Yang Mansion.

Ling was getting ready to go out for dinner with Yufan when Yutang entered her room saying," Can I talk to my little sister for a while?"

Ling cheekily smiled and asked," Do you have an appointment?"

Yutang chuckled and said," Ohh I am sorry I don't happen to have one."

" Then I am sorry you cannot talk to me." Ling said.

Yutang smiled and said," Alright now little brat come here."

Walking towards Yutang, Ling gave him a hug and asked," What do you want to talk about brother?"

"Hmm nothing important. Just wanted to ask how are you." Yutang said.

Pulling him towards the couch, Ling said," Now tell me what do you want to talk about honestly."

Yutang sighed and asked," How is everything going in between you and Yufan? Everything good?"

Ling nodded her head and said," Everything is perfect."

"Does Yufan treat you well?" Yutang asked.

Ling chuckled and said," I guess you already know the answer."

Yutanf sighed and said," I just want you and Yufan to be happy and if he ever bullies you, let me know okay?"

Ling nodded her and said," I wanted to talk to you about something as well."

"Ya tell me." Yutang said.

" I am want to open a bakery shop." Ling said.

Yutang raised his eyebrows and said," You've an entire empire to run and you want to open a bakery shop? Do you know how to bake?"

Ling shook her head and said," Well I don't but I know someone who does. I just thought about doing something different."

Yutang smiled and said," Fine do what pleases you. I'll ask my assistant to look for a perfect place for your cafe."

" A bakery shop." Ling said.

" Ya ya whatever." Yutang said.

Ling chuckled and said," Before you start looking for places, let me call my baker and ask her whether she is interested or not."

Picking up her phone from the table, Ling dialed, Josephine's number.

" Hello sister Josephine Ling here." Ling said.

" Oh wait one second." Josephine said before placing the brownie batter into the oven.

" Ya tell me Ling." Josephine said.

Ling smiled and said," What are you baking tonight?"

Josephine chuckled and said," Well I am baking some brownie."

" Wow brownie ahh I wish I could've some." Ling said.

" Why don't you come over then?" Josephine said.

" May be some other day. Actually I wanted to talk to you about something important. It's about-" before Ling could say anything, Josephine said," Hold on Ling i guess someone is knocking at our door. Stay on line."

" Okay." Ling said.


Daisy's house

Walking towards the door, Josephine opened it. She smiled when she saw Daisy standing on the door.

Waving her phone at her, Josephine said," Ahh Daisy you are here I was just talking to Ling about something."

Daisy smirked and asked," You are talking to Ming?"

Josephine nodded her head and asked," Yeah do you wanna talk to her?"

Placing the phone on her ear, Josephine said," Ling Daisy wants to talk to you."

" Where is brother?" Daisy asked.

" Office." Josephine said before passing the phone to Daisy.

Snatching the phone from Josephine's hand, Daisy pushed her with her might.

" Aaaahhhh." Josephine shouted before falling down on her stomach. Clutching her stomach, Josephine started screaming when she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen.

When Ling who was on the other side of the call heard Josephine's scream, she shouted," Hello sister Josephine Hello are you alright?"

" Hahah Ahh poor Ling is missing her sister Josephine?" Daisy asked.

Ling froze when she heard Daisy's cold laughter.

" Daisy." She murmured.

" Yes it's your best friend Daisy. Now your sister Josephine is lying on the ground screaming in pain. If you don't come here in fifteen minutes, I'll send your sister Josephine and her unborn child to heaven." Daisy said.

Ling widened her eyes in shock and asked," Why do you think will I come there? Why do think will I care?"

Daisy chuckled and said," Because you are dumb and stupid. Now you have fifteen minutes. If you don't care then do remember to come on her funeral tomorrow bye bye. Oh ya and don't bother telling your brother or your handsome boyfriend about this. Come alone if you want to see your sister Josephine alive." Before hanging up the call.

Throwing the phone away, Daisy stroked Josephine's cheeks and said," Don't worry sister-in-law my best friend will join you and your baby very soon."