ben arrived home early in the morning.

" How was it?" Singtan asked.

Quin smiled cheekily and said," It was lovely. Ahh this was the best holiday brother."

Li Singtan smiled and said," Your sister-in-law is pregnant."

" Oh tha- WHAT?" Li Quin widened his eyes in shock.

" She is seven weeks pregnant." Li Singtan said.

" Aahhh this is great news bro. Oh my God I am going to become an uncle." Quin said.

" Rose Rose quick come here." Quin shouted.

" Why are you shouting Quin? I am right here." Rose said.

" Did you hear that? Sister-in-law is pregnant." Quin said excitedly.

Rose jumped in excitement and said," Ahh this is great news. Congratulations Singtan bro."

Lifting Ben up, Quin said," Ben my son you are going to be a big brother after few months."

Ben clapped his little hands in excitement and said," Ben wants little sister."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Uncle Singtan wants a baby girl too."

" Singtan bro where is big sister?" Rose asked.

" She is sleeping right now." Singtan said.

Rose smiled and said," Oh okay I'll talk to her later then."

" Rose the outfits?" Li Singtan asked.

" Everything will be here after sometime." Rose said.

" When are mom and dad coming?" Quin asked.

" They will be here in an hour or so." Singtan said.

" Alright then I will come back for lunch. I have to go to office today." Quin said before leaving the mansion.


Simon's Villa

Simon was sitting on the couch holding a glass of wine.

All his illegal business in US that was running fine had been stopped. His legal business was suffering a great loss but Simon was helpless. He could not do anything.

" Sir it's him." A subordinate said before passing the phone to Simon.

" It's the Wu clan." The man on the other side said.

Simon widened his eyes in shock," What? Wu clan? But I don't remember offending them."

" You should fix this as soon as possible." The man said.

" I'll try to fix a meeting with them." Simon said.

The old man nodded his head and said," They shifting their main base to your country."

" What? In country S? But why?" Simon asked.

" I don't know. What are you planning to do with Li Singtan?" The man asked.

" I am already in great trouble right now. I cannot afford to offend Li Singtan and the Wu clan at the same time." Simon said.

The man frowned and said," Who told you to directly attack Li Singtan? Attack his people."

" What do you mean?" Simon asked.

" Mr Yang Yutang seems to be leading a very peaceful life without any trouble or scandal." The man said.

Simon frowned and said," I know what I've to do."

" Good I'll be expecting some good news soon." The man said before hanging up the call.

" Try to fix a meeting with the Wu clan as soon as possible." Simon said.

" But sir do you think they will agree to meet you?" The subordinate asked.

Simon sighed and said," Atleast try."

" Okay Sir. Anything else?"

" Find out Yang Yutangs schedule for me and do the same for An Yixi." Simon said.

" Okay Sir." The subordinate said before walking out of the room.