" Little brat what happened?" Yutang asked.

Ling shook her head and said," It's nothing. I am going to Daisy's place so when Yufan comes, can you ask him to pick me up?"

" Okay But-." Before Yutang could finish speaking, Ling dashed outside.


Outside the mansion.

After boarding the car, Ling thought for a while and decided not to tell Yutang or Yufan about this. There is no way she would risk Josephine and her baby's life.

Taking out her phone from her bag, Ling called a person who would definitely help her.

" Hello brother Singtan." Ling said.


Xie Enterprise

After finishing a very long and tiring meeting, Yufan returned to his office and crashed down on the couch.

Just then Carl entered the office and said," Sir there is an update about Simon."

" What is it?" Yufan asked.

" Sir it seems like his roots are quite deep." Carl said.

Yufan smirked and asked," Deeper than us?"

Carl chuckled and shook his head," Seb Boss has already taken some action. All his illegal businesses in our country has been stopped and the price of the shares of his legal business are continuously dropping."

" Good. He will contact us soon ask Seb to be ready." Yufan said.

Carl nodded his head and added," Sir about Simon's history in country S, it turns out he is not running any major business in country S."

" Isn't it strange that Simon stays in country S but he is not running any major business here?" Yufan asked.

Carl nodded his head and said," Yes Yes it's strange."

" The main question is why?" Yufan said.

Carl smiled and said," Well Sir it turns out that Simon has offended some very influential people of country S."

Yufan raised his eyebrows and said," Now that is interesting."

Carl sighed and said," I tried finding some details about those people but it is very difficult."

" We don't have to care about them Carl. Just focus on Simon and Daisy." Yufan said.

" Sir about Miss Daisy. It turns out that Ms Daisy was mentally unstable when she was young." Carl said.

Yufan frowned and said," But she looks okay."

" It turns out that her parents had taken a loan from the bank to treat her and the loan is still being paid by her brother Philip." Carl said.

Yufan sighed and said," This girl never fails to surprise me with her past."

" Sir I think you should tell Mr Yutang about Daisy. That way he will also be cautious about her." Carl said.

Yufan nodded his head and said," Yes I think you are right. I'll talk to Yutang bro today."

Carl nodded his head and said," Seb Boss said that they will start the shifting process from tomorrow."

Getting up from the couch, Yufan said," Tell me if you need my help." Before walking out.


Yang Mansion.

When Yufan arrived at the mansion, Yutang was sitting in the living room, reading some documents.

" Hey brother Yutang." Yufan said.

Yutang smiled and said," Hey buddy how are you?"

" Ehh I am good. I am here to take Ling out for dinner but I guess she is getting ready. Anyway I want to talk to you about something important." Yufan said.

Placing the documents back, Yutang asked," What is it?"

" It's about Daisy." Yufan said.

Yutang frowned and asked." What about her?"

" She is not as we think she is. I mean she is a bit dangerous." Yufan said making sure not to blurt out things which would create unnecessary trouble for him.

" What do you mean?" Yutang asked.

" Let me explain." Yufan said before telling Yutang everything he knows but he purposely skipped the part about Simon. Yufan decided to tell him about Simon after he acquires each and every detail about him.

Yutang widened his eyes in shock," Yufan Ling has gone to Daisy's place."

Yufan gasped and asked," What? But why? I had asked her not to damn. We should go there now."

Yutang nodded his head and left the mansion along with Yufan.


Daisy's house.

After arriving outside Daisy's place, Ling did not enter the house immediately as Singtan had instructed her.

When Ling called Singtan, he was returning back after checking out a site which was situated in the outskirts of country S.

He told Ling," It will take more than thirty minutes for me to reach there so I am sending few men to protect you. Do not act impulsively. I'll be right there and don't panic. My men will protect you and that lady."

With her brother Singtan by her side, Ling was not afraid about anything. She just wanted Josephine and her baby to be safe.

Soon two luxurious car stopped near Daisy's house and Zhechan and Lui Songpa along with few other men stepped out of the car.