Li Mansion.

After spreading out the dishes on the table, Mother Li called everyone for dinner.

Rubbing his hands together, Mike said," Ahh everything looks so tasty."

Yutang chuckled and said," Eat less Mike you are growing fatter day by day."

Mike frowned and said," I am fit as fuck."

Yutang nodded his head and said," Yes Yes our Mike is as fit as a donkey."

Nodding his head in satisfaction Mike said," Goo- hey what did you say?"

" Alright now stop talking and dig in." Mother Li said.

" Yamyam when is Quin and Rose coming back?" Anna asked.

" May be by next week. Ben is having so much fun in Maldives that he doesn't want to come back." Mother Li said.

Yixi cheekily smiled and said," Ahh I love Ben. He is so cute."

Clearing his throat, Yutang said," I am cuter."

" In your dreams." Yixi said before placing a roasted chicken on Yutangs plate.

" Where is Singtan and Ming?" Mother Li asked.

" Our pregnant Ming is asleep and our Mr wife slave is in a dilemma whether he should wake her up or not." Mike said.


Inside the bedroom.

Ming was peacefully sleeping while Li Singtan was quietly staring at her.

Reluctantly shaking her shoulders, Li Singtan said," Ming wake up."

Ming frowned and jerked his hands away.

" Ming you've to eat something wake up." Li Singtan said.

Without opening her eyes, Ming got up and hooked her arms around Li Singtans neck and murmured," Five minutes."

Burying her head in his neck, Xie Ming kissed it and said," I love you."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Ya I love you too but now you've to get up and have dinner."

Raising her her up, Xie Ming asked," Can't I have you for dinner?"

Li Singtan took a deep breath and said," Don't make things difficult for me Ming. Come on be a good girl and listen to me."

Rolling her eyes, Xie Ming said," I am not a girl." before walking inside the washroom.

After Xie Ming came out of the washroom, Li Singtan scooped her into his arms and started walking downstairs.

" I can walk by myself." Ming said.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," No what if you slip and fall from the stairs?"

" I am not a baby Singtan. I know how to walk." Ming said.

" I don't wanna take chances." Li Singtan said.



When Anna saw Li Singtan carrying Ming downstairs, she said," She is pregnant not handicapped."

Placing her on the chair very carefully, Li Singtan sat beside her and said," Here drink this soup first. It will warm up your stomach. Be careful it's hot."

" Singtan why don't you blow the soup for her. Pregnant ladies shouldn't eat hot stuff you know." Mike said.

" I've heard the pregnant women shouldn't do vigorous work. So why don't you chew the food for her as well?" Yutang said.

Li Singtan pursed his lips and asked," Is it true?"

Glaring at them with bloodshot eyes, Ming said," Stop teasing him."

Mother Li chuckled and said," Alright boys stop disturbing Ming and let her eat." Passing the spinach salad to Ming, Mother Li said," Ming you should eat this. It's good for your body. Also these are organic vegetables. I got it from one of friends garden. I've already started planting organic vegetables in our garden too."

" Thank you mom." Ming said.

When everyone were busy eating and chatting amongst themselves, Han Zihao entered the mansion with some bags in his hands.

" Big Boss." Han Zihao said.

" Did you bring everything?" Li Singtan asked.

Han Zihao nodded his head.

" Good. You can leave it here." Li Singtan said.

" What are all these?" Mike asked.

" Pregnancy and parental books." Li Singtan said.

Ming widened her eyes in shock and said," Singtan we have lots and lots of time


" Just 7 months left Ming. I've to be prepared." Li Singtan said.

Rolling her eyes at him, Ming said," Mr assistant why don't you have dinner with us?"

Han Zihao smiled and said," It's okay lady boss my wife is waiting for me so I should leave."

" Don't forget about the early morning meeting tomorrow." Li Singtan said.

Han Zihao nodded his head and left.

" You are leaving early tomorrow?" Ming asked.

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes I have an early morning meeting tomorrow but I'll be back before lunch."

Ming sighed and nodded her head.

" Hey Ming did you get the invitation of our college reunion?" Yixi asked.

Ming shook her head and said," I don't think so."

" You should ask father Xie or Yufan about it. May be they have it. Everyone got an invitation even Yutang got one." Yixi said.

" When is the reunion?" Ming asked.

" There is time almost one and a half months." Yixi said.

" We all should go right Singtan?" Yutang asked.

" Why will Mr Li go? I mean he wasn't a student of our college right?" Yixi asked.

" No he wasn't." Yutang said trying very hard not to laugh.

" Singtan can go with me. You want to go right?" Ming asked.

" I can always accompany you." Li Singtan said.

" Ahh I guess you guys are going to have in this college reunion. Too bad I am not a part of your college." Mike said with a huge grin in his face.

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes and asked," When are you both planning to clear your debts?"