When Ling followed Yufan and Sebastian's gaze, she saw a young woman excitedly waving her hands.

" Yufan." Dina said before hugging him tightly but before Yufan could even return her hug, Dina pushed him away and turned towards Ling and said," You might me Yufan's girlfriend."

Before Ling could say anything, Dina pounced into her embrace and said," God I wanted to meet you so bad."

Ling smiled and said," I wanted to meet you too."

" Ahh Gash you are so beautiful." Turning towards Yufan Dina said," Yufan she is much more better than that blonde girl you use to date. Umm what was her name? Grizel right? Oh no Grizel was before her. I guess it was Funa."

" Oh babe Funa was before Grizel. Her name was Vixi." Sebastian said.

" Oh right baby her name was Vixi." Dina said.

Yufan widened his eyes in shock and said," Hey you guys stop it." Pulling Ling towards him, Yufan said," She is my one and only alright. Stop it."

Turning towards Ling, Yufan said," Don't listen to them."

Ling chuckled and nodded his head.

Dina rolled her eyes and said," Oh come one babe you were suppose to become jealous and throw tantrums at him."

" Don't teach her all these things." Yufan said.

Wrapping his arms around Dina's shoulder, Sebastian said," Sister-in-law this is my girlf-ouch."

Pinching his waist, Dina glared at him and said," FIANCE."

" Oh right. She is my finace, Dina." Sebastian said.

Smiling at Ling, Dina said," You don't know how glad I am to meet you Ling. Atleast I have someone to rely on."

Ling smiled and said," Don't worry. You are going to love this place."

Grabbing Ling's hand, Dina said," Why don't you tell more about this place?"

" Sure." Ling said. She really liked the positivity that Dina was emitting.

" Boys get the bags." Dina said before walking out alone with Ling.

" Your girlfriend took my girlfriend away." Yufan complained.

Sebastian rolled his eyes and said," Fiance not girlfriend."

Taking a bag from his hand, Yufan said," Aright now let's talk business. Everything is ready. The new base, your new apartment for you and Dina and a new car."

Patting Yufans shoulder, Sebastian said," It's good to see you again Yufan. You don't have any idea how much I missed you man."

" Now that you are here, it will be easier for me to execute things without thinking much." Yufan said.

Sebastian smiled at Yufan and pounced into his embrace once again. Whatever he had today was because of this man. If Yufan wouldn't have helped him back then, he would probably not be where he was today. Sebastian considered Yufan as his angel, his saviour. After his father's death, Yufan was his guide and his everything.


Somewhere in country S.

" Sir we did not receive an invite." The subordinate said.

The old man chuckled and asked," Were we really expecting one?"

" Sir I-"

" Chuang will never send me one but this time no one can stop me from meeting Ming and Yufan. Ahh not to forget Li Singtan of course." The old man said.

" Sir you mean you want to crash the party without any invitation?" The subordinate asked.

The old man laughed and said," I've never crashed a party but I would love to try it."

" Are you sure Sir?" The subordinate asked.

" Yes. For so many years that bloody Xie did not let me meet them but this time his tricks are not going to work." The old man said.

" I'll make arrangements sir." The subordinate said.


Simon's villa.

" Nonsense." Simon shouted throwing the file on the floor.

" Boss the condition is really very bad. I am afraid that if we don't do anything right now. We will have nothing left with us." The subordinate said.

" Who is doing this?" Simon shouted before slamming his hands on the table.

" I tried my best but-"

" Get out." Simon shouted.

After the subordinate left, Simon took out his phone and called someone.

" Hello I need your help." Simon said.

The man from the other side chuckled and said," You seriously know how to chose your enemies Simon. First Li Singtan and now the man who is making you suffer."

" I don't know who the other one is." Simon said.

" Hmm even I don't have any idea about him but he is definitely someone from US." The man said.

" What should I do now?" Simon said.

" There is nothing much that you can do right now." The man said.

" So you want me to just sit back and watch everything getting destroyed in front of my eyes?" Simon asked.

" Endure it for few days. I'll see what I can do." The man said.

" I'll wait for your update then." Simon said before hanging up the call.


After boarding the car, Yufan took Sebastian and Dina to their new apartment.

Yufan had bought an apartment for them in Flexi compound which was one of the best and expensive compound in country S. Yufan particularly chose Flexi compound for Sebastian because the security there was top notch. No outsiders were allowed to enter the compound without any kind of special request. Yufan had bought a flat for them in the topmost floor.

The topmost floor had only three apartments and was considered as one of the best floor of the whole compound.

Passing them the keys, Yufan said," I hope you will like it."

Taking the keys from his hand, Dina quickly entered the apartment.

" This is beautiful." Dina exclaimed after entering the apartment.

" Seriously man it's amazing. Thankyou so much." Sebastian said before giving Yufan a tight hug.

" I am glad you liked it." Yufan said.

Dina suddenly pulled Sebastian and said seductively," Wanna do a housewarming exercise Mr Wu."

Scooping her into his arms, Sebastian started walking towards the room and said," Lock the door before you leave."

Dina chuckled and said," Ling I'll see you tomorrow."

Ling smiled and said," Alright have fun."

After Sebastian and Dina left, Yufan pulled Ling towards him and said," Why don't we also have some fun?"

Ling chuckled and said," But Seriously Yufan this apartment is beautiful."

" You like it?" Yufan asked.

Ling nodded her head.

Taking out another key from his pocket, Yufan placed it on her hand.

" What is this?" Ling asked.

" A place that belongs to both of us." Yufan said before kissing her forehead.