" How many down?" Robbin asked.

" Out of 790, 190 women are no more and-"

Robbin widened his eyes in shock and shouted," What? T-They are dead?"

The subordinate nodded his head and said," Yes sir they are dead."

" Creepy." Robbin said shrugging his shoulders.

" Out of 600, 350 women have already signed the contract. Some even asked for a hefty amount which we have already paid." The subordinate said.

" Good. Now what about the rest?" Robbin asked.

" Our people are trying to track down the the remaining 160 women who are from some other country. The remaining 90 are from country S." The subordinate said.

" I'll meet them personally. Do you have a list?" Robbin asked.

Giving him a paper, the subordinate said," These are the names of the women who are from country S."

Going through the paper once, Robbin frowned and said," I never slept with her."

The subordinate lowered her head and said," Sir but you did spent an entire night with her in the same room."

Robbin sighed and said," Alright let's start with her then."

" Sir I don't think so it's convenient to go meet Ms Yurin now. I heard Mr Chen is missing since three days." The subordinate said.

Robbin frowned and said," Chen Siquan is getting what he deserves. Who asked him to touch what belongs to the king? He is lucky that he is still alive. Anyway I don't care about all this. Give her a call and ask her to come and meet me."

The subordinate nodded his head.

" What about him? Did he call you?" Robbin asked.

" Sir who your father?" The subordinate asked.

Robbin nodded his head.

" No sir Mr Chen hasn't contacted me." The subordinate said.

" Okay you can leave." Robbin said.


Xie Enterprise.

Carl entered Yufans office and said," Sir there is a problem."

" What is it?" Yufan asked.

" Someone is trying to find your details." Carl said.

" Who?" Yufan asked.

Carl shook his head and said," We have no idea about that sir."

" Suppress everything. My information cannot be leaked. Do you understand?" Yufan asked.

Carl nodded his head," I am trying very hard to keep everything undercover sir but this person seems to be very powerful. He also has many connections in US as well."

" Hmm no matter how good his connections are Carl US is our territory so his connections are not gonna work there." Yufan said.

" I'll see what I can do Boss." Carl said.

" Any update about Simon?" Yufan asked.

" As you had guessed sir, Simon is trying to look who is behind everything." Carl said.

Yufan smiled and said," Anyway keep him delayed until we settle down everything in country S. I will deal with him personally."

After Carl left, Yufan closed his eyes and sighed. There was no way he would let anyone know about his other identity. Father Xie would kill him he finds out. It was too risky and dangerous.


Red hood cafe.

When Robbin entered the cafe, Yurin was already waiting for her.

" I wonder why Mr Robbin wanted to meet me all of a sudden." Yurin asked.

Taking out the contract from his subordinate, Robbin threw it on the table and said," Sign it."

Picking up the document, when Yurin read the content she burst into laughter.

" Like Seriously Robbin you want to make me your sister?" Yurin asked.

" Just sign it." Robbin said.

" Well so you want me to be your sister with benefits or just a normal sister?" Yurin asked.

" Shut up." Robbin shouted.

Yurin chuckled and asked," Did I tell you that I am a very expensive sister?"

Taking his chequebook out of pocket, Robbin asked," How much?"

" Five hundred million." Yurin said.

Passing her the cheque, Robbin said," Here is the cheque. Now sign it and get the hell out of here."

After signing the documents, Yurin asked," Why?"

" That is none of your business." Robbin said before walking out of the cafe.