Keeping the cash safely inside the her bag, Daisy hailed a taxi and stopped by a medical shop to buy some contraceptive and an ointment which will help to get relief of the pain she was feeling down there.

After buying everything, Daisy asked the driver to take her to a nearby hotel. She was feeling very tired and was sleep deprived after what happened last night.

After checking into the hotel, Daisy took a long nice warm bath before crashing into bed.

After applying the ointment, she took the pill and buried her face on the below before cursing Ling. If not for her, she would've never been in this situation.

Daisy never liked Ling but she was forced to act sweet and innocent in front of her because all her expenses were sponsored by Yang Enterprise. If she would offend Ling in anyway her future would be doomed.

Daisy could never digest the fact that Ling was more beautiful than her. She was socialite and belonged to one of the most influential family of country S. She was Yang and was also associated with the Li's. Daisy always envied Ling for being more intelligent and smarter than her unlike her.

Daisy belonged to a lower middle class family and was an average student. Her father was a simple employee in an average company and earned enough only to feed them properly. If not for the brother Philip, Daisy would've to drop out of school at a very early age.

Her brother Philip was very good in studies since a very young age.

Every year country S would conduct a scholarship examination in which the first top three students would be sponsored by the government till they complete their education.

Philip stood first in that examination and acquired the 100% scholarship. He always wanted to study finance. After working very hard, he passed out from one of the best finance college of country S with flying colours. So it wasn't difficult for him to get a decent job which would help him lead a decent life.

Philip also happened to be very good looking and charming while Daisy was an average looking girl. People used to compare not only their marks but also their appearance which made Daisy to hate him even more but she quietly decided to endure everything because her brother used to love and dote on her a lot. He used to give her money to spend lavishly. He used to bring gifts for her but everything stopped after he got married.

One day Philip brought a beautiful young lady, Josephine home introducing her to everyone as his wife. Her parents were happy when they heard that their son had married such a beautiful woman. Everyone instantly started praising Josephine for her good looks and politeness.

Days passed by and Josephine turned out be a housewife who used to happily take care of everyone, cook food for them and clean the house.

After getting married, Philip started doting on Josephine more then Daisy. There would be times when he would bring gifts for both of them but Josephine's gifts would be far more better then hers.

Hatred was all that Daisy had for Josephine and Ling.

She even tried to harm Josephine who was three months pregnant when her brother was not at home. She had already plunged the knife into Josephine's hand and I was ready to do slit her throat when Philip returned home and rescued his wife.

Philip threw her out of the house and filled a case against her. Daisy cried and apologised to her brother but he did not buzz. But who would've thought Josephine would be as naive and stupid as Ling and would end up forgiving her so easily.

Josephine requested Philip to take the case back saying that Daisy was young and impulsive.

Philip did not agree at first but because of his wife's continuous nagging and pleading he ended up taking the case back.

Daisy knew how naive and stupid Ling was so she decided to gain her sympathy by telling her false stories about her sister-in-law and as Daisy had expected, Ling believed her and started gifting her more expensive jewelleries and clothes.

Few months back, when Simon approached her saying that he would give her everything she wants but in return she has to listen to him and help with plot against the Yangs.

At first Daisy rejected his proposal but when Daisy saw Yufan during that video call, she immediately fancied him. But later when she heard that he was Ling's boyfriend, Daisy could not help but fume in anger.

Ling was beautiful, smart, intelligent, had a very powerful background, had a doting brother and now she even had a very handsome boyfriend. Daisy could not help but feel more jealous of her.

Thinking for quite sometime, Daisy accepted Simon's offer and started working for him but who would've thought that before they could execute their plan everything would be ruined.

Now that Yufan knew everything about her he would never allow her to go anywhere near Ling.

She lost her everything in one night. Her divinity, her virginity, her self respect and she could blame only two people for that, Josephine and Ling.

Crying for quite sometime, Daisy dozed off to sleep and when she woke up it was already past 7 in the evening.

Washing her face with some cold water, Daisy checked out of the hotel, hailed a taxi and decided to go home to end everything once and for all.