After boarding his car, Robbin took a deep breath.

He was feeling very low right now so he decided to get drunk.

Starting the engine. He drove towards the bar.


Yang mansion.

" Let it be Yutang. She is not kid anymore." Yixi shouted.

" She is still a kid for me. She is not allowed to-"

" Okay stop. I am going to London for a week day after tomorrow. If you keep fussing about this I will not come back." Yixi said.

Yutang widened his eyes in shock and asked," What? But why? And why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

Yixi sighed and said," And why do you think did I come here so late at night? Father told me that he wants brother and me to attend an event together."

" But- How will I stay without you for a week?" Yutang asked.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Yixi said," I'll spend today and tomorrow with you. But if you still want to waste your time thinking about Ling and Yufan then it's fine. I can leave."

Yutang sighed and said," Fine I'll listen to you."

" Yufan and Ling are not kids anymore. If they want to spend a night together, big deal. They are adults and even they have their needs. Don't fuss about it alright and moreover my little boy is not like that. Even if he does something, he will take responsibilities okay?"Yixi said.

Yutang frowned and said," Fine."


Chen Mansion.

After looking for Siquan for quite sometime, Xie Yurin gave up.

Sitting on the couch sipping wine, Yurin caressed her stomach and said," There is no point having to now."

Just then few men entered the mansion along with Han Zihao.

" Miss Xie I am Mr Li's assistant, Han Zihao. The lady boss has ordered me to help Miss Yurin shift to a new place along with her belongings." Han Zihao said.

Placing the glass on the table, Yurin smiled and asked," Why so?"

" So that Miss Yurin can take care of her child." Han Zihao said with a straight face. He hated Yurin after what she had done to his lady boss.

Yurin chuckled and asked," Is it some kind of a compensation for killing my husband?"

Han Zihao frowned and said," Please don't make things difficult for us. Our lady boss does not want you to suffer along with your unborn child. All your daily expenses, hospital bills and other necessities will be taken care off."

Yurin raised her eyebrows and said," Alright give me a moment. Let me pack my things."

After packing her stuff, Yurin boarded the car along with Han Zihao.

There was no point waiting for Chen Siquan anymore. Xie Yurin decided not to waste her time on him and concentrate on her future.

" Where are we going?" Yurin asked.

" Lady Boss has arranged a place for Ms Xie in Flexi compound." Han Zihao said.

" Your lady boss is quite generous." Xie Yurin said with a smirk on her face.

Han Zihao smiled and said," Yes our lady boss is very kind. She is willing to forgive Ms Xie after whatever she did in the past. If it would've been me, I would've thrown you in the middle of sea."


Flexi compound.

" Which floor?" Yurin asked.

" The topmost floor." Han Zihao said.

" The nutritionist and maid will arrive tomorrow morning. If you need anything else, you can give me a call." Passing her a card, Han Zihao said," This is my card. The bodyguards will help you shift. Enjoy your stay." Han Zihao said before boarding the car.

Shoving the card inside her bad, Yurin entered the lift.


Topmost floor.

When the elevator door opened, Yurin raised her eyebrows when she saw how luxurious the floor was.

It had only three apartments while other floor had six to seven.

As Yurin was busy admiring the luxurious floor, she bumped into a young woman who was standing in the hallway.

" Ahh I am so sorry." The young woman said.

Yurin smiled and said," It's fine."

" Actually I was waiting for someone so I-"

" You don't have to explain. It's alright." Yurin said.

" Miss this way." One is the bodyguard said.

" Oh so even you stay here?" The young woman asked.

" Yes I just arrived." Yurin said

" Oh that's great. We are neighbours then." The young woman said.

Yurin smiled and said," My name is Yurin and you are-"

" You can call me Ling." Ling said with a bright smile on her face.

" What are you doing here?" Yufan asked in a very cold voice.

Ling grabbed Yufans hand and pulled her towards Yurin and said," Yufan this is Ms Yurin our new neighbour."

Wrapping his arms around Ling protectively, Yufan asked again," What are you doing here?"

" Tsk Tsk you've forgotten your manners little brother. This is not the way you greet your elder sister." Yurin said.

Yufan mockingly laughed and said," You still have the cheek to call yourself that? Shameless."

Pointing towards Ling, Yurin asked," Girlfriend?"

" None of your business." Yufan said before dragging Ling towards their apartment.

Before closing the door, Yufan glared at Yurin and said," You better stay away from her."