\"Hmm sir-\"

\"Anyway, tell me how it was? Did she get through? Tell me that she did otherwise whoever is responsible for recruiting employees is fired.\" Huang was feeling angry and frustrated. Firstly because Huiling lied to him and secondly because no one from his office told him about it.

When the assistant did not say anything, Huang yelled, \"Are you going to say something or not?\"

The assistant gulped in nervousness and started explaining the whole situation, \"Ehhh boss actually Ms Lui did not make it to the interview. She was late so the person in-charged chucked her out and appointed someone else and-\"

\"WHAT?\" Huang shouted his lungs out. \"So what if she was late? Who the hell gave him the right to cancel on Huiling?\"

\"Boss she was late and-\"

\"So what if she was late? She can be as late as she wants but how dare he cancel on her? This is ridiculous. My people are being treated unfairly in my empire and I don't know about it.\" He was feeling so angry and frustrated that he could barely control his emotions.


\"Who from the HR department was in-charge if yesterday's interview?\" Huang asked.

\"Mr Andrew Tame.\"

\"Ask him to come to my office tomorrow. Ask the head of the HR department to call Huling back for an interview tomorrow and also bring Huiling's resume to my office tomorrow.\" Huang instructed before hanging up the call.

Tossing the phone aside, Huang took a deep breath to calm himself down.

He didn't understand why Huling did not tell him about it. If she really wanted to join Chen Enterprise, she could've easily approached him.

Just then his phone buzzed and when he saw who it was, his dampened mood immediately brightened up.

After clearing his throat a couple of times, Huang took a deep breath before receiving the call.

\"Hello, brother Haung.\"

'BROTHER' oh how badly Huang hated this word.

\"Hello? Brother Huang are you there?\" Huiling asked.

\"Hmm, what is it?\" Huang asked.

\"Oh it's nothing, are you busy or something?\" Huiling asked.

\"No, why? What happened?\" Huang asked.

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Huiling said, \"I think I left my water bottle in your car.\"

\"Oh really? I just gave my car for a wash today and I found nothing.\"

\"Really? Oh that is strange. Anyway, maybe I left it somewhere.\" Huiling said.

Huang nodded his head and let out an affirmative sound, \"Hmm, may be.\"

\"Okay brother Huang, I'll hang up now. Good night.\"

\"Hmm, good night.\" After hanging up the call, Huang chuckled and picked up a cute little pink bottle from the table.

Admiring it for quite some time, he carefully placed it back and sighed.


Li mansion.

It was almost midnight but Yushen was still taking a walk in the garden. Neither could he sleep nor eat properly because he couldn't stop thinking about Jennifer.

\"What is my handsome son doing here so late at night?\" Ming asked.

\"Mom? Why are you up so late?\" Yushen asked.

\"I was feeling hungry so your dad is making some noodles for me.\" Stopping right in front of her son, Ming raised her eyebrows. \"You look super excited for something. Quick tell your mom.\"

\"Excited? Me? Oh hahaha it's nothing.\" How could he tell his mom that he actually had a sweet eye over an employee of their company? Well, not that it was a problem but what would everyone think of him?

\"Ahhh so now you have started lying to your mom as well. That is nice.\"

\"I am not-\" when Ming gave him a 'I AM YOUR MOTHER' look, Yushen sighed and helplessly shook his head. \"Okay fine, yes I am excited.\"

Ming chuckled and asked, \"And why are you excited? Is it because of a new project? Or a new assignment?\"

\"What? No mom it's not about any assignment or project.\" Yushen explained.

\"Oh then is it because of a woman?\" Ming asked.

When Yushen grinned and nodded his head, Ming sighed and pulled his cheeks. \"Look at you, I still feel like you and Qiang were born yesterday and now both of you have become so big. You are even seeing women now.\"

\"Mom, I am not seeing women. It's just this woman that I think is cute and-\"

Cutting him off, Ming asked, \"Cute? You are falling for cute? I mean it's okay to call for cute but cuteness is better served with politeness, kind, humble, and sweet.\"

Yushen nodded his head and continued, \"Yeah mom, she seems polite too but I don't know about other things. I am going out with her tomorrow so I'll find out.\"

Ming smiled and nodded her head, \"Ahhh so you are going on a date tomorrow. So you are super excited and you can't fall asleep now.\"

Yushen scratched his forehead and smiled. \"It's not exactly a date but-actually she doesn't know it's a date but I'll convert it into a date.\"

Ming chuckled and patted her son's shoulder. \"Well, whatever it is I am just glad that you aren't slow like your father and big brother. Bring her for dinner someday so that we can see her cuteness too.\"

Spreading his arms, Yushen dramatically exclaimed, \"Well, I think there is time for that. I mean I still need to trap her in the web of my handsomeness and breathtaking charm.\"

Meili chuckled and said, \"Well, Mr Jr Li, if you don't go to bed right now, I don't know about your handsomeness but she will be horrified after seeing your dark circles tomorrow.\"

Yushen widened his eyes in shock and touched his eyes. Giving his mom a peck on her cheeks, Yushen gave her a goodnight hug. \"Okay mom, I am off.\"

\"Why are you hugging my wife?\" Singtan asked.

Sticking his tongue out, Yushen grinned. \"I am hugging my mom.\"

Singtan frowned deeper and gestured Yushen to back off.

\"Geezz mom, was he always like this?\" Yushen asked.

Ming chuckled and said, \"Well, your dad was jealous of you people when you all were super small and couldn't even open your eyes.\"