When Zhechan saw Ling, he smiled and said," Hello Ms Yang my name is Zhechan."

As Zhechan was busy introducing himself and discussing what they would do next, Lui Songpa nudged him and asked," She is Boss Yutangs sister?"

Zhechan slightly nodded his head.

Lui Songpa clapped his hands together and said," Well she is so beautiful."

Zhechan frowned and said," Songpa concentrate."

Songpa puffed his cheeks and said," Okay."

" Miss the plan is that first you'll enter the house alone and try to distract the lady. Keep her engaged." Zhechan said.

" But how?" Ling asked.

" Like you can talk to her. You can even ask her various questions like why is she doing this blah blah. If you keep her busy then we can enter the house and attack her. Entering the house and attacking her directly can be dangerous for the lady who is inside." Zhechan said.

" Oh and wear this bluetooth so that we can be in touch. You can cover it with your hair." Zhechan added.

Taking the device from Zhechan Ling nodded her head. After taking few deep breaths she entered the house.

After Ling left, Zhechan said," Boys position yourself." Turning towards Songpa, Zhechan said," You know what to do buddy?"

Lui Songpa chuckled and said," Alright I know."

Taking out his gun, Lui Songpa slowly started walking towards the house.


Inside the house.

When Ling entered the house, she widened her eyes in shock when she saw Josephine lying on the ground groaning in pain while Daisy was sitting beside her with a knife in her hand.

" Daisy." Ling murmured.

Taking the knife near Josephine's neck, Daisy said," Ohh sister-in-law look who is here. Your guardian angel Ling."

" Daisy let her go. She is already in pain. We have to take her to the hospital." Ling said slowly walking towards Josephine.

Seeing Ling come closer, Daisy raised the knife up and said," Stay right there."

Ling stopped and said," Why are you doing this Daisy? She is your sister-in-law and you are the aunt of that child. Don't do it."

" You are reason for all this Yang Ling. It's all your fault." Daisy shouted.

Zhechan who was standing few metres away from the door signaled his men to move towards the door.

" That's right miss keep her engaged with your words." Ling heard Zhechan say through the device.

" My fault? How is it my fault?" Ling asked.

" It's all your fault. Your fault your fault." Daisy shouted.

Josephine who was groaning in pain, lifted her head and said," Ling go away from here."

Daisy frowned and slapped Josephine hard and shouted," Bitch shut up."

" Don't hurt her." Ling shouted.

Pointing the knife towards Josephine's stomach, Daisy said," I'll let her go if you replace her."

Ling raised her and said," Okay I'll do as you say but do not touch her."

" No Miss don't do that." Zhechan said.

" I have to save her." Ling murmured before walking towards Daisy.

" Fuck." Zhechan cursed before shouting," Now."

Several men wearing black suits dashed into the house.

" Throw the knife away or else I'll shoot you." Zhechan said pointing the gun towards Daisy.

" You bitch you tricked me." Daisy said before pointing the knife towards Josephine's neck.

" Put your weapons down otherwise she is dead." Daisy shouted.

Ling gasped in fear when she saw blood oozing out of Josephine's neck.

" Put your weapons down." Ling commanded.

Looking at Zhechan with teary eyes, Ling pleaded," Please."

" Alright don't touch the lady and we will do as you say." Zhechan said before throwing his gun on the floor.

" Now Ling come over here." Daisy said.

Ling nodded her head and started walking towards Daisy.

Meanwhile outside.

When Yutang and Yufan arrived outside Daisy's house, Yutang frowned when he saw Lui Songpa standing near the window.

" What is he doing here?" Yutang murmured.

Quickly walking towards him, Yutang asked," Songpa what are you doing here?"

" I am here to save Boss Yutangs younger sister from an evil woman." Songpa said while pointing a gun towards Daisy.

" Who sent you here?" Yutang asked.

" I did." Singtan said who had just arrived.

When Yutang gave him a confused look, Singtan said," I'll explain later. Songpa What is the situation?"

" I am about to shoot the evil lady but-"

" But What?" Singtan asked.

" I am not getting something right." Songpa said.

Yufan was quietly standing beside them could not take it anymore.

Snatching the gun from Songpa, Yufan said," Step aside." Before positioning himself.

Ahh how much he missed these babies. The feeling of holding a gun in his hand felt so right.

" Yufan you-"

" Sssh don't disturb me for a moment." Yufan said in a very firm voice.

Singtan raised his eyebrows when he saw Yufan holding a gun like he was holding a candy.

When Ling was just a metre away from Daisy, Yufan fired a bullet and shot her left leg followed by her right leg.

Crashing down on the floor, Daisy screamed in pain.

Ling widened her eyes in shock when she saw Daisy covered in blood.

Quickly composing herself, Ling ran towards Josephine and asked," Are you Okay?"

Ling frowned when she saw blood stains on Josephine's clothes," We have to go to the hospital."

Zhechan quickly gestured his men to carry the lady and take her to the hospital.



After successfully finishing his target, Yufan chuckled in satisfaction and said," Now that is what you call a shot."

Songpa cheekily smiled and asked," That was so cool. Which gang are you from?"

Yufan froze when he heard Songpa's question.

" Where did you learn that?" Singtan asked.

" You looked like you are a pro in this." Yutang asked.

Yufan gulped in fear and said," We use to have small shooting session in college."

" You mean this is the first time you've shot a human?" Singtan asked.

Yufan vigorously nodded his head.

Singtan narrowed his eyes and asked," But you don't seem nervous or tensed at all."

Yufan gave them a weak smile and said," Haha no no I am very nervous. Oh my God I just shot a human. Ahh how am I going to sleep tonight. Brother-in-law I am feeling so scared."

" Tsk Tsk you are a very good shooter but you are a very bad actor." Songpa said.

" Yufan." Ling said.

Running towards him, Ling pounced into his embrace and said," I was feeling so scared."

Rubbing her back, Yufan said," It's fine it's fine I am here now."

" I am going to the hospital with sister Josephine." Ling said.

" Take Songpa with you." Yutang said in a very disappointed tone.

" Brother I-"

" We will talk about this after we get back home." Yutang said.

Biting her lower lip, Ling nodded her head and left.

After everyone left, Yufan said," You both should go with them. Your presence is important there."

" I'll ask someone to take care of her first." Yutang said.

" I'll take care of it." Yufan said.

Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," How will you do that?"

" I-I'll take her to the police station. Yes I'll take her to the police station." Yufan said.

" No she is going with us." Yutang said.

Singtan shook his head and said," Let it be Yutnag let Yufan take her to the police station. Come let's go and settle things in the hospital"

After Singtan and Yutang left, Yufan took out his phone and called Carl," Come to Daisy's place."