Yutang arrived at the hospital along with Ling to meet Josephine and Philip.

When they entered the room, Philip was coaxing his daughter to sleep while Josephine was drinking some soup.

" Aww she is so cute." Ling said.

Philip smiled and asked," You wanna hold her?"

" Can I?" Ling said.

" Why not? You are her aunt after all." Philip said.

Placing the baby on Ling's hand, Philip greeted Yutang," Good morning Mr Yang."

Yutang nodded his head and said," I want to talk to you for a second."

" Sure Mr Yang." Philip said before walking out of the room along with Yutang.



" I am here to offer you a job in Yang Enterprise." Yutang said.

Philip widened his eyes in shock and asked," What?"

Yutang smiled and said," See I know you love your current job but I also know that Yang Enterprise will be a new platform for you to improve and learn many other things. Now since you are starting a new family of your own your expenses will increase. Though your current job pays you well but the salary of Yang Enterprise is not bad."

Philip almost choked at Yutangs words. Not bad? The salary of Yang Enterprise would be five times more than his current pay.

" Don't think much. Just take the offer okay and don't think I am doing this because I want to thank you or feel sympathetic towards you. I am a business man Philip and I never do things which don't benefit me. If a capable man like you will join my company, I'll gain. Won't I?" Yutang asked.

Philip smiled and nodded his head.

Patting his shoulder, Yutang said," Alright then I'll see you tomorrow at office. I would suggest you to leave your current place and shift somewhere safe. That place is not safe for your wife and daughter. The company will arrange a safer place for you."

Philip smiled and said," I'll never be able to thank you for this."

Yutang smiled and said," If you really wanna thank me then help me increase my profits."

" Sure Sir. I'll try my best." Philip said.

" Philip about Daisy-"

Philip shook his head and said," Do whatever you want to do with her sir. I am no more associated with that girl. I knew that it was a mistake forgiving her that time."

Yutang sighed and said," Alright go and accompany your wife for now. I'll see you tomorrow."

Philip smiled and left.


After spending sometime with Josephine and the baby, Ling left along with Yutang.

" Brother can you drop me at the Xie Mansion. I've to help uncle Xie with the preparations of the banquet." Ling said.

Yutang shook his head and said," You don't want to help me manage our business but you've no problem helping uncle Xie."

" Business and banquet are two different things brother. And why do you even need you even need my help?" Ling asked.

" It's our family business Ling. You've to show some interest in it." Yutang said.

Pouting her lips, Ling said," I don't like it."

" Alright now don't make that face." Yutang said.


Xie Mansion.

Father Xie and Uncle Chen were busy masking the guest list while Ling was busy with the decorations.

" So are you inviting him?" Uncle Chen asked.

Father Xie shook his head and said," No I am not."

" You know you can't always avoid him." Uncle Chen said.

Father Xie sighed and said," I don't want him to come anywhere near Yufan or Ming specially Yufan."

" You know you can't stop him if he really wants to meet Ming or Yufan." Uncle Chen said.

Father Xie sighed and said," I know."

" Uncle which one do you like among these two?" Ling asked.

" You can choose whatever you like Ling. We will go by your choice." Father Xie said.

"Good morning everyone." Yufan said.

" Good morning." Ling said.

" Yufan we are making the guest list. Do you want to invite anyone?" Father Xie asked.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Yes. A friend of mine from US is coming to country S today. I want to send him an invite too."

" He is coming today?" Ling asked.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Yes and we have to go and receive him at the airport."

Ling nodded her head and asked," At what time?"

" Now." Yufan said before wrapping his arms around her waist.

Ling widened her eyes in shock and said," But I've help uncle Xie and Chen here."

" It's fine Ling. Just choose a design and leave. The planners will take care of the rest." Father Xie said.

Ling sighed and nodded her head.



Pointing towards a particularly direction, Yufan chuckled and said," Do you remember how you had pounced upon me right there?"

Hitting his shoulder, Ling said," Stop teasing me."

Pulling her closer, Yufan said," I haven't kissed you since so many days."

Ling blushed and said," We are at the airport."

Lifting her chin up, Yufan stroked her lips with his thumb and said," As if I care."

Suddenly Ling widened her eyes in shock and said," Big brother."

Pushing her far away from him, Yufan turned around and said," Yutang bro I-"

Yufan frowned when he did not see anymore behind him.

" Hahahahah did you see your face. Hahahah. Where did your ' I don't care' attitude go? Hahah." Ling said.

Yufan frowned and said," That wasn't funny."

Pulling his cheeks, Ling said," Awww my baby is so cute."

Yufan helplessly slapped his forehead and said," You almost gave me a heart attack."

" Why are you so scared of my brother?" Ling asked.

" He is dangerous." Yufan said.

Fixing his tie, Ling said," I am dangerous too."

Yufan chuckled and said," Yes Yes very dangerous."

As the couple were busy showing their affection to each other they failed to notice that their precious moments were being captured.

Soon Sebastian's plane landed in country S.

When Sebastian saw Yufan waiting for him, he rushed towards him and pounced into his embrace," Bro."

Hugging him back, Yufan said," Welcome to country S."

" It feels so great here." Sebastian said.

" Woah man who is this beautiful lady?" Sebastian said.

Yufan knocked Sebastian forehead and said," Don't even try. She is your sister-in-law."

" Is she the one? No wonder you don't want to leave country S." Sebastian said.

Extending his hands towards Ling, Sebastian smiled and said," Hey sister-in-law I am Sebastian Wu."

Placing her hand on his, Ling smiled and said," Hi my name is Ling."

Kissing her hand Sebastian smiled and said," Thats a lovely name."

Grabbing Ling's hands, Yufan said," Stop being touchy with my girlfriend."

Sebastian rolled his eyes and said," Stingy."

" Where is Dina?" Yufan asked.

" She is using the ladies room. Ohh there she is." Sebastian said.