Giving him a confused look, Ling asked," What do you mean?"

Yufan chuckled and said," Let me show you." before dragging her out of Sebastian's apartment.

" Yufan where-"

" Ssshhhh just follow me okay." Yufan said.

Stopping in front of an apartment which was just beside Sebastian's, Yufan unlocked the door and said," I hope you will like it." before scooping Ling into his arms.

" Ah Yufan what are you doing?" Ling asked.

" Practicing." Yufan said.

" For what?" Ling asked.

" Well after we get married I have to follow traditions and carry to inside our house right? So I am getting used to it but I guess I've do this more often from now. God you are so heavy." Yufan said.

Hitting him on his chest, Ling retorted saying," I am not."

Yufan chuckled and entered the apartment along with Ling.

Spining around twice with Ling in his arms, Yufan asked," Do you like it?"

Giving him a peck on his cheek, Yufan said," It's beautiful."

Placing her down, Yufan wrapped his arms around her waist and said," I bought this place for us. We can come here every now and then spend some quality time with each other."

" Oh my God Yufan this place is beautiful and I love it. Ahh I am so happy." Ling said.

Lifting her chin up, Yufan said," The purpose was to make you happy." before brushing their lips together.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Ling said," I love you."

Yufan smiled and lifted her up in his arms again and said," I love you too. Come I'll show you our bedroom."

After entering the master bedroom, Yufan carefully placed Ling on the bed.

Caressing her back, Yufan took a deep breath and asked," So what do you wanna eat?"

Pulling him closer, Ling whispered," You." before crashing her lips against his.

Quickly pinning her down, Yufan intertwined their hands before deepening the kiss. They were hungrily biting and sucking each other like there was no tomorrow.

After several minutes of intense kissing, Yufan broke the kiss.

Burying his head on her neck, Yufan said," Let's stop here otherwise you are going to regret it."

Lying down beside her, Yufan pulled her into his embrace.

Drawling circles on his chest, Ling said in a low voice," Yufan if it's with you, I'll never regret it. Even if you leave me after that, I'll never fuss about it or regret giving you my first time."

Yufan frowned and said," Why will I leave you? Don't talk rubbish Ling. You know how much I love you."

" Just saying. I just wanted to make this clear." Ling said.

" So you are trying to say that next time I shouldn't stop?" Yufan asked.

Ling blushed and buried her head on his chest.

Yufan chuckled and said," Look at you blushing now."

Wrapping her legs around him, Ling said," This feels so good. I can stay like this all day."

" We can come here every now and then cuddle all day." Yufan said.

Ling nodded her head and said," I would love to do that."

" So What do want to do today." Yufan asked.

" Let's stay like this for sometime." Ling said before closing her eyes.

Kissing her forehead, Yufan said," Okay."


Li Mansion.

" Seriously Singtan I'll jump out of the window if you don't take me out today." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan sighed and said," Ming should it's better you stay at home and take some rest."

Xie Minh shook her head and said," Nono you've to take me out today. I don't know anything else."

Pouncing into his embrace, Xie Ming kissed him all over his face and said," Please please darling take me out."

" Ming-"

" Singtan do you even love me anymore?" Xie Ming asked.

" Alright get ready I'll take you out for lunch." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming smiled cheekily and said," Awww my hubby is so cute. Ahh I'll wear something beautiful."

Caressing her cheeks, Singtan said," Just wear something comfortable."

After getting ready, Singtan took Ming to a five star restaurant which was a part of Li Corporation.

" Good morning boss, lady boss. Your room is ready." The manager politely greeted them.

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," Come let's go."

" Ehh I've to use the ladies room." Ming said.

Li Singtan sighed and said," Okay but come back soon."

Xie Ming nodded her head and was about to leave when Li Singtan grabbed her hand and said," Wait let me accompany you as well what if something happens when you are inside the washroom. No No I don't want to take any chances."

" Okay." Xie Ming said.


Outside the washroom

" I'll wait outside." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming nodded her head and entered the ladies room.

As she was about to enter a cubicle, someone said," Ahh such a small world I never expected that I would meet Ms Xie here."

Xie Ming smiled and said," Even I never expected that I would meet Ms Rushi here. The world is indeed very small.

Daina Rushi smiled and said," Ms Xie is-"

" It's Mrs Li since a really long time." Xie Ming said with a huge smile on her face.

Daina Rushi faked a smiled and said," Of course. So is Mr Li also here?"

" Yes he is." Xie Ming said.

" Mr Li never leaves Mrs Li alone doesn't he?" Daina asked.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Yes."

" You know Mrs Li I really doubt whether Mr Li will remain like this after two or three years. I heard that men tend to dote on their woman for a certain period of time and after that when they get bored they tend to look for other young good looking women. Mrs Li should be careful." Daina said.

Xie Ming chuckled and said," Thankyou for your advice but neither am I a random woman or Singtan is a random man. We are lawfully wedded husband and wife. Well I know my husband is very handsome and tempting. Even I cannot take my eyes away from him even after sleeping with every night. So I don't really blame bitches like you for eyeing him. He is worth it. Too bad that I am the only woman he cares about."

Taking few steps towards Daina, Xie Ming said," Let me tell you something Ms Daina. My husband won't even look or at you even if you stand completely naked, spreading your legs in front for him. But-" raising her pinky, Xie Ming continued," Even when I brush my pinky against his body, he gets a hard on. So stop spreading your legs in front of him it's not gonna work. Not that I mind though."